Dabangg 3 cast Salman Khan as ASP Chulbul Pandey memory refreshes from some incident

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Dabangg 3 is an Indian Hindi language action and comedy movie. The film is directed by Prabhu Deva and produced by Salman Khan, Arbazz Khan, Nikhil Dwivedi. It is the third entry in the Dabangg series, and it serves as both a prequel and a sequel to Dabangg (2010) and Dabangg 2. (2012). Dabangg 3 cast are Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, and Arbaaz Khan reprise their roles, while Kannada actor Sudeep plays the adversary and Saiee Manjrekar makes her debut. Dabangg 3 was released on 20 December 2019 in Hindi with Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada dubbing in theaters globally. After the restriction on Kannada dubbed movies in Karnataka was lifted, Dabangg 3 became the first Bollywood film to be released in Kannada.

The storyline written by the Cast of Dabangg 3 Salman is set in a fictitious village in Uttar Pradesh following the events of Dabangg 2 and depicts Chulbul Pandey's beginnings as a cop after a meeting with an old opponent, Bali Singh, refreshes his memory. This movie is reminiscent of a flashback. The principal filming for the film began in April 2019 and ended in September 2019. Salman Khan Films released it in North India, KJR Studios in Tamil Nadu, and Yash Raj Films in the international market. It debuted to mixed reviews, with praise for Dabangg 3 cast Khan and Sudeep's performances but criticism for the narrative, soundtrack, storyline, and screenplay. At the box office, Dabangg 3 was deemed a "semi-hit" and the IMDb rating is 3 out of 10.


Dabangg 3 Movie Plot

The plot picks up where Dabangg 2 left off, with Dabangg 3 star cast Salman Khan played the character of ASP Chulbul Pandey, a corrupt but well-liked cop, stopping a heist at a wedding and beating the goons and their boss, Gullu, black and blue. Gullu eventually decides to resume his part-time employment as a wedding band trumpeter, and Chulbul is shown juggling the daily lives of his wife Rajjo, brother Makhanchand "Makkhi" Pandey, also a police officer, and his kid, while his father Prajapati Pandey stays at home with Rajjo. 

Makkhi seems to live a lavish lifestyle most of the time. Makkhi, intending to punish her kidnappers, who tried to sell her and other girls off, is joined by Chulbul, and the brothers capture Chinti Walia, who heads a prostitution ring, on a tragic day. Dabangg 3 star cast Salman Khan played the role of Chulbul intercepts a lawyer and several thugs who have come over to release Chinti while trying to get a confession out of him at the police station. Even as Chulbul smiles into the screen, he cuts off the court order, and the leader of the goons keeps his video call continuing in despair. After a few minutes, the leader gives Bali Singh the video call, where he sees Chulbul, who looks back into the phone camera to visit Bali. He reminisces about his earlier days, contemplating his fate with Bali, and is stunned beyond words. Years back, when he was still young, Chulbul, whose real name is Dhaakad Chand Pandey, fell in love with a girl, Khushi, who was initially being considered as a potential bride for Makkhi, after noticing a photo of her in Makkhi's hand, and told his mother, Naini Devi, that he would be a good fit instead of Makkhi; a few days later, Khushi's maternal uncle Prabhat and maternal aunt At the same time, Dabangg 3 cast Sudeep played the character of Bali, a cruel and dangerous goon, set his sights on Khushi and began making plans for their marriage.

When he spotted Dhaakad with Khushi, he determined to murder Khushi and her family directly in front of Dhaakad's eyes after enticing him to the location. Prabhat and Janki were both slain, while Khushi was thrown to her death over a cliff. As a result, Dabangg 3 cast Mahesh Manjrekar and Sonakshi Sinha played the characters of Hariya and his daughter Rajjo respectively, who was revealed to be Khushi's friend, were deeply affected; Hariya became an alcoholic, while Dhaakad, who was framed by Bali and spent much time in prison for the deaths, was taken in by Commissioner Satendar Singh after saving him from attackers, and transformed into an uptight cop, naming himself Chulbul, in Khushi's memory, forming the events of Dabangg.

At this point, Chulbul, having told the entire incident to Prajapati and Rajjo, decides that he has had enough and that the chapter must be closed once and for all. Meanwhile, an unattractive Makkhi is tricked by Bali into turning against Chulbul, nearly slapping him after being raised to the rank of ASP as well. Prajapati exiles him from his house as a result of his actions, and he actively joins hands with Bali. Bali, who hopes to run for office as a lawmaker and minister in the future elections, intends to bring in a truck full of cash. As a result, he arranges for Makkhi and many other police officers in his circle to be relocated to a central location to expedite transportation.

Dabangg 3 cast Salman khan played the character of Chulbul catches the truck and turns Bali's police informants against him. As retaliation, Bali kidnaps and severely beats many of Chulbul's companions to near death until Chulbul bursts in again and frees them all, even though Bali has fled with Makkhi and several trusted allies.

Seeking to entice Bali into unproductive action, Chulbul kidnaps Cast of Dabangg 3 Rajesh Sharma played the character of Minister S. S. Sharma, and his brother-in-law by arranging a ruse with Gullu's assistance and forcing them to confess, which goes viral. Bali detects the same thing, and Makkhi assists him in tracking them down because he remembers the location. 


Dabangg 3 cast Sudeep played the character of Bali murders Sharma and injures his brother-in-law upon his arrival; in retribution, he sends wrestlers to assault Rajjo and her kid, but chubul enters at the perfect time and become successful in saving the two.

Later, Chulbul receives a phone call from Prajapati, who informs him that Rajjo has not returned home. Sensing Bali's involvement, he invades a quarry where Bali has been holding Rajjo and, unexpectedly, Makkhi as prisoners. Dabangg 3 cast Arbazaz Khan played the Character of Makkhi was always on Chulbul's side, and it was a game played by the brothers to infuriate Bali; after a fierce struggle, Chulbul murders Bali by impaling him on a metal spike. He then buries Bali beneath the rubble.


Dabangg 3 cast

• Salman Khan as Inspector Chulbul Pandey

• Sonakshi Sinha as Rajjo Pandey

• Sudeep as Bali Singh

• Saiee Manjrekar as Khushi

• Arbaaz Khan as Makhanchand “Makkhi” Pandey

• Amole Gupte as Ashraf

• Mahie Gill as Nirmala Pandey

• Tinnu Anand as Masterji

• Nikitin Dheer as Chunni

• Pramod Khanna as Prajapati Pandey

• Pankaj Tripathi as Devendra Kumar Singh

• Nawab Shah as Devram

• Sarfaraz Khan as a shopkeeper

• Abhilash Chaudhary as Police cop Dayachand Mhatre

• Milind Gunaji as Amit

• Resh Lamba as Badru

• Santosh Shukla as Shukla

• Rajesh Sharma as Minister

• Mahesh Manjrekar as Hariya (Special appearance)

• Atul Shrivastava as Khushi’s maternal uncle

• Medha Manjrekar as Khushi’s maternal aunt

• Girish Kumar as Ram Sharma


Dabangg 3 Movie Release date

Dabangg 3 was released on 20 December 2019 in Hindi and also released in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada dubbing on theaters globally. After the restriction on Kannada dubbed movies in Karnataka was lifted, Dabangg 3 became the first Bollywood film to be released in Kannada. The principal filming for the film began in April 2019 and ended in September 2019. 


Dabangg 3 Movie Trailer

Dabangg 3 has released the trailer on YouTube. Here, I have provided the link to the web series trailer in the Hindi language. By linking on the below-mentioned link you will be able to watch the trailer of Dabangg 3:


Dabangg 3 Movie Review

The plot of Dabangg 3 revolves around how Chulbul Pandey would end his time in Bali. Prabhu Deva, who helmed Salman Khan in Wanted, has continued to be successful while remaining true to the Dabangg series' ethos. Dabangg 3 star cast Salman's influence as Chulbul Pandey grows in Dabangg 3. Prabhu Deva has incorporated all of the spices that Salman's fans adore and that brings him to theatres in the film.

Coming to the Dabangg 3 cast acting, Saiee Manjrekar had an outstanding debut. Saiee Manjrekar, the daughter of well-known actor and director Mahesh Manjrekar, is anticipated to develop her performance even more. Remind readers that Mahesh Manjrekar played Sonakshi Sinha's father, Rajjo, in Dabangg. At the same time, Dabangg 3 actor name Sonakshi Sinha, who played Rajjo, is a fantastic fit for her role. Sonakshi has appeared in all three films of the Dabangg franchise. Dabangg 3 cast Arbaaz Khan looks to be a good fit for the character of Chulbul Pandey's half-brother, Makhanchand Pandey. Arbaaz is also the film's producer. This time, his role has taken on additional dimensions, highlighting Arbaaz's acting talents. As a villain, South's superstar Sudeep creates a tremendous impression. However, it would have been nicer for the character if he had taken more care when dubbing Hindi.



In Conclusion, 'Dabangg 3' provides comprehensive commercial entertainment. If you appreciate Salman Khan, you will enjoy this film very lot. Even if you are not a fan of the Cast of Dabangg 3 Salman Khan still 'Dabangg 3' will not disappoint.


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