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Continuing the trend of watching shows and movies on OTT, today a Telugu movie called Comali has hit the small screens. Komali new movie is available on Zee 5 and let's see how it exists.

Hello readers! We hope 99chill.com lives up to your expectations for the latest movies and web shows in all languages. Today's blog is about the Telugu movie Comali.


Ravi (Jayam Ravi) is a young man who grew up in the 90s when everything was normal without the advent of technology and the crazy attention of social networks. However, his accident puts him in a coma, and 16 years later, in 2016, he wakes up and discovers that the world around him has changed. He has no idea what happens to crazy people. How he behaves and what role Kajal Aggarwal plays in this installation, that's the whole story of the Comali movie.

Comali Movie Review:

First: Jayam Ravi and Kajal Aggarwal movie, Komali is a comedy film with multiple sequences that lack logic. However, these episodes on the screen turned out to be harmless because the creators declared it fun and "simple" movie. The movie begins with the voice of Ravi (Jayam Ravi), who has grown from a young boy in the 80s to a student plus 2 in the late 90s and is expressed attractively through the combination with Yogi Babu. Comali movie release date was 15 August 2019.

Like most characters in Tamil films, Ravi falls in love with classmate Nikita (Samyukta Hegde) at first sight. A few days later, she gives her an idol that touches her heart and then falls into a coma for 10 and a half years. Ravi, who is waking up to the 21st century with time, needs time to cope with the many changes and realities her world has gone through over time.

Later, Ravi becomes close with another girl (Kajal Aggarwal), who learns that the idol he gave to Nikita several years earlier was expensive. How he tries to reclaim it, which now belongs to the infamous MLA, makes up the rest of the story. Komali movie in online can be watched on the OTT platform on ZEE5.

Given the Comali Movie in Telugu's innovative and entertaining storyline, there were plenty of opportunities for interesting scenes throughout the film. However, the entertaining first half didn't have an equally entertaining second half due to some melodramatic scenes. These scenes convey some of today's harsh realities, but at some point, they become a little preacher.

Jayam Ravi and Vinodhini's performances and Adhi's hip-hop music combine to create an emotional climax scene. Some scenes could stimulate the emotions of children in the 90s, so they were almost faithful to what the production team insisted, and the episodes showing Ravi's innocence and ignorance were well drawn. Scenes that glorify objectification to induce laughter could be avoided.

In several scenes of Comali Movie Telugu, Yogi Babu got a big score. He blows up the roof to complement Ravi's humorous scenes. Samyukta and Ananti are convincing in their characters. In some scenes, Kajal's character and Shara's excellent acting should have been better. With two characters, K. S. Ravikumar fits perfectly as a fearsome politician.


Director: Pradeep Ranganathan

Writer: Pradeep Ranganathan


  • Jayam Ravi as Ravi N.Kajal Aggarwal as Rithika Mohan
  • K. S. Ravikumar as MLA Dharmaraj "Dharma"
  • Yogi Babu as Mani, Ravi's childhood friend
  • Samyuktha Hegde as Nikitha Krishnamurthy
  • Sha Ra as Dr. D. Thiyagesh, Nikitha's husband
  • Vinodhini Vaidyanathan as Dharmaraj's wife

Producer: Vels Films International

Positive aspects:

Jayam Ravi does a great job in Comali 2020 j as a man who matures through the movies. His innocent looks and the way he transitions are well illustrated by the actor. Comedian Yogi Babu got a very good role and he has done a great job in the movie. His role has a performance scope and the comedian does it brilliantly.

Kajal doesn't have anything to do in Jayam Ravi kajal Agarwal movie, but no matter what scene he shoots, Kajal gets the job done. Smayuka Hegde also plays her key role brilliantly. The flood scene in Chennai fits the story well and the video looks cool.

In the 90s, Jayan Ravi lived a peaceful life. Transitions between past and present tense are neatly explained. It also handles comedy satire well. Finally, director K.S. Ravi Kumar is in an interesting role.

Negative aspects:

The climax of the Comali Telugu movie feels a little stretched out and can end with a simple note. Moreover, the film lacks logic in many ways, especially in the time frame it is shown and in general Jayam Ravi's coma angle.

The second half of the comali film is where things stagnate as the scene becomes too melodramatic. The scene becomes so sermon that it slightly spoils the mood of the audience. The humor is a bit exaggerated and may not appeal to some audiences.

Technical aspects:

Hip Hop Tamiza's music of Comali music director is pretty decent, and the score written for the later scenes is impressive. Art Direction deserves special mention, as the dramatic changes between the 90s and 2016 were nicely showcased. As with the Telugu dubbing, the editing is neat. Also, the VFX and camera work was pretty good.

When it comes to Comali movie director Pradeep, chooses an interesting story and most of it tells it well. But in the final part of the film, he makes it too heavy, overly dramatic, and silly.


Overall, the movie Comali is a fun drama with an interesting plot. The first half features a comical scene and Jayam Ravi's acting is a highlight. But the slow second half, overly dramatic scenes, and elongated climax spoil the film a bit. Crazy comedy aside, the Comali move is available this weekend.

Here is the link for the Comali full movie in Telugu

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