Color Photo Movie Review: A Romantic Social Drama Award Winning Film

Saumya Sharma Sep 18 . 6 min read

A 2020, color photo telugu movie in Telugu Indian Language. The direction of the film is done by Sandeep Raj and production is done by Sai Rajesh Neelam and Benny Muppaneni under the production house of Amrutha productions and Loukya Entertainments. The main leads of colour photo movie telugu are Chandini Chowdary, Sunil, and Suhas. The music composition is done by Kaala Bhairava. The shooting of the film is done in Machilipatnam and in the areas of Andhra Pradesh. The photo telugu movie won the award of a best feature film at the 68th Film National Awards.

Hello guys! Today 99chill.com is back with a romantic thriller movie that will surely be loved by you. Have you ever experienced the feeling where we find our best friend and life partner in the same person? The colour photo telugu movie is all about the struggles faced by lovers and how their love will win. Keep reading to know about photo full movie in telugu.

About Color Photo Movie

The main lead of the film Jayakrishna falls in love with a girl named Deepu but was too scared to confess his feelings so kept his feelings to himself without telling anyone. One day he was beaten by a gang in the college for a very silly reason, Deepu notices this and they both started having conversations. They became very good friends and soon the friendship turned into love. But Deepu's brother Rama Raju was not in the favour of their love. They both started facing many problems and how they will overcome those problems is the rest of the story. You will also read about colour photo movie review.

Color Photo Movie Cast


  • Sandeep Raj


  • Sai Rajeesh Neelam
  • Benny Muppaneni


  • Suhas as Jaya Krishna
  • Chandini Chowdary as Deepu
  • Sunil as Deepu's elder brother
  • Harsha Chemudu as Jaykrishna's friend.
  • Divya Sripada as Padmaja
  • Vidya Maharshi as the wife of Rama Raju
  • Sai Krishna Enreddy as college principal
  • Kancharapaleum Raju as Jaykrishna's father
  • Jadarsh Balakrishna as Chandu
  • R. K. Mallidi as Dharma
  • Sri Krishna Paani as Paani
  • Sneha Madhuri Sharma as Roja
  • Arun Kumar Pulavarthi as Murali
  • Chandini Rao as Deepika
  • PSN Murthy as Watchman


  • Sai Rajeesh Neelam

Color Photo Story

The film starts by showing Deepti receiving her father's death news. She and her husband reached their village to meet the family members. When she went there her brother and other inspectors tried to talk to her but she was not interested to talk to anyone. She went to the house of her ex Jayakrihsna along with her friend Padmaja. On the way, they saw a couple arguing. Deepti got lost in their conversation as she remembers the past situation between her and Jaykrishna and started narrating her story.

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Jayakrishna and Deepti used to study in the same college. Once he saw her practicing for a performance and instantly fell for her. But he was a dark-skinned guy from a poor family background whereas Deepti was a beautiful girl from a rich family. One day he got beaten up by some college seniors and due to this they both started talking and became friends. Deepti also fell in love with him and proposed to him. They both kept their relationship a secret. He beats the seniors who beat him for no reason and gained courage after that. Padmaja and Balu (Jayakrishna's best friend) also got to know about their relationship and accepted them and kept it a secret too. Everything was going fine but one day he went to a fest where he was about to give a speech but the principal stopped him because of his dark color skinned. but Jaykrishna still went to the stage and gave the speech and spoke about discrimination done by people on the basis of skin color. The principal started having grudges against him and decided to give him a lesson along with a few seniors. On Deepti's birthday, Jayakrishna was with her in an empty class and suddenly the seniors came and locked the room and told everyone that the couples were sharing some romantic moments in the room. Deepti's brother was really upset with them and sent her sister away from the village and beat Jaykrishnan very badly. Ramaraju again beat him up and burned all his certificates so that he won't get any job in the future. He also killed a calf named Lakshmi which Jaykrishna used to take care of. Jayakrishna and Deepti decided to meet up and thought of committing suicide. Jayakrishna die instantly but Deepti was saved by his brother. The film ended by showing Deepti making a portrait of his ex-lover and named it Color Photo.


The colour photo review is fine as the role played by Suhas was very good. He is a very good actor but in colour photo movie telugu he expressed his emotions perfectly. It felt like he was living the character very well, from dialogues to acting he did an amazing job. One can very easily say that his future will be very good after color photo movie. Chandini Chowdary was also very good on her part. She needs some more improvement as a young actress else she did ok in the movie. Sunil was good while doing his negative role. One of the best things about photo movie is the songs. The photo movie cast was ok but needs a lot of improvement. The music director, Kaala Bhairava did a very good job as the timing, emotions, lyrics and everything about the songs were perfect, color photo mp3 songs made the audience really happy and satisfied. The basic storyline of the color photo movie telugu was very good it covered basic elements like love, hate, anger, and social issues but the scenes in the second half were dragged for no reason. The chemistry between them wasn't really convincing there could have been some strong and better scenes showing their love and struggles.


Overall, colour photo movie is a romantic drama that focuses on social discrimination and shows amazing acting done by Suhas and Chandni Chowdary. The basic plus points of colour photo full movie are the Solid music and emotions. But felt like an overdramatic one, the director added so many emotional scenes that started feeling boring after a particular time. The telugu first colour movie colour photo movie cast did a fine job. If you are looking for a romantic drama movie and ready to lower your expectation then you can go for telugu film photo.


The telugu film photo received 8.2 points out of 10.


Ques 1. What is the first colour movie in teluguĀ ?

Ans. Lava Kusa

Ques 2. Where can one see rama colour photo?

Ans. You can see rama colour photo on IMDb.

Ques 3. The colour photo mp3 songs are good or not?

Ans. The colar photo songs are quite good.


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