Climax 2021 Telugu Movie Review:An Unexpected And Brutal Murder

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The climax is 2021 criminal and thriller movie directed by Bhavani Shakar Kaipa and produced by P Rajeshwar Reddy. The main leads of the climax 2021 movie are Rajendra Prasad. Sri reddy, Sasha Singh, Balireddy Prudhviraj. The movie is released on 5 March 2021.

About Climax Movie

The movie starts by showing Vijay Modi ( Rajendra Prasad) he was an actor, producer, and politician with many enemies. He gets killed in a star hotel. The CID started investigating and found out few people in doubt like a businessman, a woman, and a hostel girl. But who is actually behind the murder and what were the main intentions to kill Vijay Modi?

Hello friends! Have you ever thought about what it is to live as a popular actor and politician? Does everything seem so fascinating isn't it? But in this movie, you will get to know how a well-known popular actor gets brutally murdered. In this article, you will read about movie climax reviews.

Climax Movie Cast


  • Bhavani Shankar Kaipa


  • P Rajeshwar Reddy


  • Rajendra Prasad
  • Sasha Singh
  • Sri Reddy
  • Prudhvi Raj
  • Shiva Shankar


  • Bhavani Shankar
  • Kaipa

Climax Story

The climax 2021 shows Vijay Modi, he was a very rich actor who used to enjoy his life without listening to anyone but was extremely sensitive about his family. He was living with three goals he had a passion for becoming a movie star, popular, and a politician. In this passion unknowingly he made many friends and enemies.

He was a man who could do anything for achieving his goals. From making bad comments about women to mind games in politics he made many enemies. He thought he will gain a big name after borrowing money from banks. He took a loan of crores from the bank and became bankrupt after that. he was trapped in debt of crores. He also does many tv shows, and advertisements and produces money but wasn't able to overcome the debt. One day Vijay went to a star hotel where an unexpected event happened to him. Everything was going fine but suddenly the news came out that he is brutally murdered. The office staff started searching for the criminal by looking at the CCTV footage but to the surprise, the CCTV footage was turned off for 2-3 hours. The investigation started and CID officers started looking for the criminal behind all this. The officers started an investigation and found out that Rs 200 crores were missing from his suite. The questions arrived whether he has killed for Rs 2500 crore that he took as a long from a bank or for Rs 500 crore he took as an insurance policy. At the beginning of the film, a beautiful girl named Navya was seen as she was trying to impress her boyfriend and by coincidence, she meets Vijay Modi. She started making some romantic comments after seeing him and he started feeling that is he still that attractive at this age. What was the connection between Vijay Modi and Navya? Who is behind the brutal murder? Answers to all these questions will be founded in the movie.


The climax 2021 movie review received both positive and negative opinions from the audience. The dialogues spoken by Rajendra Prasad were quite impressive and very easily engaged the audience. Sasha Singh did a very good job in seducing Vijay Modi. She looked glamorous, stunning, and confident in the role. The other actors were new and did a decent roles. The title justifies the story very well, The shooting of the film is done inside the hotel which was going well with the storyline. The characters did a very good job but the script was weak. The CID officers also did a very good job. The cinematography is also very good. The songs were not really good and could have been directed better. This was a medium-budget film and according to the budget, the film was quite good. In short the tattoo murders hotstar review is very good. You will surely like the enemy movie climax.


The climax film is good and filled with amazing twists. The storyline was good and was totally different from the regular romantic drama movies. If you are a fan of Rajendra Prasad then you will surely love the role played by him in this movie. You need to lower your expectations as the friends climax vijay role could have been much better but still, you can go for this one and can have time pass this weekend. You can also see climax movie in hindi.

The climax movie telugu received 7.7 points out of 10.


Ques 1. What is the tattoo murders review?

Ans. the tattoo murders web series review is very good. People loved the unique storyline.

Ques 2. What is unique about friends vijay climax?

Ans. The fmovies telugu has unique storyline from other movies.


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