Cinema Bandi Review- Everyone is a filmmaker at heart

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Cinema Bandi Review-

Hello readers, we welcome you to another blog! This blog is about Cinema Bandi Review, its plot, and other things, so keep reading! 

Cinema Bandi is an Indian Telugu Language Comedy Movie. The movie is directed by the Debutant director Praveen Kandregula. Cinema bandi is a peculiar movie, different from most of the mainstream movies that more or less contain Love, Fight, and action. However, the concept of this movie is really unique and the story looks attractive prima facie! 

Genre- The film is a comedy and Drama! It has tried to bring out the realities while making it funny at the same time.

Cinema Bandi release date- Cinema Bandi was released on 14th May 2021 on the famous OTT platform- Netflix. Due to the outbreak of CoronaVirus in India, it was not possible to launch it in actual Cinema Theatres, and thus releasing it on OTT was chosen. 

About Cinema Bandi

To make it short, Cinema Bandi is the story of an Auto-driver, when he finds a camera that one of his passengers had forgotten in his auto. Veerababu( The Auto driver) at first wants to sell it but then makes up his mind to film a movie. The story narrates how many difficulties he has to face while making the movie, having no knowledge or expertise of it. The story takes a when the owner of the Camera finds her camera back! Will Veerababu ever be successful in making the movie? 


Veerababu is an Auto-Rickshaw driver living in the village of Gollapally. The village is near the Andhra-Karnataka border. Veerababu is poor, but an honest, hardworking, optimistic, and highly ambitious man. 

Gollapalli is one of the drought-affected areas. There is no rain, no drinking water, and bad roads, which tends the villagers to migrate to cities.

But Veera is of the opinion that if everyone migrates to the cities, who will look after the village? Veera is the one who would Cheer-up the villagers when they complain about things like these. 

However, On a fine day, Veera finds a DSLR camera in his auto which is forgotten by one of its passengers. As mentioned above Veera first thinks of selling it off, so as to pay the loan of his Auto-Rikshaw. But instead, he decides to cancel this decision and now gets up to make an actual Movie from the camera. He gets this idea from one of the TV Programs that shows to make low-budget movies. 

And this is how begins the story of Veera babu who makes up his mind to make the movie with zero experience, no accessories except for a camera, and no professional actors! 

As far as the story for the Film is concerned, he gets a Love Story from an old man in the village. 

Ganapathi, a wedding photographer in the village agrees to help Veera make a movie. They choose Maridayya, a barber as their lead hero. After many unsuccessful attempts to find a female role, Divya, a schoolgirl finally agrees!

Veerababu has to go through a lot of hurdles while making the movie due to their lack of experience. At first, even the villagers make fun of Veerababu but as and how time passes, Veerababu and his team get the villager’s support. Amidst this, Divya’s father arranges a forceful marriage to her, and again the film faces an interruption. However, they cast Manga, Maridayya’s girlfriend and the shooting begins. 

The inexperience and innocence of the villagers can be seen in one of the scenes when Verra asks Ganpathi what is the spongy area at the top of the camera is used for? (which is actually the mic) Ganpathi, even him not knowing its proper usage says that it is used to wipe the sweat off the hand while shooting! 

In the meantime, Sindhu the owner of the Camera tries to find her lost camera and informs her acquaintances about it, 

Things in Gollapalli get bad when the camera falls from a tree while shooting and gets damaged. When they take it to a studio for repairing it, the studio owner instead calls Sindhu and informs her that her lost camera is found. Furious, she takes the camera from them. 

But after watching the film (although incomplete) made by Veera, she gets impressed and encourages them to complete the movie by giving them a camera. The whole village is elated! 

Cinema Bandi Cast- 

  • Vikas Vasistha as Veera Babu
  • UMA YG as Manga
  • Rag Mayur- as Maridesh Babu
  • Sandeep Varanasi and Ganapathi
  • Sindhu Srinivasa Murthy as Sindhu
  • Davani as Potti
  • Trishara as Divya 
  • Viswanath Mandalika as villager
  • Praveen Kandregula as Studio Owner
  • Pujari Ram charan as Basha 

Cinema Bandi Rating-

Cinema Bandi IMDb- 7.9/10

First post- 3.5/5.0

123telugu- 3.25/5.0

Cinema Bandi Songs

  1. Cinema bandi
  2. Moodu Sekrala Bandi
  3. Oo Pavurama
  4. Baavilona Kappa
  5. Thadyamaya
  6. Kaasuleyi Linga
  7. Sinthaku Settu

Cinema Bandi Movie review- 

Cinema Bandi since its release has impacted the minds of people and made them think about some hard realities of life. The film is about rural and urban disparities, how rural life is lived by the people, and how the basic amenities which the urban population enjoys are not available to them

Cinema Bandi review state that the movie is all about innocence and pure mentalities. The movie has a tagline- Everyone is a filmmaker at heart! 

Common Queries- 

What is cinema bandi movie review-

Viewers have said it is an excellent and heart-touching movie worth watching.

Where is Cinema bandi shot? 

It is shot in Gollapalli village, near the Andhra-Karnataka border.

Who wrote Cinem Bandi? 

The writers of the movie are Vasanth Marigenti, Krishna Pratyusha, and the director himself. Cinema Bandi review suggests that the audience is quite impressed with the writing! 

Who is the director of Cinema Bandi?

Praveen Kandregula is the director of Cinema Bandi.


Cinema Bandi is a really worth watching movie and is highly praised by cinema bandi review. The movie tries to show the rural-urban difference in lifestyle. The critics have also praised the songs presented om the movie. Thus, if you want to watch a movie that has both drama and comedy you must give it a shot!

Cinema Bandi Trailer-

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