Chithirai Sevvanam Movie Review: An Emotional Drama Focusing On Female Discrimination

Saumya Sharma Oct 23 . 5 min read

Chithirai Sevvaanam is an Indian Tamil language drama crime film focusing on sexual violence faced by women. The direction is done by Silva and the production is done by A. L. Vijay and P. Mangayakarasi under the production company of Zee Studios, Think big studios, and Amirtha Studios. The chithirai sevvanam movie release date is 3 December 2021. You can enjoy chithirai sevvanam movie 2021 on Zee 5.

About Chithirai Sevvaanam

The movie revolves around a girl names Aishwarya who is an MBBS student who goes missing after her bathing video gets leaked by one of the students the video got viral after leaking on social media. Her father Muthupandi along with the other police officers tries his level best to find the culprits behind this and to find her missing daughter. Will Muthupandi be able to find her daughter? Will he be able to punish the real culprits behind all of this forms the rest of the story?

Hello guys! Today 99chill.com is back with a crime drama movie which is focusing on issues faced by women without doing any wrong. The struggles faced by the daughter and his father in the movie will surely make you emotional. Keep reading to know about chithirai sevvanam review.

Chithirai Sevvaanam Cast

  • Silva ( chithirai sevvanam director)


  • P. Mangayakarasi
  • A.L Vijay


  • Samuthirakani as Muthu Pandi
  • Manasvi Kottachi as young Aishwarya
  • Pooja Kannan as Aishwarya
  • Rima Kallingal as Aasha Nair
  • Vidya Pradeep as Lakshmi
  • Arvind Akash as Aasha's husband


  • A.L. Vijay


The movie starts by showing Muthu Pandi, a farmer in Pollachi who received very shocking news from a police officer. His daughter named Aishwarya went missing after a bathing video of her got leaked on social media.

Muthu's whole world revolved around her daughter after listening to this he was shattered and decided to find out about his daughter on his own. Muthu used to live with his daughter and they both didn't have any other as Muthu's wife passed away a long time ago due to a lack of medical facilities. After this, he promised himself that he will make her daughter a doctor. He took the help of some police officers and went in the search of her daughter. A cop named Aasha Nair helped Muthu in investigating the case. After investigating and finding further they get to know that the video was shot by a girl who was of the same age as Aishwarya. A group of rich and spoilt boys was also involved in the leaking of the video on social media. In between the movie moves back to the beautiful moments that the father and her daughter spent together. You can find more information on chithirai sevvanam movie wikipedia.


The chithirai sevvanam movie director wanted to do something new this time no doubt the storyline was good but there was nothing new in this. Every day we hear so many cases just like this and making a movie on one such case is not a difficult task. The chithirai sevvanam release date is 3 December 2021. The movie focused that these cases are happening because of the excessive use of technology which wasn't true. The discrimination faced by women doesn't require any technology whether it's a leaked video or discrimination faced by women inside their walls technology doesn't have much to do with it. The emotional drama between the father and the daughter was shown very nicely. Seeing them will surely leave your eyes wet. The chithirai sevvaanam movie story is written by Vijay and all the dialogues are very well written and narrated. The chithirai sevvanam movie cast and crew need to work a lot on themselves as their acting wasn't good enough and was not up to the mark. The main leads need to work a lot on their acting skills for a better future in movies. Some scenes were very emotional and were very well executed like a scene where samuthirakani wife died and he promised himself that he will make his daughter a doctor after her wife's death. Pooja looked very beautiful throughout the movie and her acting in the second half was brilliant it would have been perfect if she did the same in the first half. She represented the pain of the women very well. Samuthrakani's performance of a loving father was also very emotional. The cop did a very honest performance of the role. The music composition done by Sam CS is very well. Even the cinematography done by Manoj Paramahamsa is good but could have been much better. This was chithirai sevvanam movie review in tamil from our side. The chithirai is similar to sumathi valavu movie. You can also enjoy chithirai sevvanam movie download on Zee 5.


Overall, the chithirai sevvanam 2021 is a good emotional drama movie that had a very good intention of showing the pain faced by women to live peacefully in society. There were a few negative things about the movie including poor chithirai sevvanam movie 2021 cast. If you are looking for something serious and emotional and a movie to watch this weekend then you can go for chithirai sevvanam movie.


The chithirai sevvanam movie rating new movie received 6.6 points out of 10 on IMDb. You can find many chithirai sevvaanam rating images on IMDb.


Ques 1. How is chithirai sevvanam movie cast?

Ans. The chithirai sevvanam cast was ok but still needs a lot of improvement.

Ques 2. What is pooja kannan age?

Ans. The chithirai kani actress age is 25.


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