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Hello readers! So in the series of Indian TV shows, today we are adding one more TV show review. This show has come a long way with three generations. It is Choti Sardarni. The title of the show gives us the idea that it is a female protagonist-based show. The limelight of the show is all on the female lead of the serial. However, some of the readers who have not watched the show must have speculated that the story is about a small girl. But no my dear friends, yes the show is about a girl but she is not that little.

The show is a romantic Punjabi show with a lot of family drama. The show is created by Ranjeev Verma and Nitu Verma. The show is produced by Cokrow and Shaika Entertainment. The TV show has made history about the male lead of the show. The male lead of the show can be seen wearing a turban all the time. However, the viewers can watch the show on Voot but here, you can read the Choti Sardarni telly updates. Along with the other Choti Sardarni updates, you can find Choti Sardarni written update here. Read the full blog for Choti Sardarni written update today.

Usually, people prefer to watch a show on TV or online platform. But you can catch up with the episodes with Choti Sardarni written episode. In fact, Voot releases Chhoti Sardarni Chhoti Sardarni ka Naya Episode on Voot Select. It can be watched 24 hours before TV if you have a subscription.

The show features Amandeep Sidhu and Gaurav S Bajaj in the lead roles.

Choti Sardarni cast:

  • Nimrit Ahluwalia as Meher Kaur Dhillon / Meher Sarabjjeet Singh Gill
  • Nirmrit Ahluwaalia as Seher Jaur Gill / Seher Rajveer Singh Babbar (Meher and Sarab's daughter)
  • Avinesh Rekhi as Sarabjit Singh Gill or "Sarab" (Meher's husband)
  • Mahir Pandhi as Rajveer Singh Babbar (Seher's husband)
  • Amandeep Sidhu as Mannat Kaur Dhillon (Gullu's daughter)
  • Gaurav S Bajaj as Zorawar Singh Randhawa or "Zorro" (Kiara's brother)
  • Anita Raj as Kulwant Kaur Dhillon (Meher's mother)
  • Delnaaz Iran as Kristan Martha (Meher and Sarb's boss in Serbia)
  • Shivendraa Om Saainiyol as Trkash (Sarab's family accountant)
  • Ramnitu Chaudher portrayed the character of Saloni Majumdar (Sarab's college friend)
  • Shivangi Verma portrayed the character of Samaira Sethi (Sarab's colleague)
  • Amal Sherawat as Jagjit Singh Dhillon or "Jagga" (Meher's brother)
  • Abhilasha Jakhar as Amrita Kaur Dhillon (Jagga's wife)
  • Ravi Chhabra as Yuvraj Singh Dhillon or "Yuvi" (Jagga and Amrita's son)
  • RAbhianshu Vohra as Ranbir Singh Dhillon or "Ranna" (Meher's brother)
  • Abhishek Jangra as Baljeet Singh Dhillon or "Bittu" (Meher's brother)
  • Yuvleen Kaur as Jeevani Kaur Dhillon or "Jeto" (Bittu's wife)
  • Bhavini Gandhi as Aarti (Tarkash's wife)
  • Shehzada Dhami / Vineet Raina / Hitanshu Jinsi as Paramjit Singh Gill or "Param" (Sarabjeet's son and Meher's adopted son)
  • Adhik Mehta as Karanjit Singh Gill or "Karan" (Sarabjit and Meher's son)
  • Varun Tookrey as Kumal Malhotra (Seher's former fiance)
  • Neha Rana as Anuprya (Karan and Parm's love interest)
  • Prince Rochlani portrayed the character of Tricky Chaddha (Param, Karan, and Seher's brother figure)
  • Aryan Arora as Gagandeep (Seher's best friend)

Choti Sardarni Telly updates: Choti Sardarni Written story:

As the pilot episode of the serial gets telecasted. The story begins with a sweet, jolly, bubbly, and carefree girl. Mehek. She is the daughter of the Sarpanch of the village, Kulwant Kaur Dhillon. Manav and Meher love each other. But her mother does not approve of their love. She murders Manav. But before that Meher gets pregnant. To get her daughter settled in a good house and elaborate on her political connections, Kulwant Kaur fixes the Meher's alliance with one of the most famous politicians, Sarbjit Singh Gill. He is the father of a 5-year-old son, Param. His wife is dead. Meher agrees to marry for the sake of her unborn child.

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Meher discloses her pregnancy news to Sarbjit. At first, he gets enraged and upset, but later he accepts the fact. At first, they both want to get rid of the marriage but eventually, they start feeling for each other. Meher gives birth to her child, Karanjit Singh Gill. As the family tries to get along, a twist gets added to the story, Aditi, Sarb and Harleen's half-sister enter their lives with revengeful motives. On the other hand, Manav comes back alive. Manav's return was the biggest shock of Meher;'s life. When he comes to know that Karan is his son, Manav tries to take him away from Sarab and Meher. but later on. he moves on in life with his wife, Aditi, Sarab's half-sister.

In the twisting turns and events, Meher gets imprisonment for the allegations of murdering her brother, Jagga.

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Chhoti Sardarni written update after 5 years of leap:

Meher gets bailed and she lives in Kashmir. She lives here with her daughter, Seher. After Meher's imprisonment, Sarab moved abroad with Karan and Param. But now., all three of them have come back to India. The investigation reveals that it was Tarkash, Sarab's accountant who had murdered Jagga five years back. Meher and Sarab reconcile. Sarab accepts Seher. As their lives start coming back to normal, Sarab and Meher die in an accident.

Now the story again leaps 16 years.

Chhoti Sardarni written update: 16 years later:

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All the three children, Seher, Param, and Karan have grown up. Seher finds a friend in Rajveer Singh Babbar. He starts feeling for Seher at the first sight. But, Rajeev gets heartbroken when Seher introduces Rajeev to Kunal Malhotra, her boyfriend. eher gets engaged to Kunal. But Rajveer's sister, Punjab's Chief Minister blackmails Rajeev and eventually murders him. Later, Seher gets hitched to Rajeev and soon discloses the good news about her pregnancy. But destiny has some other plans for Seher and Rajeev. Seher lost her child in a miscarriage. Rajeev comes across a shocking truth it was his sister, Harshdeep who had killed Kunal. He breaks all ties with Harshdeep and starts living in the Gill mansion. Amidst all the chaos, it gets revealed that 4 years ago, Rajeev was in a relationship with Khushi, Seher's cousin. Seher and Rajeev adopt Khushi's child, Prince when she decides to leave.

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Till now the story was going as planned but something happened and a new story began.

Chhoti Sardarni written update on a news story:

Seher is taken aback when Kulwant reveals to her about her illegitimate granddaughter, Mannat Kaur. Kulwant had abandoned her many years back because of the fear of society. Now she has grown up and resides in Dalhousie with her mother, Harnoor. But Harnoor dies. She reveals about Dhillon to Mannat. On learning about Mannat, Seher decides to bring her back to their house. On the other hand, Mannat encounters Zorawar Singh Randhawa, Dolly's grandson. not comes to Atari and starts living with the Gills and the Dhillons. Manat does not reveal her true identity to the families. But, Kulwant gets into the matter and comes to know about Mannat's true identity. Kulwant reunites with Mannat. In the twisting turns and events, Seher and all the family members come to know about Mannat being the daughter of Bittu and Harnoor.

Mannat and Zorawar start feeling for each other.

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Chhoti Sardarni Today episode written update:

Here is the latest written episode of Choti Sardarni.

The show has completed more than 800 episodes. On the 2nd of June 2022, episode number 804 got telecasted on Colors TV. So here we are with the Choti Sardarni today written update. The episode will be part oriented. The episode kickstarted with Dolly, Scarlet, and Kiara making arrangements for the party. Scarlet tells everyone that they must be aware of the hospitality. On seeing Kulwant's arrival along with her son, Dolly gets upset. However, both of them meet and greet each other humbly. Mannat also arrives there. She has eye contact with Zorawar. Dolly and Kulwant have a series of Verbal taunting. They taunt each other while talking in a jolly manner. Mannat interrupts and tries to calm them down to avoid any dramatic situation during the party. One can find the Choti Sardarni telly updates here.

But, Kulwant adds more to their verbal fight. She gives a gift to Dolly. Dolly opens the box and gets surprised to see a copper pot inside the box. Kulwant suggests Dolly fill the water in the pot. Then take a walk around the Gill mansion and then drink that water. This way she will burn her stomach and mind fat. Dolly gets irritated and angry. She calls for one of the servants and asks him to use the pot as a dustbin from today onwards. The tiff between Dolly and Kulwant continues.

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Amidst the chaotic environment, Mannat and Zorawar keep messaging each other. Mannat and Zorawar plead for forgiveness from Kulwant and Dolly. Zorawar and Mannat get into a conversation and try to impress each other. In the meanwhile, they share a cute moment. Zorawar is laughing and talking to Mannat. Kiara gets happy to see them like this. But Scarlet gets angry as Zorawar does not behave the same way with her. Zorawar serves Panner Pakoras to everyone. Scarlet tries to instigate Dolly against Kulwant and her family.

Mannat goes to the washroom. But when she comes outside, she sees Zorawar standing there. He hides behind Mannat after seeing a lizard in the window. Both of them share a moment when they fall on the bed and the bed gets broken. And the episode ends here.

Choti Sardarni written update today: Precap:

Mostly, people go for the Choti Sardarni written updates. In the upcoming episode, the viewers might get to witness a high-voltage drama when Dolly calls Mannat an illegitimate child in front of Kulwant and Bittu. Bittu and Kulwanyt shout aloud. Zorawar interrupts and warns Bittu not to talk to his grandmother, Dolly in this way. Mannat tells him not to misbehave with her family. Upon listening to this form Mannat, Zorawar gets upset.

Choti Sardarni review:

The show has successfully made a special place in the hearts of the audience. This is the reason that the makers and the star cast have achieved the milestone of 800 episodes. The fans loved the chemistry between Meher and Sarab. Now, let s watch whether the new pair makes it to impress the people or not. You can watch the show on Colors TV or Voot. Also, Choti Sardarni written episode is available.

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