Chhoti Sardarni Serial Cast, Review, and all upcoming details that you need to know till October 2021

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Chhoti Sardarni is an Indian drama television series that premiered on July 1, 2019, on Colors TV. The series is based on Punjabi culture and is produced by Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainments. The drama Choti sardarni written by Nitu and Ranjeev, dialogues by Rajesh Chawla, and screenplay by Rahul Pandav. The producer of this series is Jaladh k, Raajeev Srivastav and Prabhat Rawat. The show is shown on colors TV from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm.


Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Avinesh Rekhi, Shehzada Dhami, Mahir Pandhi and Adhik are the star of Chhoti Sardani Serial Cast. In Chhoti Sardarni cast, Maher is playing the main lead role. In the show, she wants to be an MLA. Kulwant Kaur is Mehar’s mother and Manav is her lover who works in a Dhaba. Till now the show has released 486 episodes.


Chhoti Sardarni cast 

  • Nimrit Ahluwalia as Meher
  • Mansi Sharma as Harleen Singh Gill
  • Avinesh Rekhi as Sarabjeet
  • Avataar Gill as Avtar Singh
  • Anita Raaj as Kulwant
  • Shivendra Om Saainiyol as Tarkash
  • Shivani Gosain as Vijeyta Malik
  • Hitesh Bhardwaj as Anav
  • Amal Sehrawata as Jagga Singh Dhillon
  • Dolly Minhas as Dolly Singh Gill




The story is about a very Carefree and lively girl named Mehar Kaur Dhillon, who falls in love with Manav Sharma, an orphan, who dreams of becoming an IAS officer but works on a local Dhaba. Mahar becomes pregnant with Manav’s child but her mother, Kulwant Kaur Dhillion gets incandescent by listening to Mehar’s Pregnancy and declines to accept Manav as he is financially unstable. Later she stabs him from his back and throws him down in the river.

Kulwant Kaur Dhillion is the village’s Sarpanch and wants to become an MLA so she forced her daughter to get married to a widower, Sarabjeet “Sarab” Singh Gill who has a very well-connected widower, she is the president of the ruling party in Amritsar and has a 5-years-old son named Paramjeet “param” Singh Gill. Mehar ended up marrying Sarab to save her unborn child from Kulwant.


Chhoti Sardarni Serial Cast Mehar reveals about her pregnancy to Sarab and then he settles her in Serbia. As they and Param visit Serbia with a new identity, another unexpected vent occurs. Sarab was accused of killing Meher and taken back To India. But Mehar saves him and Sarab accepts her child as his child. They celebrate Mehar’s Pregnancy with the family but Sarab’s sister, Harleen finds out that that the baby is not Sarab’s and blames Mehar.

Slowly-slowly Mehar starts falling in love with Sarab and decides to destroy all memories related to Manav. Chhoti Sardarni cast- Mehar and Sarab then fall in love with each other. Later, she gave birth to a son and names him Karanjeet “Karan” Singh Gill/Sharma. Sarab’s half-sister, Dr. Aditi Bedi then enters into the story to seek revenge due to her toxic past. Manav returns alive but losses his all memory as a CBI officer named Vikram Diwan but he is already in love with Aditi. Mehar and Sarab assume him as Manav’s lookalike as he came back with a new identity and has no memories from his past. Manav marries Aditi and regained his all lost memories. He becomes shocked when he sees that Mehar is married and he asks her to go with him but she broke Manav’s heart so badly and betrays him by her decision of choosing Sarab. Manav learns about his son Karan and gives him to Sarab. He moves with Aditi.


But the story doesn’t end here guys, it takes another twist. Chhoti Sardarni Serial Cast, Mehar is now accused of killing Jagga, her brother, and gets jailed. Sarab fails to save her and Kulwant abandons Mehar.


5 years later

 Chhoti Sardarni cast Mehar now lives in Kashmir with her daughter, Sehar. She changed her name to Sirat. On the other side, Sarab comes back to India with Harleen and Karan. But Param is still in London. The Gill’s accounted, Tarkash killed Jagga and it is revealed and he also tricked Mehar into this. Tarkash’s wife, Arati who is often beaten by Trakash reveals everything and proves Mehar’s innocence. In this way, she is released from jail. Due to a field survey, Karan visits Kashmir and meets Mehar who finds out that he is Karan.


Chhoti Sardarni Serial Cast Manav comes to Kashmir to pick up Karan and meets Meher but she hides her identity. As Seher comes to Gill mansion Panar comes back to India. Later Sarb finds out that Sirat is Mehar and Seher is their daughter. After a year, Saher and Meher meet but face an accident that was planned by Kulwant. Mehar returns to seek justice for her but has to leave for some work. Kulwant finds out that Meher doesn’t murder Jagga and regrets it.


Sandhya, Mehar’s friend tells Sahab that IG Rajan has kidnapped Mehar and burned her alive. Fortunately, Mehar comes back alive and returns to reveal Rajan's evil-doings and finally units with sarab, as Sandhya marries Sameer. Meher and Sarab expose Kulwant after their remarry. But sadly, Sarab and Mehar meet misfortune and die in an accident.


16 years later

After 16 years later Chhoti Sardarni Serial Cast Param, Karan, and Seher are grown up by now. Stubborn, Seher now lives in Canada and befriends Rajveer Singh Babber, who falls in love with her but becomes heartbroken when Seher introduced her fiancé, Kunal Malhotra to him. Param and Karan arrive in Canada but soon they get attacked by goons. Fortunately, Rajveer saves them. Both of them are impressed by him and think that Karan is a suitable partner for Seher.


Soon they find out that Kunal and Seher are in love and approve of their marriage. Thus their engagement is fixed and on the other side, Rajeev returns to Amritsar. Ranjeev's sister, Harshdeep decides to break the alliance. Param, Seher, Karan return to India but a fire breaks in their chemical factory as planned by Harshdeep, and again Rajeev saves them. All of them are unaware of him saving them but Seher decides to find their savior. But this fire leads Param and Karan into a case that may lead them to lifetime imprisonment but they hide all this matter from Seher. Chhoti Sardarni cast Anurita enters in Gill Mansion disguise as a wedding planner on Harshdeep’s order to keep an eye on every activity. On the engagement day, Sehar waits for Kunal to return from Canada. On the other side, Anurita instructs Kunal and Param to visit Harshdeep, Punjab’s CM regarding their case. In exchange for her help in the case, Harshdeep proposes Rajveer and Seher’s alliance. But Param and Karan refuse her offer and which makes her angry. As a result, she cleverly kidnaps Kunal at the airport on the day of his engagement and blackmailed him by saying she will kill Seher if he doesn’t leave her. But Kunal very slyly makes her believe that he doesn't want to marry her and thus did not arrive in the Amritsar for engagement. Seher does not believe it and decides to find the truth. Harshdeep again asks Kunal and Karan to review her proposal. Soon, the Chhoti Sardarni Serial Cast Seher finds that Kunal landed in Amritsar. But Anurita emotionally deceives Seher and decides to meet the family of Babbar. Ranjeev decides to meet that unknown girl that is Seher at Harshdeep’s command.


When seher comes to know that Rajeev is the one she becomes shocked and then she understood that Rajeev is the CM’s brother who saved her life. Soon, they build an alliance and Rajeev promises her that she will help her to find Kunal. They all decide to continue this marriage until the case is solved. Chhoti Sardarni serial cast, Seher and Rajeev discover that Kunal had been kidnapped and meet him on their Mehendi after paying some ransom. 


Both of them are shocked when they discovered that Kunal did all this for money while in reality, Kunal did all because Harshdeep blackmailed him to say all this. A dumbfound Seher tells everything to Param and Kunal and they are shocked too. 

The heartbroken Chhoti Sardarni serial Cast Seher decides to tell the truth to Harshdeep and break the alliance but she is manipulated by herself and decides to marry Rajeev. Whereas, Kunal misunderstood the situation and thinks it is all Rajeev doing even though he knows it is all Harshdeep plan. Then Rajeev and Seher get married in a Grand Ceremony and Seher is welcomed into the family. But later in the story, Dida recalls her died unborn son Sonu and wants Rajeev to give their first child to her as he promised Harshdeep in the past. Harsheep reminds Rajeev about his promise after many days. But Seher is not ready to give her baby to anyone but accepts to get a baby through artificial insemination. Below I am giving you guys some spoilers and what are going to happen in Choti Sardarni upcoming story.


Chhoti Sardarni upcoming story


In the upcoming episodes, Seher will ask Nimmi the question of why her friend committed suicide while a bulldozer will knock down the house they are in.

As you all watched in the last episode Seher in a hesitating way she let Nimmi go with her parents but when Nimmi didn’t pick up her phone she became tense. On the next day, Seher finds out that a girl in the village committed suicide and runs worrying in a rush that it might be Nimmi. But finds out that it was the girl Nimmi was talking to on her phone.

In Choti Sardarni upcoming story as per the gossip, it is being assumed that seher will now run after Nimmi and ask her the reason behind her friend’s suicide after taking her back to a house.

 But someone will look at them from outside after which a bulldozer suddenly starts destroying the house they are in. Let’s see what will happen in the Choti Sardarni upcoming story.


Chhoti Sardarni review


Chhoti Sardarni Serial Cast Meher is shown here as a very carefree and lively girl who turns into a strong character a ferocious rebel after her lover was murdered, Manav.


As I mention earlier Choti sardarni written by Nitu and Ranjeev, has tried to create a flavor of Punjabi Culture with its traditional costumes and dance to make the serial look more realistic. The serial has gained a lot of popularity from the viewers. From time to time the extraordinary scenes of Gurudwaras have been shown in the serial which brings more culture into the story.


All Chhoti Sardarni Serial Cast have done a commendable job, their acting was perfect as per their respective roles. The true star of the serial is Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia.


The main focus that the Chhoti Sardarni serial received is the portrayal of females in the story. Even the negative role played by Kulwant Kaur has superintending personality in the show and raised four children all by herself. Choti Sardarni written by Nitu and Ranjeev, overall makes a serial that is a perfect example of modern stories on Indian Television.

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