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Chandrasekhar Yeleti, known for directing several thrilling dramas, returns with a new film, Check. A movie starring Nitin was released today, so let's see what he looks like.

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At the very beginning of the story, there are plenty of Hollywood films that give clues to a major twist. The secret is that the audience doesn't notice. Check movie Hindi begins with an episode of the hero's childhood and how he became a con artist and magician. Fraudsters are deceived and sentenced to life in prison. This is a simple line. 

Is the rest an attempt by the protagonist to prove his innocence and escape from prison? But how does he do it? Director Chandrasekhar Yeleti came up with an interesting setting. Like all wizards, he was preoccupied with the game of chess. Check movie release date was 26 February 2021.

After a good setting of the main plot, the movie shakes a lot. Yes, it's a big time! Chess games are rarely exciting. If a hero wins a game locally or nationally, there is no kick. We don't even feel the need to support him. Because there is little emotional connection with the protagonist.

Also, chess is not the cricket or football that most spectators are familiar with. Nitin's moves and quick wits are not awe-inspiring. But the movie isn't about "chess", it's about the last move Nitin made. The reversal of the climax is his splendid movement. But the reversal leaves us with complex emotions. Rotation is a sensible idea on paper, but it defies logic. Check Nithin movie release date was in February 2021. Check in Telugu refers to Tanikhi. Jail movie ratings are 4.8 out of 10 on IMDb.


Director: Chandra Sekhar Yeleti

Writer: Chandra Sekhar Yeleti


  • Nithin as Aditya
  • Rakul Preet Singh as Manasa
  • Priya Prakash Varrier as Yatra, whose real name is Isabel
  • Simran Choudhary as Varna, the fake witness
  • Sampath Raj as SP Rathnam
  • Sai Chand as Srimannarayana
  • Posani Krishna Murali as Lawyer Ramakrishna, Manasa's father
  • Murali Sharma as SP Karunakar
  • Harsha Vardhan as an astrologer

Producer: V. Anand Prasad

Check Telugu Movie Review

Aditya (Nithin) has little time. His days are numbered because he was sentenced to death in a terrorist attack case. Aditya can't prove his innocence, but he wants to live. Another prisoner (Sai ​​Chand) is curious about chess. Soon after, Aditya finds out that he is a pro at the game. He wants to use chess as a ladder to win the popularity and favor of the President of India. On his journey, Aditya must face a group of violent men, including the best cops.

Check's premise is pretty good and realistic. The atmosphere in the prison and the criminal atmosphere throughout the barracks are pretty well made. The art department deserves a special mention because the sets are the best. Check movie Review Telugu rating has been done on IMDb and has been 6.4/10.

Nitin completely reverses what he normally does and acts according to his nature. He's a bit naive in the beginning, but Nitin gets better in the second half. It deserves praise for choosing a film that has no commercial elements, such as romance or songs. The point is that it fits well with the reindeer's star character. Check movie ratings are average and can act as a watchful movie.

Rakul Preet Singh is a film's unnamed hero who plays his role as a lawyer very well. She draws attention with her emotions and serious actions. Rakul was pretty good on the court scene. Priya Warrier had her decent debut, but she had nothing to do with it. The chemistry with Nitin was good.

Sai Chand was very good as a chess expert. All of his scenes with Nitin were pretty good. Murali Sharma did a great job in her role, as did Aziz Nasser in the negative cop role. Harshvardhan did a good job with the fun role too. Check movie reviews are good enough to understand the analysis of Check movie.

Negative aspects

The biggest drawback of the movie Telugu Checks is that it lacks the thrill of Eletti's previous works. The film's protagonist is sentenced to death, but his character does not experience strong emotions.

The Nitin and Rakul Preet Singh movie feel like a roller coaster, with some good ones followed by a few long, boring ones. The roles of Sampat and his chief cop are as compelling as they are needed at all because the senior actors are not hyperactive. Nitin new movie Telugu are Bheeshma, Rang de, and many more.

The climax of the Nithin check movie seems logically good, but a little forced. A given ending will have mixed feelings and one does not expect it to happen as per the Check rating. This makes the end very uneven. The second half is slow and slow with some fights that can be cut into prison.

Technical aspects

Kalyani Malik's music isn't bad, but his background music was pretty good. I liked the prisoner costumes, the stage, and the camerawork. As with the text, the conversation was clear. The editing was fine as the scenes in the second half could be cut off.

If we talk about director Elite, "Check" is not his best work to date. But he gets good results from Check movie Nithin and Rakul Preet. There are some setbacks in his story ideas and storytelling, but he ends the film with a twist. Some of his prison scenes were pretty good.

Check full movie in Telugu can be seen via the link provided below:

Image Source: IMDb

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