Che La Sow: How Love Changes Arjun Opinion About Getting Married

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Rahul Ravindran is the director of the 2018 Indian romance drama che la sow. Sushanth and Ruhani Sharma make their Telugu film debut in the major roles, respectively. Famous soundtrack singer Chinmayi, who is married to actor Rahul Ravindran, provided Ruhani Sharma with a voice. It is sponsored by Annapurna Studios & created by Siruni Cine Corporation.

Bonjour friends, we're back with encouraging news in this post. We'll talk about the cast of chi la sow review, and much more, so let's explore.

About The Movie:

Even though Arjun isn't interested in getting married, his parents have arranged a blind date to meet him at his home. The chi la sow full movie plot is about Arjun and how he changes his mind about getting married after falling in love with the girl he is set to meet.

Che La Sow Movie Cast:


  • Rahul Ravindran


  • Chota K. Prasad


  • Sushanth as Arjun
  • Ruhani Sharma as Anjali
  • Vennela Kishore as Sujith
  • Anu Hasan as Arjun's mother
  • Rohini as Latha, Anjali's mother
  • Vidyullekha Raman as Anu
  • Jayaprakash as Anjali's uncle
  • Sanjay Swaroop as Arjun's father
  • Rahul Ramakrishna as a police officer
  • Harish Koyalagundla as a police constable


  • Nagarjuna
  • Jaswanth Nadipalli

Chi La Sow Telugu Movie Plot:

Arjun is a single man who has no interest in getting hitched. He boldly declares himself to be a follower of Lord Hanuman and an admirer of Salman Khan. His parents are always pressuring him to get married, while his best buddy Sujit works with his parents to arrange the wedding. But Arjun's mother can come to an understanding with him. He mentions to Sujit his aspirations to purchase a sports car and take a solo trip to Europe as things he wants to do before getting married. He has already had a failed relationship, which is yet another reason he dreads marriage. who once missed him.

Finally, one evening, his mother arranges for him to go on a blind date with Anjali, a conventional woman. Anjali shows her indignation at Arjun and cites her mother after he admits to being uninterested in the matchmaking attempts. When Arjun inquires about her mother, Anjali shares the tale of her mother where chi la sow meaning in Telugu is Bride-to-be.

In chi la sow movie online HD, After her father passed away, her mother Latha suffered from depression and bipolar disorder, which causes her to get too emotional in both joyful and sad situations. Anjali is the only provider for her mother, sister Anu, & grandmother, who all live with them. Her maternal uncle Jayaprakash, who resides in Vijayawada, frequently inquires over their welfare. Anjali halted her mother after a long battle and agreed to accept the engagement of any potential suitor.

In chi la sow movie download Telugu, When Arjun learns this, he feels sorry for her. Later, they discuss their hobbies and prior experiences with matchmaking. Anjali then bids Arjun farewell, but she is still concerned about her mother. She is consoled by Arjun. Arjun interrupts Anjali as she prepares to depart and wishes to see her again. She declines his request and queries whether he will approve of the marriage. Despite his confusion, Arjun agrees to the marriage. Anjali rejects his offer, believing him to be too childlike and immature.

Latha, who lives with Anjali, gets hospitalized due to an unexpected blood pressure reading. Everyone rushes to the hospital, but they don't remember to shut the door. A delivery boy breaks into their house to rob them, but he becomes stuck when the door unexpectedly locks. Anjali chooses to visit the hospital after learning about her mother's health. Arjun sends her off to the hospital but forgets his phone in the process. Anjali's family believes the connection worked out while she was in the hospital. However, as Anjali tells Arjun to go or else they might misunderstand him, things get out of hand. Anjali must return home later to retrieve the insurance card needed to pay the medical fees. She is forced to accept Arjun's promise to deliver her home. Then in chi la sow online streaming They both head to Anjali's house after eating dinner at a roadside food stand. The terrified delivery lad attacked Arjun there, knocking him out cold. He tries to get away, but Anjali captures him. In chi low sow movie download, Arjun regains consciousness in the meantime, and the informed neighbors arrive to stop her. The terrified Anjali hurts the delivery boy on his head as he tries to flee. Each of them fears the repercussions because they believe the boy was slain.

While this is happening, the neighbors dial 911. They are taken into custody by a sub-inspector. The delivery boy is later revealed to be the brother-in-law of one of the sub-constables. inspector Anjali admits the truth during the questioning, but Arjun asserts that he was the murderer and that he did so to protect her.

The sub-inspector finds that the youngster is alive and had escaped from the ambulance as it was traveling to the hospital after some amusing events la in Telugu. He takes advantage of the situation by requesting a bribe from them to prevent their murder conviction. When the constable unexpectedly enters the station, happy to announce that his brother-in-law was alive, Arjun is prepared to sacrifice his entire fortune of 12 lakhs, which he had saved to realize his goals. Arjun & Anjali are both freed. He makes Anjali feel good, and she begins to like Arjun.

After watching Arjun with her mother, Anjali is fascinated with him. Anjali professes her feelings for him after several amusing events take place at her house. Arjun then asks Anjali to marry him, and she accepts. Anjali tries to stop Arjun from making a hasty decision even though she is inside delighted to be getting married as soon as he brings her to the temple to get married. Finally, they exchange vows in a temple.

The hospital's weary Sujit passes out in the intensive care unit, whereupon the medical staff misdiagnoses him as a patient and begins treating him. He abruptly awakens and bolts from the hospital. Then in chi la sow Telugu movie download, After knowing of Arjun's unexpected and sudden decision, his parents pass out. Later, after receiving approval from their families, Arjun and Anjali remarry. Arjun and his wife Anjali achieve their goals together as the movie comes to a close.

Chi La Sow Review:

In chi la sow online full movie Arjun is a great person, but he isn't prepared to enter into a long-term relationship. His justifications are just excuses; he has objectives like getting a fancy car and taking a solo trip to Europe. Some of us have gone through that stage where we questioned what a lifetime engagement would entail and attempted to buy some time by extending the period we had to be by a few years. As usual, the mother is using every tactic in the book to get Arjun to do what she wants. The friend is another well-known example of someone who is "beyond 30 and still single."What transpires when Arjun is pitted against a more assured lady, who has seen hardship, and still maintains her poise? Arjun & Anjali are placed next to one another using a slightly atypical "Pelli choopulu" that goes awry.

The director subtly teases us with amusing scenes while also slipping in a deeper message that can threaten the development of relationships, particularly when they follow the traditional trajectory of an arranged marriage and the prospective wedding couple is anticipated to have a firm response after one or two meetings.

At this point, Chi La Sow departs from the rom-com theme and discusses the importance of having strong connections with enough compassion to handle less-than-ideal circumstances in life. Sometimes, it's difficult to respond with a solid "no" or a simple "yes."

Arjun and Anjali are depicted as they truly are stunning as the story develops. She is attempting to emerge from the iron-like shield she has encased herself in, while he is trying to grasp the serious side of life.

Everything occurs in a single evening as the two are thrust into unanticipated circumstances. With a limited cast of characters who are real people, never extraordinary, not eccentric ones who do something strange to pique curiosity, it can be difficult to keep the audience's interest. chi la sow Telugu movies pull us into the latter's fold and prods us to keep up with its pace, comprehend the depths of its main characters, and experience the emotional maelstrom. Sushanth & Ruhani Sharma shine all the way through. While Rohini, Vidyu Raman, and Rahul Ramakrishna are credible in their brief roles, Vennela Kishore, in his little screen time, adds that much humor as he navigates difficult situations with his signature poker face.

When the discourse is restricted to what is necessary, music composer Prashanth Vihari rises to the occasion with a pleasantly ambient score. The cherry on top is the song "Mellaga Mellaga."Comedy, romance, and familial dynamics work incredibly well together. To be an actor himself, Rahul was quite tactful in his narration and managed to keep the audience's interest, which is difficult to do in today's world.


Typically, dance & fancy romance are prevalent in romantic movies. However, by setting up a love tale in an unusual circumstance and demonstrating how love can develop with only a few priceless moments, debut filmmaker Rahul makes things intriguing. Rahul is a filmmaker to keep an eye on, and Sushanth will find the break he's been yearning for. Due to the slow pacing and lack of any commercial features, the movie will be challenging for the average moviegoer. Aside from this, Chilasow is a masterfully crafted romantic tale that captures your attention.

Chi Low Sow Movie IMDb Rating:

7.7 out of 10 with 1831 votes on IMDb

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