Chandanamazha: Remake of Popular tv serial “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya”

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Chandanamazha is a popular Malayalam language tv serial aired on 3 February 2014 on Asianet Channel. This serial is a remake of the Star Plus Hindi serial “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya”(meaning: Fulfill This Companionship). The Hindi television show premiered on STAR plus worldwide on May 3, 2010. It has a Telugu dubbing version called Kodala Kodala Koduku Pellamaa on Maa TV, and a Tamil version called Deivam Thantha Veedu on Vijay TV and the Devam Thandha Veedu, original program, aired in Tamil on May 3rd, 2010, and is now broadcast on Vijay IV. Ved Raj, Gautam Hegde, and Jyoti Tandon wrote the original Hindi version, which was directed by Pawan Kumar. The serial was produced by the same team that produced the popular Malayalam serial Kumkumapoovu.

The Chandanamazha serial plot revolves around two cousins with vastly different personalities. Amritha and Varsha are cousins with no affection for one another. Amritha is an orphan who lives with Varsha and is kind and helpful. Varsha, on the other hand, is a selfish woman who despises her cousin Amritha. Her cousin is enraged and envious of her marriage. The Chandanamazha tv serial is full of twists and turns. Shalu Kuttan does an outstanding job as the envious cousin. Amritha's character is played by Meghna Vincent, while Varsha's character is played by Shalu Kurian. If you're keen to know more about this serial story, continue reading guys.

Chandanamazha Serial plot

Chandanamazha's plot revolves around Amrutha, who is illiterate and highly obedient, and her cousin Varsha, who is the polar opposite. Amrutha, along with her cousin Varsha and family, is an orphan. No one in that house likes Amrutha except Varsha's father. The Chandanamazha tv serial, After meeting Amrutha, Urmila Desai, a woman from an affluent family, puts a stop to her search for a daughter-in-law. She believes she will make an excellent wife for her son Arjun and Amrutha becomes Urmila in Chandanamazha serial daughter-in-law.

The serial depicts Amrutha's life at her husband's house, where she is adored by everyone except her husband. The Chandanamazha tv serial depicts Amrutha getting into difficulty several times due to her lack of comprehension of the modern world, to which her husband belongs. She, on the other hand, is so alien to society today that she washes and dries her husband's official hard disc. In the Malayalam serial Chandanamazha, Amrutha is also portrayed as an orphan who desperately wants her husband's affection. Even though she is a dramatic good heroine, she is surrounded by individuals who pull her down. Her cousin Varsha (Shalu Kurian, Chandanamazha cast) who was married to the same family, used to play dirty tricks on Amrutha to get her into more difficulty. Her in-law sister: Anja takes advantage of her innocence to acquire what she wants. Her mother-in-law is her main source of comfort as Amrutha works as a maid at the residence. The rest of the storyline is around Urmila in the Chandanamazha serial mentoring of her daughter-in-law Amrutha and her transformation into a self-assured woman. Now, let’s take a look at the cast and crew of this serial.

Chandanamazha tv serial crew

•   Produced by: Ross Petals

•   Directed by: Sujith Sundar

•   Executive Producer: Vinod S Background music: Sanand George

•   Makeup by: Udayan Nemam

•   Costume by: Thyagarajan Chennai

•   Art Direction by: Chengamala Day

•   Editing by: Rohit Roshan

•   Sound Recording by: Janeesh Lal

•   Sound Mixing: Sreejith V.G

•   Cinematography by: Lal Kannan

•   Dialogues by: Jaya Parnasala

•   Concept & Design by: Jaykumar Bhavachitra

Chandanamazha cast

•   Roopa Sree as Urmila Desai

•   Meghna Vincent as Amruta (later Replaced by Vindhuja Vikraman)

•   Suresh as Vasudev, Amruta's Uncle

•   Kanya as Mayavathi, Vasudev's wife

•   Shalu Kurian Chandanamazha cast as Varsha, Daughter of Vasudev and Mayavathi

•   Shibu Laban as Kiran, cousin of Varsha and Amrita

•   Murali Mohan as Jayapal, husband of Urmila Desai

•   Subramani as Arjun, Son of Urmila Desai

•   Charutha Baiju as Anjali, Daughter of Urmila Desai(Replaced by Nimmy Arungopan)

•   Pratheesh Nandan as Abhishek, cousin of Arjun & husband of Varsha

•   Yamuna as Madhumathi, Mother of Abhishek and wife of Devraj

•   Dinesh Panikkar Chandanamazha cast as Devaraj, Madhumathi's Husband

•   Angel as Sheethal, Arjun's lover

•   Sharath Kumar as Adarsh, lover of Anjali and brother of Seethal

•   T.R. Omana as Arjun's Grandmother


With 1173 Chandanamazha serial episodes, the serial ended on 9 December 2017. Every serial, film or other kind of entertainment has both positive and negative aspects. Similarly, the first few episodes are intriguing, but the plot gradually grew tedious and lacking in bass. In the Chandanamazha TV serial many irrational religious beliefs have been depicted in the series. The female lead is depicted as a weak character who is constantly crying and works as a maid at her husband's home. Following Amma, which aired Monday through Saturday at 7:00 p.m., the Chandanamazha tv serial is one of Asianet's most popular serials. This one was produced after a previous serial, Kumkumapuve which concluded on February 1, 2014. It's a family drama, therefore if you're interested in watching it, you may watch it on Disney+Hotstar.

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