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Gopichand and his team dared to release a new film, Chanakya Telugu movie, amid the huge craze for Sye Raa, which opened a few days ago. Let's see if this spy thriller has anything interesting to us.

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About the Movie:

At the beginning of the film, a team of RAW agents is tasked with apprehending Abdul Salim, the brother of Daoud-like character Ibrahim Qureshi, who is revealed to be behind several terrorist attacks in India.

Arjun, also known as Ramakrishna (Gopichand), is a RAW Marshal from Delhi who catches terrorists with 100% success rate. What if he turns India's most wanted enemies, Ibrahim Qureshi (Rajesh Hattar) and his son Sohail (Upen Patel)?

Chanakya movie comedy is a twisted drama that doesn't seem to understand whether it wants to be a spy thriller that takes itself too seriously, or a commercial drama that has it all. It sits somewhere in the middle without putting you on the edge of the seat or entertaining you. Thiru's debut in Telugu Chanakya film is a good thing. If there had been better material, it would seem more than a mix of all Indian spy movies ever made. Chanakya Movie Release date was 5 October 2019.

Chanakya Movie Review

The Indian government is looking for the terrorist Kureshi (Rajesh Hatar) who is currently camping in Pakistan. To bring him back, RAW assigns a brave and demonic officer, Arjun, on a mission. How is Arjun to Pakistan? How will he catch such a terrible terrorist? Where do Mehrin and Zareen Khan appear in this plan? You have to watch the movie on the big screen to find out.

Chanakya Movie Cast:

Director: Thiru

Writer: Abburi Ravi


  • Gopichand as Arjun Srikar
  • Zareen Khan as Zubeida Khan
  • Mehreen Pirzada as Aishwarya
  • Nassar as Kulkarni
  • Rajesh Khattar as Ibrahim Qureshi

Producer: AK Entertainments

Positive aspects

As usual, Gopicand faithfully fulfilled his role. He seems to fit the role of a RAW agent, and is responsible for the entire film. Whether it's a fight or a conversation, Gopichand has done a commendable job in the film. Nasser did a perfect job as head of RAW and added depth to the film.

The director starts the film with a good action sequence that looks exciting. Zarine Khan is making her decent Telugu debut as her RAW secret agent. She did a great job in her supporting role. Mesrine was pretty good at her role and there wasn't much to do. Sunil and Ali performed well in limited comedy roles.

Apen Patel did a great job as a stylish villain and was amazed in the film. All scenes with Gopicand turned out well. Some of his exciting activities in Karachi are well planned. The scene leading to the climax is well-crafted and arouses a decent amount of curiosity.

Negative aspects

First, the film is based on several recently made Hindi spy thrillers. It was heavily inspired by Nikhil Advani's D Day. Start the movie with a bang and the creators add the same old comedy, song and dance. Gopichand's romantic episodes with Mehrin are boring and completely dilute what's going on.

After that, two songs that accompany the film appear at the decisive moment. One of the biggest downsides is the disappointing scenario of the lack of touch. Good emotions are followed by silly, mundane scenes. Thrillers should be crisp and fast, but unfortunately this movie isn't.

Also, there was too much cinematic freedom. Gopichand seems too much to roam freely in Karachi and solve problems quickly in multiple areas. Also, after all the noise and screams, it feels like the climax is special, but unfortunately it ends abruptly. Nowadays, movies on Chanakya are very popular.

Technical aspects

The cinematography of the Chanakya South movie is pretty decent because it shows Karachi and the terrorists in a decent way. The production design deserves special mention, as it has plausibly redesigned Karachi and many other areas.

The music isn't bad, but Sricharan's background score is pretty good. Editing is subpar as the romantic track could be shortened to make it clearer. This entire dog-mating episode was stupid and avoided.

In the case of director Vetri Palanisamy, ​​he did a substandard job with storytelling. He changed all the espionage thrillers to prepare the Chanakya Hindi movie, which seems to be fine. He also starts the movie well and gives him a good tone and setting. However, he also derails the film by drowning in unnecessary commercial aspects. In the second half he had too much on his plate and he couldn't handle it. So he rushed to work with a bad script full of logical errors and unanswered questions.

Overall, Chanakya cinema is a quintessential spy thriller that works rigorously in many respects. Boring storytelling and poor script ruin the film in seconds, while action and Gopichand take the lead. The movie looks stylish, but you won't see anything new in this action-packed action movie. So, control all your expectations and go in. Chanakya Telugu full movie has a total running time of 147 minutes.

Here is the link for the Chanakya 2019 Telugu full movie.

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