Chal Mohan Ranga Review: A Telugu Flop Romantic Drama Film

Saumya Sharma Sep 17 . 5 min read

Nithiin Chal Mohan Ranga is a Telugu language Indian film. The production of chal mohan ranga telugu movie is done by Sudhakar Reddy, Trivikram Srinivas, and Pawan Kalyan under the production company of Shresht movies and Pawan Kalyan creative works. The direction is done by Krishna Chaitanya and the main leads are Nithiin and Megha Akaash. The trailer of the movie was released on 5 April 2018 and chal mohan ranga release date is 5 April 2018.

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About Nithiin Chal Mohan Ranga

The movie shows Megh Subramanyam and Mohan Ranga as couples, their love life was going very well but things changed when they both started feeling that they are better without each other. They got busy in their life and tried to forget each other and move on. But is this the end of their love story or will they truly be able to love each other again? Keep reading to know everything about ranga film.

Nithiin Chal Mohan Ranga Cast


  • Krishna Chaitanya


  • Sudhakar Reddy
  • Pawan Kalyan
  • Trivikram Srinivas


  • Nithin as Mohan Ranga
  • Megha Akash as Megha Subramanyam
  • Madhunandam as Vilas
  • Rao Ramesh as Ramesh
  • Naresh as Mohan's father
  • Pragathi as Mohan's mother
  • Lissy¬†as Megha's mother
  • Sanjay Swaroop as Megha's father
  • Baby Hasini as Megha's sister
  • Neeraja Kona as Miami
  • Kireeti Damaraju as Ramesh's son
  • Ashu Reddy as Ashu
  • Satya as Mohan's friend
  • Pammi Sai as Mohan's friend


  • Trivikram Srinivas

Chal Mohan Ranga Story

Mohan Ranga had a crush from his childhood who used to live in his locality. At the age of 24, she moved to the USA from Hyderabad. By seeing her shifting to the USA, Mohan also tried to shift with her but his visa also gets rejected many times. By his luck, he got a chance to move to the USA when one NRI asked him to bring his mother's dead body to the USA. He went to the USA and accidentally meets her childhood crush Megha. They both started spending more time together and started liking each other. They were extremely in love with each other and decided to propose other but destiny had some other plans. Due to some reasons, Megha had to shift back to India to her home town Ooty and after a few months Mohan also came back but he got shocked after knowing that Megha is about to get married to another man.


Nithin was good in doing the role of Mohan. The comedy scenes performed by him very quite good and impressive. All the emotional scenes are well performed by him and suited his personality a lot. Megha Akash also did a good job she looked cute and beautiful in the role given to her. She did very well in the first half of the movie and the chemistry they both shared looked perfect. The dialogues are very interesting, all the conversations between mohan ranga and Megha are very well written. Romantic and comedy dialogues are very well written. Everything was good till the first half but there was a lack of clarity in the second part which is one of the biggest minus points of the ranga movie. Other supporting actors like Narra and Rao Ramesh also did well. There were some negative points as well like there was no chemistry between mohana ranga and Megha in the second half. There were some unnecessary dragging scenes that made the movie boring. The editing is done very well. It is a low-budget film but the shots taken were very good. The film started on a very good note and made everyone interested but things changed in the second half. The chal film would have been better if the director add some twists. The chal mohan ranga songs naa songs are one of the major plus points of the film. The timings and soothing voices played in the background was the main survival point of the chal mohana ranga.


Just like other movies, chal mohan ranga full movie is a regular comedy-drama movie. If you are looking for something new then you will surely be disappointed by this one. The chl mohan ranga director needs to work on his direction. You will surely fall in love with the soothing songs of chal mohan ranga telugu full movie. If you are looking for a time pass movie then you can go for chal mohan ranga movie. You can enjoy chal mohan ranga full movie watch online telugu.


The movie received 5.8 points out of 10.


Ques 1. Where can one watch chal mohan ranga full movie in telugu ?

Ans. You can watch chal mohan ranga full movie on Zee 5.


Image Credits: IMDb

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