Chakra Movie Review- Telugu Suspense Thriller movie

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Chakra Movie review-

Hello readers, welcome to another blog! In this blog, we will look at Chakra movie reviews, plot, cast, chakra movie rating, and other things, So, Keep reading!

Chakra is an Indian Tamil Language Suspense thriller movie. It was expected to be released in the year 2020, however, with the coronavirus outbreak in India, the release had to be postponed and was launched on 19th February 2021. At first, it was misunderstood as the Direct Sequel to the film Irumbu Thirai (2018) but the director clarified that Chakra is a Stand-alone Sequel rather. 

The Budget of Chakra Telugu movie is 31.5cr, whereas it has managed to get a box office collection of 65crores

Although Chakra reviews are both positive and negative, the movie is said to have achieved Moderate Success. Yet it has reported a 3.5cr Loss.

Genre- The Movie can be put into the genre- Thriller, Action, and Suspense. 

The Movie is directed by M.S Anandan, the debutant director who is also the writer of the film.

The producer of the film is Vishal.

About Chakra-

Chakra is a story of an Army Officer who sets a mission to stop the thefts and robberies happening in the city by an unknown criminal group. He is accompanied by his girlfriend who is an Assistant commissioner of police. The question here arises is, why does Chandru(the army officer) take on this mission? Are the robberies happening in the city anyhow related to Chandru? The movie has a lot of action and critics have appreciated the acting of Chandru. 


Major Chandru, who is an army officer posted in New Delhi comes back to Hyderabad. On 15th August, India’s 73rd Independence Day, 50 Robberies happens in Hyderabad city within a couple of hours. But there is a peculiarity, the thieves target only old people’s Houses. The entire police force gets baffled due to the unprecedented series of events. The in-charge Assistant Commissioner Gayathri, the assignee of the task is also confused as the robbers had left no proof or evidence. 

Among the 50houses, one of them is of Major Chandru- also Gayathri’s Boyfriend. The robbers rob the Ashok Chakra, which was bestowed to Chandru’s Father. Also, Chandru’s grandmother gets injured while trying to safeguard Ashok Chakra from getting robber. 

Thus Major Chandra sets his mission to find the thieves and take revenge!

After doing a thorough investigation, he comes to know that the thieves knew the exact location where the money and precious items were kept. Thus it was clear that the thieves must have visited the houses before. He then thinks of the people who can get access to the entire house and finds a company named “Dial for Help”. It provides services like plumbers, technicians, etc. 

He then visits the company headquarters and realizes that all the 50 houses had taken service from the same company. However, as he tries to reach a suspect from the company he comes to know that person had died two years ago!

The culprit then calls the Police Headquarters claiming their responsibility for all these thefts and also challenging to catch them. With great acumen, Chandru manages to get the location of them which is- 00100. After reaching that location, as expected the robbers had already cleared off! But going there, Chandru comes to know that the culprit is a Female!

The culprit happens to be a Chess Coach whose name is Leela. Then there is a Cat and Mouse race between the two and Chandru finally wins! 

Chakra Movie Cast- 

  • Vishal as Major Chandru
  • Vijay Babu as Police Commissioner 
  • Shradhha Sriath as ACP Gayathri
  • Amit Bhargav as Ganeshan
  • Regina Cassandra as Leela, computer hacker, Chess coach, and Nemesis of Chandru
  • K.R Vijaya as Chandru's Grandmother. 
  • Shrushti Dange as Rithu Bhatia as Dial for Help CEO
  • Maha Ganesh as Leela’s Brother
  • Manobala as Gayathri’s Uncle
  • Nassar as Chandru’s Late Father.
  • Robo Shankar as Inspector Kumar

Chakra Rating- 

Chakra Movie IMDb rating is 7/10

Behind Woods review- 2.5/10

Google Users- 92% Likes this Film

Thus, it can be seen that the chakra movie rating are average and there is a scope for improvement. 

Chakra Movie Reviews- (Movie Critics)

The Concept or Story of Chakra is really good, but chakra reviews state that the film could have been made more engaging. 

The positive thing about the movie is that it tries to create an awareness of Cyber hacking and Cyber Crimes. The teens in today’s generations must know that a little bit of private information is disclosed and it can cause havoc. Watching this film might instill this in the minds of the masses 

However, the Dialogues, Cinematography, and editing of the movie are praised. 


There are 3 songs in the movie

  1. Harla Farla 
  2. Scream of Darkness 
  3. Amma

Among these, Harla Farla is a quite popular song among chakra movie review.

Common Queries- 

 Where to watch the movie? Is it available on ott? 

Yes. Chakra movie is available on Amazon Prime.

Where to watch the Chakra movie dub? 

Chakra movie Telugu, Hindi Tamil is available on Amazon Prime

Is Chakra worth watching? 

Although it could have been way better, chakra reviews Say that you must give it a shot if you love Suspense Thrillers. 

 Is Chakra Movie a remake? 

Chakra is not a direct sequel to Irumbu Thirai, but the director says it can be called a Stand-alone Sequel. 

How is chakra movie review- 

The reviews are average to good and the film is worth watching. 

Chakra Movie Trailer Link-

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