Chakra Movie Review In Telugu: A Confusing Loop With Good Storyline

Saumya Sharma Sep 17 . 5 min read

Chakra is a Tamil Indian language thriller and action film. The director and writer of chakra telugu movie are M.S. Anandan and produced by Vishal under the production company of Vishal Film Factory. The main leads of the film are Shraddha Srinath and Irumbu Thirai. The chakra tamil movie release date is 19 February 2021. The chakra 2021 film received both positive and negative reviews from the audience. The total running time of the film is 130 minutes. The total budget of the film is Rs27.5 crores.

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About Chakra Movie

Two criminals targeted old people on India's 73rd Independence Day. 50 houses were robbed in one single day without leaving any hints and one of the weirdest things was that the two criminals for targeting the house of old people. This created havoc among people, Two police inspectors started finding the criminals who were behind this. The police officer Gayatri was given this case to solve but later on, the military officer and her boyfriend joined her. The chakra movie release date is 19 February 2021. How will they catch the criminals? How is Vishal connected in the film? All these questions will be covered in the chakra film. You will also read about vishal chakra movie review and chakra rating.

Chakra Movie Cast


  • M. S. Anandan


  • Vishal


  • Vishal as Major Chandru
  • Shraddha Srinath as ACP
  • Regina Cassandra as Leela
  • Srushti Dange as Rithu Bhatia
  • Robo Shankar as Inspector
  • Nassar as late father of Chandru
  • Vijay Babu as Police Commissioner
  • Amit Bhargav as Ganeshan
  • Manobola as Gayathri's uncle
  • K.R. Vijaya as Chandru's grandmother
  • Baby Krithika as Young Leela
  • Aruldoss as Leela's late father
  • Arjunan as a hacker


  • Vishal

Chakra Movie Story

A robbery occurred on Independence day, and the news showed that two robbers are plotting the houses of old people. A police officer named Gayathri was assigned the duty of finding the criminals behind all this. Gayathri got to know that the 50th house that got robbed was of her ex-boyfriend Chandru. His grandmother got injured while saving Ashoka Chandra Medal. Chandru also joined Gayathri in the case.

Chandru started investigating and found a company named Dial for help and thought that it can be involved in the case as all the 50 houses that were robbed got service from the same company under the name of a person Marimathu. Everyone one rushed to Marimuthu's house and only found his wife there as he died two years ago. They were about to come back when suddenly they got a call from an unknown person who claimed that he is responsible for everything and told Chandru that they will never be able to find him. Chandru took this as a challenge and started looking for every little clue. He finds out a thumbprint on one of the scanners. Later on, Chandru got to know that 58 more houses would be robbed on 23 August. After investigating a lot Chandru finds out that the theft is a woman named Leele. Leela had a very abusive and alcoholic father who used to hit her mother. One day Leela woke up and found out that her mother died while sleeping. Her father did second marriage without any delay and bring her new wife with her two young sons. One day Leela's father was drunk and revealed how he and her new wife killed her late mother by suffocating her. This angered Leela and she kills her father and her stepmother. Chandru started looking for her whereas Leela made many attempts to kill Chandru and his other team who were involved in the investigation. After trying so hard Chandru finally manages to catch Leela. He captures her and arrests her. But things didn't end her chandru got to know that Leela escaped and challenged him for catching her again.


The chakra film is a mysterious thriller action movie, the people who are fans of mind games, tricks, and hints can surely go for this one. The role played by Vishal was very good and impressed the audience very much. Shraddha Srinath also did a very good job, earlier she used to do romantic movies but seeing her performing as a brave and strong cop was quite good. The supporting actors were also good on their part. The directors and producers tried to bring some mystery to the film but this ended in a confusing loop. Many scenes in the film were quite difficult to understand. Some of the things that happened in the film didn't make any sense as Officer who came from New Delhi to Hyderabad to solve this case was quite senseless. The visual chakra movie release date is 19 February 2021. This was the honest chakra reviews chakra movie review from our side.


Overall, chakra 2021 is a good movie that will surely entertain you chakra 2021 movie is the story of cat and mouse means, a military officer chasing the thieves. The whole vishal chakra movie is covered with hints and ideas the officer is using to catch the thief. If you are a lover of investigative movies then you can surely go for this one.


The chakra movie rating is 7.0 points out of 10.


Ques 1. What is chakra release date?

Ans. The movie vishal chakra release date is 19 February 2021.

Ques 2. What is chakra vishal movie about?

Ans. The chakra vishal is a movie that shows investigation, catching thieves, and stopping crime.

Ques 3. What is chakra movie rating?

Ans. The chakra movie telugu has 7.0 out of 10 ratings on IMDb.


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