Care Of Kancharapalem Review: A 2019 Film Unfolds The Life Anthology

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About 80 non-actors, the majority of whom are from Kancharapalem movie, appear in the slice-of-life anthology film C/o Kancharapalem (a locality in Vishakhapatnam). This film challenges easy classification because of the potent language that skillfully guides you through various facets of life and society. More information about this is available in the blog post that follows on our website.

Hello folks, welcome back to 99 chill. We provide insights into different movies, series, and tv serials worlds. We hope you have been looking forward to the content we put up. As always we are again back with another newly written blog by our writer. This is another south Indian movie focusing on different themes named Care Of Kancharapalem. If you have not watched it, you may consider c o kancharapalem movie online watch after reading about it on 99chill. Read this blog to know more c o kancharapalem review, c o kancharapalem full movie, kancharapalem cast, and c o kancharapalem movie songs. 

About The Movie 

The story takes place in the little village of Kancharapalem, which is close to Visakhapatnam, and focuses on four couples who surpass barriers of age, religion, caste, and class. It also demonstrates the important impact that life and time play in the outcomes of the four couples that defy social conventions out of love. C O Kancharapalem Netflix, care of kancharapalem movie download in movierulz, c o kancharapalem full movie download, care of kancharapalem full movie, care of kancharapalem movie download are some of the keywords for the movie to help you seek on the internet. In case you want to download the movie then you can type, “care of kancharapalem movie download in movierulz” on google to get it. 

Care Of Kancharapalem Cast


  • Venkatesh Maha


  • Subba Rao as Raju
  • Radha Bessy as Radha
  • Kesava Karri as Sundaram
  • Nithyasri Goru as Sunitha
  • Karthik Rathnam as Joseph
  • Praneetha Patnaik as Bhargavi
  • Mohan Bhagath as Gaddam
  • Praveena Paruchuri as Saleema
  • Kishore Kumar Polimera as Ram Murthy 
  • Sravani Bessy as Leela, Sundaram's Mother
  • Jeswanth Muppala as Koti
  • Nikita as Indira
  • Durga Devi Datla as Usha Rani Teacher
  • Shailaja Goru as School Principal
  • Ramesh Aditya as Sunitha's Father


  • Praveena Paruchuri (Praveena meaning in telugu is individualistic)

C O Kancharapalem Story

Four love stories that span eras, nations, faiths, and socioeconomic classes are included in this anthology. Each is beautiful in its own right and conveys a salient idea. In contrast to the air of superiority the other officers carried, Radha, the new officer, treats Raju, a 49-year-old single assistant in the office, fairly and with kindness. As they spend time together, being kind and patient with one another, a relationship develops. Sundaram and Sunitha, two classmates who are on the other end of the age spectrum, get along through gentle gestures and subdued glances. It's the tale of two young children with a glint in their eyes, and it's full of innocence and all the charm that comes with it. A college student named Bhargavi(Praneetha meaning in telugu is pure water) develops feelings for a young hooligan with unkempt hair named Joseph. While she is in a pickle of her own, he resolves to leave behind his current lifestyle and take on a more responsible role by finding a stable career to set up for a secure future. The most ground-breaking of them is the tale of Geddam and Saleema, a delightfully eccentric pair of booze store employees and sex workers, respectively. He deeply admires her eyes and knows she frequently frequents the store, but he can't bring himself to approach her. The most endearing story is presented to the screen when he does and discovers her line of work. These narratives evolve from being upbeat and humorous to sorrowful but moving before taking an unexpected turn.

Care Of Kancharapalem Review

In order to highlight the scenarios and characters nuanced in a very organized way, the film adopts a non-linear storyline. The concurrent plot threads and accurate foreshadowing make it an engaging watch. The scenes flow smoothly from one to the next and the past and present are expertly woven together. The movie has the sensation of a flipbook full of important elements and concepts that come together to become the finished work of art that the movie is. The supporting cast makes the movie better in all the right ways, even though the primary characters are delightful. Ammoru, the gym manager, is Bhargavi and Joseph's biggest supporter and is always there to provide a hand. The fact that Raju is mature and that his motives are sincere convince Radha's daughter that he is deserving of her mother. She behaves maturely and doesn't believe that her mother's happiness should be hindered by her age. Raju's buddies provide consolation when he's in need, and Sundaram's friend provides humorous relief. Sundaram's father, a mute sculptor, uses his underappreciated work to convey powerful messages. The relationships and exchanges among the characters are convincingly realistic. We observe that all of these characters, who thought they had a chance of having their basic wants fulfilled in life, have been imprisoned by hope. The song emphasizes how unpredictable life is and implies that all of them are characters in a much larger drama. No one can ever predict what will happen the following day, much less what might occur over the course of a lifetime. All one can do is wait for the surprises and wonders. The movie was produced on a small budget of Rs. 50–60 Lakhs. Despite financial restrictions, the director got the finest performance out of the cameramen. The entire movie was filmed on location, with little art décor and primarily natural lighting. The film exudes credibility thanks to the camerawork. Another tremendous strength is editing. Without interfering with the narrative or misleading the audience, all the stories are cohesively related. Folk music is played. Everything in the visual representation felt completely natural and in place. The people in the village appeared at ease in their own skin and the village was depicted as it was. 


This movie is a well-built life that you watch and learn from, not a mushy romance novel that you read quickly. It's a highly authentic work of fiction that teaches carefully living in addition to a social message. The turn makes me think of the proverb, "Life has a harsh way of revealing how beautiful it may be," which I believe. Simple plot summaries might lead one to believe that this film is only a compilation of love stories, while in fact, it is a tale about love and life. It is a beautiful reflection on the plight of humanity, tenacity, evolving ideologies, and the innocence of real love. Because often the most insignificant thoughts can be the most significant ones, it serves as motivation to many. The budget is constrained, but the imagination is vast and limitless! 

Care Of Kancharapalem Movie Rating

IMDb users have rated it 8.9 out of 10 with a weighted average of 6,991 votes. 

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