Candy Web Series: Review, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know [2021]

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Heya fellow bingers!

Searching for a companion to your bucket of popcorn and couch? I might have just the best option for y’all. Electrified to know who that is? Come on, I’ll show ya!

Na na na, I’ll let you guys make some guesses first. Don’t worry, I’ll drop some hints. So, the story starts with the killing of a boy in the woods and some mafia selling drugged candies to school students. And, it’s not Riverdale guys. Think harder. 

Did anyone say Candy web series? If you did, then, you’re the champion of the night! You guys, you never fail to charm me with your skills and fun-seeking souls. Candy on Voot can be your next dose of thrills and chills for the night. Consisting of 8 episodes, each ranging from 35 to 40 minutes, the Candy web series can be the one that wins the battle to steal you tonight!

An out-and-out package of adventure, thrill, mystery, drama, suspense, fiction, myth, and horror, the Candy web series deserves to be the one to whom you devote your night binging. This can prove out to be your much-needed nerve-calming break from daily 9-to-5 or deadly work from home exhaustion this weekend. 

But, won’t you want to know what exactly to expect from the Candy web series before giving it the precious hours that you can spend, well, binging on Friends again with a Ramen bowl?

Of course, you want to. Isn’t that the reason you’re dragged down to hear? 

Well, stay relieved and calm your tits guys, you have landed in the right place! In the following sections, you’ll be aware of all you need to know, from the basic overview of Candy on Voot, the web series review, or Candy review, to the cast and plot. So tighten your buckles guys, we’re ready to dive in 3...2...1...Go! 

Candy Web Series Overview

The story of Voot Select's web series 'Candy' is shown in a place called Rudrakund. Where some murders come to the fore, whose direct connection is seen with a school. Schoolteacher Jayant Parekh (Ronit Roy) is troubled by the death of his student and sets out to solve the murder. DCP Ratna Sankhwar (Richa Chadha) is seen helping in this case. In the midst of all this, the Bahubali avatar of MLA Mani Ranaut (Manu Rishi Chadha) also comes to the fore. Along with the murder mystery, the truth of 'Masaan' will also surprise you. 

The director, Ashish R Shukla, got a lot into the limelight after this. His film 'Bahut Hua Samman' also gained lots of discussions but for other reasons. Ashish is the director of Nayi Soch as well. 

The characters look like you have seen them somewhere before. 

While watching the web series 'Candy', you may remember 'Udaan', ‘Riverdale’, and 'The Last Hour'. But as it is told before the start of every film and web series these days that these similarities are just a coincidence. 'Candy' opens a chapter in the school's burgeoning drug trade. The story has new thinking and the good thing is that the series keeps you hooked till the end.

Candy Web Series: The Plot And Story

The story 'Candy', is set against the mountains and revolves around candy. The businessman is the son of a veteran of the area. The media turns its back on all this. The son is getting ready for the long jump. And, meanwhile, it looks like Masaan is a legend. It is a mountainous area, there’s mist, lots of it there is fog, and, most importantly, there are murders. The people living in the villages situated in the mountains have many stories of intimidation. Masaan is also an anecdote from them. Drugs are the same business as tales. If you’re one all-in for suspense & thrill then this series is for you.

Okay, let us talk details now!

The story of the web series "Candy" is of a fictional city Rudrakund. The center of the story is the mystery related to the trembling murder of Mehul Awasthi (Mihir Ahuja), a student of Rudra Valley High School located in Rudrakund city. DSP Ratna Sankhwar along with Havildar Atmanath (Rajkumar Sharma) and others, reach the forest where Mehul’s body hangs from a tree amid a dense forest. Is. When the police begin their investigation, Jayant Parikh, the school’s English teacher, reaches the same place. Jayant Parikh's daughter Binny died of drug addiction and his wife Sonalikha Parikh hasn’t recovered yet, the reason why Jayant Parikh is interested in Mohit's murder. The DSP on investigation reaches the school to talk to the church's Father Marcus, the school's principal Thomas, and fellow students. Mehul interrogates three boys, Imran Ahmed (Bodhisattva Sharma), Sanjay Sonowal (Aditya Rajendra Nanda), amid and John (Abbas Ali), who harass Awasthi. The DSP hands over candy from Mehul's locker to Vayu Ranawat. Eventually, the hysteria that Masaan has committed the murder starts. The relationship between police officer Ratna Sankhawar and Vayu is intense. Vayu Ranawat, son of local MLA Mani Ranawat (Manu Rishi Chadha), is caught doing the work of manufacturing and marketing hallucinating candies. Mani is the most powerful businessman in the city as well as the MLA. He wants Rudrakund in his palms and has committed various crimes to keep his power.

At the same time, Mehul Awasthi's friend Kalki Rawat (Riddhi Kumar) is reported missing. At night, Kalki reaches Jayant Parikh, crying. Jayant keeps Kalki hidden in his house. Mehul and Kalki, hiding at a party organized by Vayu in the forest, were collecting evidence against Vayuand his drug business. When they try to leave, a girl makes Kalki lick the candy. Mehul and Kalki lie down in the forest and have some intimate moments together. After that someone killed Mehul. Jayant is beaten up by Vayu and his goons for trying to know the secret behind it all. Jayant finds evidence against Vayu. But Ratna isn’t paying attention to Jayant's evidence. Though the evidence points towards Kalki's father Naresh Rawat (Pawan Kumar Singh) for Mehul's murder, Vayu catches Naresh and hands him over to Ratna. But, according to Jayant's investigation, Naresh is innocent. So, an irritated and agitated Jayant comes to the police station and hands it over to Ratna Shankhwar. Ratni Shankhwar hands it to Amarnath. Mani Ranawat comes to visit Naresh Rawat, who is residing in the station itself. Then, there’s an attack by the people of Rudra Kundon at the police station with the slogan 'Khoon ka Badla Khoon', carrying the king with evidence. Then they tie him over the bridge and burnt him alive. Jayant and Kalki are helpless. Now, Mani Ranawat plays his politics. Ratna is suspended and an inquiry is set up.

Ratna realizes she worked for the wrong people and her conscience wakes up. Now Jayant and Ratna team up to search for the truth. So the secrets unfold. The number of murders increases. Jayant also argues with Father Marquess of the church. Even from the principal. Here the people whom the spectator suspects, start getting killed. There are many twists in the story. The mask comes off from many faces. Secrets, fear, hope, politics, human ambition, drug trade, the crime of having sex with teenage girls, many more come to the fore.

Candy Web Series Cast

  • Ronit Roy As : Jayant Parekh
  • Richa Chadha As : DSP Ratna Sankhawar
  • Manu Rishi Chhadha As : Money Ranaut
  • Gopal Datt Tiwari As : Headmaster Thomas
  • Nukul Sahdev As : Vayu Ranaut
  • Riddhi Kumar As : Kalki Rawat
  • Mihir Ahuja As : Mehul Awasthi
  • Akash Mahamana as SI Shyam Pandey
  • Raj Kumar Sharma as Atmanath
  • Aditya Syal as Masaan,
  • Meher Mirchandani as Myra Sankhwar
  • Anupama Chouhan as Neela Rawat
  • Lokesh Bhatkoti as Constable Hari
  • Sonal Panvar as Binny Parekh
  • Anju Alva Naik as Sonalika Parekh
  • Vijayant Kohli as Father Markus
  • Abbas Ali Ghaznavi as John Dhakar
  • Aditya Rajendra Nanda as Sanjay Sonowal
  • Bodhisattva Sharma as Imran Ahmed
  • Prasanna Bisht as Ritika Sahay
  • Ayesha Pradeep Kadush as Sahiba Joshi
  • Pawan Kumar Singh as Naresh Rawat
  • Mikhael Kantro as Luka
  • Shivangi Singh as Lina Nagalia
  • Durgesh Kumar as Lambodhar Bisht
  • Lokesh Bhatkoti as Constable Hari
  • Sonal Panvar as Binny Parekh
  • Pratibha Pant as Amrita
  • Niketan Sharma as KK
  • Charu Tiwari as Harshal Pandey
  • Kaushal Shah Jagati as Mukhiya
  • Mukta Anand as Ratna Sankhwar’s Maid

Richa Chadha has tried to cast herself as a DSP-level police officer in the series very well. Police officers walking around with notepads and pens are rarely seen in the Hindustani web series. The truth is even in the Digital era, the policing system is still slow. 

Ronit Roy's emotional bond with his students is heartwarming. Viewers would have loved it if the story went through the school classes a little more.

Manu Rishi Chadha did not deliver the expected. He is slowly getting typecast in such characters. His expansions seem to weaken his art character by character.

The gem of 'Candy' is Nakul Sahdev. It has been more than a decade since Nakul has started to appear on-screen but he has started gaining the attention of the viewers now. He has a natural talent for acting. The eyes of big directors are also on him and if given the right opportunity, he is now ready to do lead roles too.

Candy Review And Rating

Let us start with the Candy web series review.

The web series 'Candy' can be called a decent effort in terms of writing and direction. Debjeet and Advance have held the background uptight. The characters are also well crafted. The setup and payback of these characters are also well thought out. Just his flashbacks are patchy in the story and do not match with its choir. As a director, Ashish R Shukla chose the actors himself to portray a pre-prepared story on the screen or the producers gave them casting on their behalf, in this lies the real secret of this series.

Ashish has his set pattern of viewing characters through the camera. Faraz Khan should have helped him here as a cinematographer. Technically the web series 'Candy' is an average series that manages to bring it to an end from the director's point of view. Ashish R Shukla has also given it all to keep the cast in line with the characters.

Of the two others who have done a better job in the web series 'Candy', Shilpi Aggarwal gets full numbers for decorating the costume as close to the storyline as possible. Also, Neil Adhikari has composed the music fully supporting a suspense thriller background. Made by law. Neil has helped the director a lot in bringing the audience closer to the story scene-wise. The editing of Bodhaditya Banerjee has also maintained the intensity that the series wants to portray. Since the film 'Pink', he has also been continuously influencing the industry with his work.

This series is perfect to cut the journey from home to office and office to home in the rush of morning and evening.

Rating Candy web series

Let us talk IMDb first. IMDb has rated Candy 8.7/10. To me, this sounds pretty fair. You’ll agree once you watch the series.

If you ask me, out of 5, Candy deserves a solid 3.5. This means that you can devote your night to de-stress yourselves with some suspenseful ‘Candy’!

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