Cadaver Movie: Tamil Mystery Thriller Engaging The Audience Under The Spell Of Murders And Mystery

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Acting and producing the film, Amala Paul is back with another film in the town. The Tamil film with mystery and thriller is trying to make a place in the audience's hearts. Produced under the banner of Amala Paul Productions, the film got released on Disney + Hotstar on the 12th of August 2022.

Hello Guys! We hope that 99chill.com satisfies your demands about the reviews of web shows, TV Shows, movies, etc. We hope you are enjoying our blogs. Today we are updating the blog that reveals a newly released Tamil language film on Disney + Hotstar. Featuring Amala Paul in the lead role as a pathologist, the film has managed to earn 6.1 points from IMDb.

The Cadaver meaning in Hindi refers to the dead body, "Shav."

In its original language, the Cadaver meaning in Tamil is Catalam (dead body).

Ranjin Raj composed the music for the film making it more intense. The famous cinematographer Aravind Singh is also an important part of the crew.

Cadaver movie cast:

Director: Anoop Panicker

Writer: Anoop Panicker


  • Amala Paul as Badra Thangavel
  • Riythvika as Priya
  • Munshikanth as Michael
  • Thrigun as Vetri
  • Harish Uthaman as Vishal
  • Athulya Ravi as Angel
  • Vinod Sagar

Producer: Amala Paul

Cadaver Movie Storyline:

The Cadaver film is a mystery thriller that revolves around solving the series of murders that take place after the murder of a surgeon. Actor Amala Paul portrayed the role of a famous, successful, sharp, and hardworking pathologist, Bhadra in the film. She helps the police team to solve several complicated cases.

One day, the police department is taken aback by the murder of a surgeon, Salim Rehman. Assistant Commissioner, Vishal has the responsibility to solve the case. The murder case comes up with a challenge for him. Eventually, he approaches Bhadra for her help in solving the case.

As part of her profession and passion, Bhadra gives in. She starts working on the case. They come across Vasu, a prisoner. He had threatened the surgeon openly to kill him.

They were still in the process to find the criminal, and another murder takes place. Both Bhadra and Vishal are confused with the question in their minds of how an imprisoned prisoner kills someone. They suspect that there is someone free who is aiding Vasu in attempting those murders. Several questions arise in their minds. Is Vasu the one behind all the murders? If yes, then who is helping him? What could be the motive behind all the murders?

The audience also puts up the same questions in mind. Watch the Cadaver movie on Disney + Hotstar to get the answers to all the questions.

Cadaver Movie Production:

The makers of the film have a plan to produce and release the movie earlier. But, COVID-19 circumstances forced them to put a coma on it. The filming of the movie started in the year 2019. Earlier, the makers were ready to release the film in the theatres. But then they dropped the idea. The film got released Directly on Disney + Hotstar on the 12th of August 2022.

Cadaver Movie Review:

Starring Amala Paul, this Cadaver Tamil Movie got released on the OTT Platform, Disney + Hotstar. The Cadaver movie release date is the 12th of August, 2022. The mystery thriller movie has a plot that attracts the audience towards it. The Hindu critics say that the characters of the film have done well. And the film sets a standard for other films in the row.

Another critic from The Times Of India says that the film is a thriller in some parts. India Today reviews the film and mentions that the actor and producer Amala Paul has failed to save the bland investigative thriller.

However, despite several critics and reviews, the review section for a film seems to be incomplete until the IMDb ratings are added.

Coming to IMDb for the ratings of Cadaver movie Tamil, the film has succeeded in securing 6.1 points out of 10 on IMDb.

Although, at some points, the cinematography and the setup could be better. According to reviewers, there are a few scenes that could be more elevated and interesting. The scenes could pay off more desirable. In the series of such scenes, there is a sequence when the pathologist Bhadra re-examines the dead bodies. The setup was good but it could have been more realistic. Since this scene marks the crucial part of the film, the director must have paid more attention to the setup.

However, Ranjin Raj's music in the film has its place. All the supporting actors, Harish Uthaman, Vinod Sagar, Thrigun, and Athulya Ravi portrayed the characters effortlessly.


Ques 1. Is Cadaver worth watching?

Ans. Yes, Cadaver is a mystery thriller film. This is one of the genres that is loved by the audience. One who loves t watch the serial murder kind of thing must watch the film on Disney + Hotstar.

Ques 2. Is Cadaver a horror movie?

Ans. No, Cadaver is not a horror-genre movie. Cadaver is a mystery thriller film.

Ques 3. What was the movie Cadaver about?

Ans. The story of the Cadaver film is about a pathologist who is very hard-working and smart. She helps the police in solving several complicated cases. But one day, a surgeon gets murdered. And several murders take place in a row. Now it is worth watching how the police will solve the case with the help of the pathologist, Bhadra.

Here is the link for the Cadaver movie trailer:

Image Credit: IMDb

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