C O Surya Movie Review: Much Exciting Movie of Sundeep Kishan

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Sundeep Kishan is not in his best shape following a poor performance in "Nakshatram." However, his bilingual (Tamil-Telugu) films succeed. He is desperately in need of a hit movie.

Hello there, readers! Do you guys like the content on 99chills.com? We're back with a fantastic movie review to live up to your expectations and let you know about wonderful continuous entertainment. This time, we're going to do a movie review of the Surya Telugu film. Let's explore the details of the C O Surya movie review, rating, release date, and deep analysis of the full movie to learn more about C O Surya plot, C O Surya movie casting, and Surya all Telugu movies, and other pertinent information of Surya film movie.

The 2017 Indian action drama film Nenjil Thunivirundhal, also known as If You Dare/If You Have Guts, is Sundeep Kshan and Mehreen movie. It was written and directed by Suseenthiran. It is simultaneously filmed in Telugu and Tamil; the Telugu version is titled C/O Surya. The movie also has Soori, Satya, and Harish Uthaman in crucial parts, along with Sundeep Kishan, Mehreen Pirzada, Vikranth, and Shathiga. The project, which was produced in December 2016 and released on November 10, 2017, featured songs by D. Imman. Furthermore, In 2018, the movie is dubbed into Hindi as C/o Surya.

Surya movies Telugu and Tamil cast-


  • Suseenthiran


  • Suseenthiran


  • Sundeep Kishan as Kumar in Tamil and Surya in Telugu
  • Vikranth as Mahesh
  • Mehreen Pirzada as Janani
  • Shathiga as Anuradha
  • Soori in Tamil and Satya in Telugu as Ramesh
  • Harish Uthaman as Durai Pandi in Tamil and Sambasivudu in Telugu
  • Thulasi as the mother of Kumar (Surya)
  • Dileepan as assistant of Durai Pandi (Sambasivudu)
  • Arjunan as lover of Janani


  • Tamil: Antony Xavier
  • Telugu: Chakri Chigurupati

Telugu o movie plot-

After losing his father to a careless operation, Kumar (Surya in the Telugu version) is a shy young man who runs a catering business to support his mother and sister Anuradha, a medical student. Mahesh, a comedian team of Soori and Appukutty, and Mahesh, who enjoys chatting with his fists, are his closest friends (in Telugu played by Satya). In order to preserve their friendship with Kumar and Surya, Mahesh and Anu keep their hidden relationship from them. Durai Pandi / Sambasivudu is an assassin who double-crosses his clients in order to get paid twice as much for each death. The events that follow appear to make Mahesh the target of Durai Pandi/Sambasivudu. 

There is a twist there, though, and the rest of the movie centers on whether the good folks and those they hold dear survive against the strong and cunning opponent.

C O Surya review-

In C O Surya review it is found that after portraying an angry young man in "Mahanagaram" and playing a ridiculous character in "Nakshatram" by Krishna Vamsi, Sundeep Kishan now has a character that is more in line with reality: the straightforward child next door. Compared to his other flicks, his acting in this one is far more realistic. He displays natural acting.

Heroine Mehreen's role is minimal; she just appears in a few songs and scenes. 

The villain is portrayed in a very unusual way, and Harish Uthaman is very good in that role. Vikranth receives a substantial part as Sundeep's friend.

Suseenthiran, the director, has honed a specific narrative style. In most of his tales, a straightforward guy is forced to defend his family or exact retribution on those who have wronged his family members. He follows the same approach in "C/o Surya," but this time he makes a new point about supari assassins acting in a highly professional manner and the medical seat scam.

The director sets the tone right away by describing Samba's method of operation as a contract killer. The assassin makes sure that his hired killings don't appear to be murder. He picks up the intended victim first, then murders his near relatives or acquaintances to draw attention away from other murders.

After establishing this originality, the director then focuses on the hero Sundeep's lifestyle, including his interactions with friends, his ridiculous love story with Mehreen, and other concerns. After a duet and a breakup song, this thread comes to an end, and the narrative ends abruptly.

Additionally, it moves quite slowly. The later parts of Sundeep Kishan Telugu movie C O Surya are exciting and engrossing, with the actual drama saved for the second half. Sundeep deflects the villain by catching a crucial member of Samba, creating counter sketches, and imprisoning his friend. The filmmaker handles these episodes skillfully.

Before disclosing the true purpose, the director maintains suspense until the very end. However, the major revelation doesn't seem to hold up. The medical seat scam's last message is a little hazy.

Surya cinema movie rating-

After the C O Surya movie review, it is found that the movie had a 5.4 /10 IMDb rating with 271 votes. 

Surya Telugu full movie conclusion-

After C O Surya movie review, it can be said that the movie has its strengths, including a suspenseful second half and a dark setting. On the negative side, the film has a weak opening act and a long-running time for a thin plot. The slow narration and extended exposition make this movie suitable for leisurely viewing on TV. However, it does a better job of showcasing Sundeep Kishan. As previously mentioned Suriya movies list in Telugu and its status, Surya was in need for a hit movie. Therefore, after the hero Surya Telugu movies list, this movie seems a successful one for Sundeep as an actor, but it has conflicting effects on the general public. You can watch it online on iboom movie.

Surya film (Surya ki film) Surya movie trailer-

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