Bro Daddy Movie Review: A family friendly, funny and happy flick to enjoy this summer

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One amazing fact about the Indian film industry is its diversity of languages, cultures & customs. And there are so many amazing movies that celebrate that diversity in such a wide spectrum of genres. And in that very respect, today we have for you a movie from the Malayalam film industry. It is funny where it's supposed to, it is happy as it aims to, it is vibrant, it throws light on sensitive issues and most importantly it delivers a beautiful message through it. We have tried to keep this review spoiler-free for you but there may be some mild ones here and there. So without wasting even one more sentence let us dive into our bro daddy review.

About the movie

The movie is of the drama-comedy genre and its original language is Malayalam. Bro Daddy director is Prithviraj and it is produced by Antony Preumbavoor. It is the second directorial effort from him after his 2019 film lucifer. It features a well-known, talented cast consisting of legends like Mohanlal and Lalu Alex, who are pioneers of the Malayalam film industry as well as other new and old actors in the industry. It is the story of 2 families who find themselves in a multitude of situations that shape their relations throughout the movie.

Bro daddy Release date and time

The official shooting for the movie concluded in September 2021 spanning less than 2 months and the makers later confirmed that it would exclusively be released on the OTT platform.

Finally, it was released on 26th January 2022 on Disney+ Hotstar.

The plot

The story revolves around two influential Christian families in Kerala, the first is the Kattadi family and the second is the Kurian family. The head of the Kattadi family is John played by Mohanlal. His wife is Annamma and his son is esho. The Kurien family is headed by Kurian Maliekkal, his wife Elsy, and daughter Anna. 

The story paints the two families with two different brushes. John happens to be the heir of his father's business empire while his friend Kurien is a self-made personality. But despite their differences and a few past instances, they are family friends.

The story starts taking interesting turns when both the families meet together for a common friend's daughter's wedding reception.

The story is primarily centered around the four main characters in the movie. John, Annamma, Esho and Anna. And there is one common string connecting all three and the rest of the characters. An unexpected and unconventional pregnancy. The movie progresses and revolves around 4 of them and tells a story that is both enjoyable and enlightening too up to some extent. 

Bro daddy cast and characters

The cast of the movie is as follows,

  • Mohanlal plays John Chhako Kattadi, the owner of his father's steel TMT bars company.
  • Prithviraj is cast as Esho John Kattadi, John Kattadi's only son and a creative director at a reputed ad company in Bangalore.
  • Meena plays Annamma, John Kattadi's wife and mother of Esho.
  • Lalu Alex as Kurien Maliekkal
  • Kaniha as Elsy kurian, the wife of kurein and mother of anna 
  • Kalyani Priyadarshini plays Anna Kurien, daughter of Kurien and Elsy and an IT employee in Bangalore.
  • Jagadish as Dr Samuel Mathew
  • Unni Mukundan as Dr. Cyril

 And many others.

Bro daddy rating and other news

The movie has received plenty of encouraging reviews from all over the industry. And just like the critics, the fans have also been impressed by this movie that hits close to home for so many people, even though it is much like a dreamy and unrealistic kind of approach. 

Bro Daddy IMDb has a respectable rating of 7.3/10 which translates to its success on the OTT platform.

And with that very success, there are talks about a Telugu remake of it. Producer D. Suresh Babu had approached the makers of the movie for purchasing its rights, to make its Telugu remake with Venkatesh & Rana Daggubati.

Bro daddy review: the good about the movie

  • First of all, it is a complete family entertainer that you can enjoy with your whole family without feeling shy or uneasy.
  • Secondly, it is a very happy, lightweight and hilarious movie. Just the kind of stuff you may want to see after a tiring day at work or a stressful day at college. 
  • Then there is the magnetic duo of Mohanlal and Prithviraj which steals the show. You will find yourself immersed within their father-son chemistry completely.
  • Priyadarshini also puts a stellar performance on stage with her acting skills as well as her charismatic charm that will make you fall in love with her just by looking at her. (a fanboy talking here)
  • The cinematography and the sets of the movie would give a very cosy and warm feeling to you as they are very aptly executed in the film.

Bro daddy review: things that'll let you down a bit

  • It is called by many critics as well as viewers a fairytale-like depiction of a real-world situation, which may or may not be of your liking.
  • The story is void of any cliffhangers or mysterious situations, so do not expect a massive twist in the story.


Our final word on this movie is that you should watch this. And here are a few reasons for you in bullet points for that,

  • It makes you laugh genuinely, without trying to move land and sky together.
  • It caters to the outlook of both the older generation and gen z.
  • It presents a topic that's delicate in Indian society and presents it comically and healthily.
  • It has the beautiful & talented Kalyani Priyadarshini (well…can't keep the fanboy out of me)
  • It celebrates family, friendship, and love.

So that was the bro daddy review for you guys. We hope that you got the gist of what this film is about and that it helps you with the decision to watch or ignore the movie.

We will see you very soon, with another enlightening article about an awesome show or movie.

Till then keep chillin'.

Image Credit: IMDb

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