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A young man who loses his parents at a young age becomes a swindler. Money is the only priority in his life and he tricks greedy and gullible people to see if he needs money. But things go awry when he gets caught by the villains. The way he finds purpose in life with the help of women, free from their grasp, makes up the Bluff Master Movie.

Bluff Master Full Movie in Telugu

The Bluff Master never gets tired, while director Gofi Ganesh Patavi and his script stumble as they create an emotional connection to the story. The film revolves around Uttam (Satyadev Kancharana), who steals money from gullible and greedy people. Comedian Prudhvi Raj is his first prey and the intricate comedy sequences between him and the main character tickle the funny skeleton right from the start. Bluff meaning in Telugu refers to betrayal or cheating.

The Bluff Master Telugu movie picks up when Uttam cheats people in a corporate outfit and meets the love of his life, Avani (Nandita Swetha). Realizing the dark side of Uttam's life, Avani drifts away from him, only to return in the second hour to help Uttam in crisis.

Meanwhile, in BluffMaster film, Utam is caught by the police and escapes at the last minute to lure witnesses and lawyers with money. The story takes an unexpected turn as one of Uttam's victims turns to the villain Aditya Menon for help. The latter kidnaps him for money, and surprisingly later befriends Uttam, but is soon deceived by him. Bluff Master Telugu Full Movie watch online on MX Player. Bluff Master Telugu movie song lyrics are written by Sunil Kashyap. Bluff Master Movie songs include Neethone Song, Satkarmabhista Song, Ye Mayo Yemo Song, and Yevo Rangula Parichayam Song.

The story then takes shape in the shape of a U, marking the transformation of Uttam into a good boy, all of which is Awani. But Aditya feels there is enough time for revenge and ends up breeding Uttam in a short time. Even Avani is disturbed and this series of events culminates, with Aditya Menon playing opposite actor Vamsi who shines with his acting prowess. The story brings the necessary emotional content and pushes the cinema to soar. Bluff Master meaning refers to pretending to be confident about an uncertain issue.


Director: Gopiganesh Pattabhi

Writer: H. Vinoth


  • Satyadev kancharana as Uttam Kumar
  • Nandita Swetha as Avani
  • Brahmaji as Guru Bhai
  • Aditya Menon as Pasupathi
  • Prudhvi Raj as Dhana Shetty
  • Shiju as ACP Chandra Sekhar
  • Temper Vamsi as Basava
  • Chaitanya Krishna as Nandu
  • Fish Venkat as Guard

Producer: Ramesh P. Pillai

Bluff Master Movie Review and Rating

However, the Bluff Master movie only works partially, as does Uttam's overly intelligent character, played by Satyadev. The narrative is mostly flat, and the character's antics are uninteresting. Satyadeva's immediate change from Chester to a real man looks incredible and doesn't have any emotional impact. This is one of the film's biggest failures. Aside from these shortcomings, Bluff Master is sure to entertain you with his quirky humor and mind games. The movie was more enjoyable than just watching it once. Bluff Master Movie Rating is 3 out of 5.

Positive aspects

The hero Satyadev is perfect as a cheater. His on-screen presence is good and Satya's performance is impressive in several crime manipulation scenes. His conversational delivery is a bonus and it's great to see Satya getting such a writing role in his career.

The female lead, Nandita Sveta of Bluff Master Movie Telugu, does a good job as a good girl and her performance in the emotional scenes in the climax is very good. All scenes of the main couple in the second half went well together. Bluffmaster release date was 28 December 2018. Bluff Master cinema songs are liked by many of the watchers.

Aditya Menon and his gang can be trusted to be brutal and perform their roles with dignity. Comedian Prudwi gives a decent laugh in the first half. The climax is nicely done.

Negative aspects

The first fifteen minutes of the film run evenly with a similar comedy by Bakar. These films are all about public manipulation, but in several episodes, for example, a crook who has extorted billions of dollars comes out of jail. All of these scenes are not convincing enough.

The pace of the film is regularly slowed down in the second half, and there are a few mediocre, uninteresting scenes. The downside of this movie is that it doesn't have proper generic commercial elements.

Technical aspects

Director Gopi Ganesha has had some success with the Telugu adaptation of the Tamil film Sathuranga Vettai. In Critical Crime Blocks, his script and storytelling are captivating.

Editing is fine, as the length of the movie is within certain limits. The atmosphere of the movie is well conveyed through the appropriate video, and the visual beauty is good. I like the montage of the two songs of the Bluff Master movie music director with the lead couple, so the music is good too. This is where the background score is impressive. Production figures are perfect for this film on a tight budget. Telugu Bluff Master movie watch online is available on MX Player, and Amazon Prime Video.


All in all, Bluff Master Telugu full movie is an impressive rogue story with bearable storytelling. The character Satyadev leads from the front and makes his role as a swindler very interesting in the film. But the process lacks a proper commercial format, and some mediocre scenes hamper the film, which would have limited box office appeal.

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