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Nivedita Peturaj, who plays the lead role of Maria, appears in the Telugu crime drama Bloody Mary movie 2022, written and directed by Prasant Kumar Dimmala, directed by Chandu Mondeti, and airing on Aha. The Bloody Mary film takes place in Vizag, where Mary lives with her deaf childhood friend Raju (Raj Kumar Kasi Redi) and her speech impediment Vasha (Kirtida Maraju).

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About the Movie

There are three crimes in the opening scene of the Aha movie review. Crimes that occur in childhood define a friend's life. Two other events a few years later change their friends' lives, and they find themselves between the devil and the deep sea. Maria also has physical limitations. The police (Ajay) is following them, and local gangster Shekhar (Brahmaji) sees them as easy targets.

Bloody Mary real story in Hindi

In Bloody Mary Story in Hindi Chandoo Mondeti from Karthikeya, Premam and Savyasachi make their OTT debut with Bloody Mary 2022 (written by Prashant Kumar Dimmala), a movie that makes you believe you are smarter than you are. What started as a crime thriller soon turns into commercial rubbish, unknowingly you're watching some great slo-mo footage and wondering where it's all going.

The mysterious Mary (Niveta Peturaj), the deaf Raju (Rajkumar Kasireddy), and the mute Vasha (Kiribati) have come a long way from an orphan playing carrom board at the Vizag Orphanage to becoming three dream-chasing adults. Mary's motives are not immediately clear, but she is fiercely protective of her friends and is determined to do anything to achieve them. Raju wants to be a cinematographer and Basha wants to be an actress. These attributes are only used to create a story, and nothing more. When the trio witnesses two murders and CI Prabhakar (Ajay) takes over for personal reasons, turmoil ensues.


Director: Chandoo Mondeti

Writer: Prashanth Kumar Dimmala


  • Nivetha Pethuraj as Mary
  • Brahmaji as Sekhar Babu
  • Ajay as CI Prabhakar
  • Kireeti Damaraju as Basha
  • Rajkumar Kasireddy as Raju
  • Pammi Sai as Appi

Producer: People Media Factory

Mary (Nivetha Pethuraj), Raju (Rajkumar Kasireddy), and Basha (Kireeti Damaraju) are orphan childhood friends with their dreams. Mary, who is partially blind, works as a nurse. Raju, who is deaf, wants to be a cameraman. Dumb Vasha wants to become an actress and win the hearts of her audience. The day Mary accidentally killed her boss, their lives were completely turned upside down. A series of unfortunate events brought the Trinity to a standstill. They have to deal with a rough nut named S.I. Brutal traffickers named Prabhakar Reddy (Ajay Police Officer) and Sehar Babu (Brahmaji) find peace before they find peace. Bloody Mary picture has been taken from IMDb.

In the Bloody Mary movie review, a character witnesses a murder and thinks the murder is over. Another character witnesses the "witness" of the murder and is afraid to end it. Although they are 100% innocent, they act as if they are defenseless. Does their paranoia stem from a traumatic past? If they had a loving family, would they show inner peace and strength in the face of adversity? Let's say the author of Bloody Mary answered the question. But what follows from the 90-minute web movie will lead us to believe otherwise.

The same characters have far less horror on their faces as the existential crisis is aggravated by the appearance of two dangerous characters alongside the main character Mary.

Bloody Mary Telugu Movie Review

This premise, in which the three main characters have to push their limits and struggle for survival, can be an interesting crime drama if there is enough narrative to evoke empathy for the characters. A few details about the friends are gradually revealed. Mary isn't what she looks like in the first place, and Basha's aspiration in the film is that she isn't. However, these details do not contribute smoothly to the larger drama.

Mary's personality is timid in some cases and assertive in others. Some of her moves are backed by her covert moves, which are revealed at the right time, but there are times when she just takes a leap of faith. Except for the first few minutes when she wakes up from her crime, Mary never seems vulnerable.

After the first incident in which she tricked a cop, the rest of her journey leads to no plot. It's almost a foregone conclusion that she would squirm out of any situation. I wish the story and script had been smarter in unfolding these tricky situations. Brahmaji as native Don Shekhar also wrestles with a signed character who is far from a threatening character.

Kriti and Rajkumar come across as more believable characters and seize the moment, even if the latter is downright funny at times. If the script was better, we could have accepted the role of Mary as the woman who gets the last laugh. In return, you get some useful crashes. The investigation into the two murders is also superficial as per Bloody Mary Review.

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