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Black is an action thriller directed by G. B. Krishna. The film stars Aadi Saikumar and Darshana Banik in the lead roles, with supporting actors such as Amani, Surya, Kaushal Manda, Prudhvi Raj, Satyam Rajesh, Tagubotu Ramesh, and Shyam Krishnan. The music was composed by Suresh Bobbili, filmed by Satish Mutyala, and edited by Amar Reddy. This film was produced by Mahankali Diwakar.

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About the Film

Aadi Saikumar's The Black, directed by GB Krishna, hit theaters today (28 May) and also stars Amani, Surya, Kaushal Manda, Prudhvi Raj, Satyam Rajesh, Tagubotu Ramesh, and Shyam Krishnan. Mahankali Diwakar funded the film under the banner of Mahankali Movies. how to watch a movie

Black Movie Review

Aadi Saikumar dressed in black plays a patrol officer named Aditya. There will be robberies and murders during his surveillance. Kaushal Manda, who plays a police lieutenant, learns that Aditya is guilty during the investigation. How Aditya gets out of trouble is the rest of the story.

Black Movie Release date was 28 May and is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Positive aspects

Aadi Sai Kumar does a great job in a specially crafted role as per Black review. With his dialogue and the body language of both characters, he did pretty well. The heroine Darshana looked neat and beautiful in her role.

The famous Bigg Boss Kaushal did a good job and his acting was great. The twin brothers' track, their emotions, and the characters related to the twins are well developed in the first half. Interval blocks and sleep disorders shown in the movie are also well done.

Negative aspects

In the Black Telugu movie review's main theme had plenty of room to elevate the plot, but director Krishna couldn't use it. The script is boring and the thrill needed for a crime thriller is completely absent from the film. There should have been more drama about who committed the murder, but that didn't happen.

The main character has a sleep disorder, and there are many problems in this area. Moreover, this part is so long that it completely exhausts the viewer. The coach did his best to raise the tension in the second half, but he couldn't because the thrill was not noticeable at all.


Director: GB Krishna

Writer: Amar Reddy


  • Aadi Sai Kumar
  • Darshana Banik
  • Amani
  • Surya
  • Kaushal Manda
  • Prudhvi Raj
  • Satyam Rajesh
  • Thagubothu Ramesh
  • Shyam Krishnan

Producer: Mahankali Diwakar


Director GB Krishna's basic concept, based on sleepwalking disorder, is fine, and his idea of ​​linking the entire premise to a multi-criminal storyline is good, but his ideas aren't effectively executed on screen.

In G.B. 's paper ideas, Krishna shows two different shades of the hero, although Sleepwalking Disorder lacks adequate detail and makes much of the film feel like a purposeless thriller. Instead, he will cover the same concept in another version for much better results. Black Movie images had been taken from the official website of IMDB.

Technical aspects

The technical part of the movie is pretty decent. Suresh Bobbili's music is one of the film's highlights, and his background music also graced several scenes. Satish's cinematography was unparalleled in any big film, and the visuals were great. Director Krishna had a good story but poor narration.

Music plays an important role in movies, especially crime thrillers. Black's music isn't bad, but the background music is so good that it takes the movie to a new level. The plot is different, but the script is great. The quality of the film is plentiful and the producers seem to have spent a lot of money without thinking twice. The visual effects are crystal clear and realistic.


Black is an outstanding film with a big twist. Aadi Saikumar did a great job in his role. In this movie, we see the new Aadi. He played an amazing role in it. It is said to be a movie depicting the return of an actor. He got the role in amazing movie screen acting.

Kaushal Manda looks like a powerful cop. He did the job so easily. Senior actress Amani did a good job of playing Adi Sai Kumar's mother. The villain looks very stylish and rough. His lines and acting certainly fascinate young people. Darshana Banik gave a good performance as the female lead. Her sizzling chemistry with Aadi will stun you. Prude, Tagubotu Ramesh, Sathyam Rajesh, and others did a great job in their respective roles.


Overall, Black is a crime thriller with a good storyline but has been damaged by the choppy storytelling. Aadi Sai Kumar is serious about his actions, but the process itself is tedious and has no effect on the audience, making them lose interest.

Sai Kumar's recent films include One By Two, Atithi Devo Bhava, and Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya. Check out our list of all Sai Kumar movies with trailers, songs, reviews, and more. Sai Kumar brother name is P. Ravi Shankar and Ayyappa P. Sharma.

Here is the trailer for the Black Movie Telugu:

Image Source: IMDb

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