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Shabaash Mithu is a biographical film about the life of Mitalee Raj, captain of the Indian national cricket team. Captain Mitaly Watch Shavaash His Mithu, a biographical sports drama based on the life of his Raj.

Hello readers, today we will read about Mithali Raj Biopic Shabaash Mithu. In many ways, Shabaash Mithu is the movie you would expect. It's a loud, understated sports biopic that lives to underscore its message of stalwart underdogs. But somewhere in that shrill mainstream grammar, there's also a quieter, more intimate human drama. Shabaash mithu where to watch? You can watch Shabaash Mithu on voot select.

Shabaash Mithu cast

  • Tapsee pannu as Mithali
  • Mumtaz sorcar as Jhulan Goswami
  • Inayat Verma as young Mithali
  • Vijay raj as Sampath

Shabaash Mithu Movie Review

 Taapsee Pannu actress (she is currently under contract to direct non-sport films as well, I believe) tells the story of recently retired Indian cricket captain Mithali Raj. Her 23-year career includes breaking the world record for highest individual test score at the age of 19 and being the first Indian captain to take India to her two World Cup finals. And so on, numerous accolades and achievements have been scattered. 

Shabaash Mithu movie tells her story and uses her journey to highlight the hardships and uphill struggles that define women's cricket in India. The first, perhaps most memorable part of the film introduces the young Mitaliraj (Inayat Verma) and her friendship with her friend Nouri (the surprisingly arrogant Kasturi Jagnam) with a firecracker. Noori introduced her to cricket, recognized her talent, and enabled her to become Murad's, MC Sher.

 The two secretly start the game with Sampath Sir, the local cricket coach. The big pitch of Srijit Mukherji's film is evident from the first moment. Srijit makes a movie that screams at you (Begum Jaan). Each emotional hit is indicated, repeated, and underlined. But in these early parts of the story, mood shines through the screeching. 

I love how Priya Aven's script puts cricket on the sidelines and focuses on the touching friendship between the two girls for quite some time. But of course, time soon causes her to warp. Seven years have passed and Misari has now grown into Tarpsy Her Pannu. (For most of this movie, Taapsee is assumed she is 16, but that's still the case, even if she forgets that particular detail). Their celebration is short-lived, as Misari is selected for the national camp, but finds it's not all she wanted. 

For one thing, she's completely unwelcome by her fellow players, who are seen as young and inexperienced. She's also learning the hard way that it's not the culmination of a fight, but just the beginning to finally joining the big leagues of women's cricket. It is the beginning of a lifelong struggle for Shabaash Mithu the strongest and richest. 

Beyond the rough and heavy packaging, it hints at a more intimate drama about a young girl coming to herself and struggling to find her voice among her new teammates.Here, the film breathes, allowed to linger for a while, haunted by the pressures of her legacy, and hastily obsessed with her next checkable success. Before becoming leader, Misari was given the freedom to be inconspicuous and human and was forced to face off against sexist men in conference rooms. Similarly, Taapsee here Shines brightest.

 Trying to blend in rather than stand out while navigating Misari's silent struggles where she feels comfortable. It develops into a clunky and boring culmination of Mitalis' achievements that you'd expect from a movie. Honest origin stories are replaced by hoaxed success stories. After a dramatic confrontation with a group of overtly sexist cricket officials (headed by none other than Bridgenda Calla in a powerful scene, one of the few whose silence is rewarded without an overwhelming background score). person), Misari temporarily leaves the team. (She didn't know if she was fired or kicked out). 

 From here on, Shabaash Mithu has little to say. I found myself trying to figure out how to get back into the movies. To make matters worse, the World Cup montage is one of the laziest and most unimaginative endings in recent sports movies. A blurry, bloated looping sequence of real gameplay footage with actors inserted via CGI. After a point, it becomes a hypnotic looping rhythm. Rinse and repeat. I didn't even know how much time had passed. 

 Inevitable chilling, such as a journalist asking Misari at a press conference who her favorite male cricketer is, or an uncle at a sports bar asking the bartender to change the channel because he wants to watch Indian cricket. Not to mention the scene. Etc. And why would a sports drama feel the need to invent a villain, especially where there is no shortage of obstacles in the journey of a female cricketer? What is becoming is Sukumari, Mitali's former teammate and current coach. Shabaash Mithu is also rumored to be set in his 20-year span, but as he ages he is given impressive lazy work by Taapsee and the wider cast, making it almost feel like time has passed. 

Shabaash Mithu Trailer


Ques.1- What is shabaash mithu release date ?

Ans- 15 July 2022

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