Big Boss Tamil all season’s BIG BOSS Title winners list

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Bigg Boss Tamil is an Indian Tamil-language version of the reality television show Bigg Boss. The reality show is based on John de Mol Jr.'s original Dutch Big Brother concept, which originated in the Netherlands. The Tamil Bigg Boss, unlike the original Big Brother, involves both celebrity and commoner candidates. Bigg Boss has aired five seasons over five years, with Kamal Haasan continuing as a host for five seasons. The Bigg Boss Tamil promo was first seen on Star Vijay. It is also televised on Star Vijay and streamed on Disney+Hotstar. 

The candidates residing in a house that is cut off from the rest of the world. The house contains a lawn, a gym, a pool, and an activity space. It includes two large bedrooms, four bathrooms, a living area, a storeroom, a smoking room, a jail, and a kitchen. The confession room is a unique addition in which all private interactions between the housemates and Bigg Boss take place. Television, telephones, the internet, and clocks are all prohibited in the residence. In Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2, the Smoking Room was located inside the house, while the Restroom and Jail were located outside. A restroom was available in the Girls' bedroom in case of an emergency. In addition, the New Place was created so that contestants could chat instead of using the Smoking Room. The Smoking Room was relocated outside, near the swimming pool, in Season 3. The winner of every season gets the cash price of bigg boss tamil net amount of a total of 50 Lakh Rs. 

Housemates are bound to a variety of rules and regulations. Contestants must, for example, speak Tamil, may not tamper with house objects, may not leave the premises without permission, may not discuss the nomination process, may not sleep during the day, and may not conduct violence against other housemates. Do not write on paper or in any other format. The audience is not given the whole set of regulations.

The key events of the previous day are presented in daily episodes, while the main difficulties of the week are discussed in weekend episodes, along with interviews with ousted participants. The eliminated candidate is announced on the Sunday broadcast by the presenter.

Each week, one housemate faces bigg boss tamil elimination from the house based on an anonymous internal vote by the housemates and external voting by television audiences. Viewers cast votes for the competitors they want to keep from being evicted. Each viewer is allowed 10 votes every day. The person who receives the fewest votes is eliminated. Contestants are eliminated if they disobey the rules or leave the home for medical reasons. During the final week, the remaining four housemates vote to choose the winner of the program. The show's creators are represented by the titular Bigg Boss persona, who acts as an omnipresent authority figure. He/she often interacts with the housemates, assigning different challenges and asking questions. 

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1

Bigg Boss is the first season of the Tamil-language reality television show Bigg Boss Tamil, which is the Tamil equivalent of Big Brother. From June 25 through September 30, 2017, bigg boss tamil online broadcast on Star Vijay. The season's presenter was Kamal Haasan, and a luxurious mansion set was built in Chennai's EVP theme park. This is the shortest season in the Bigg Boss Tamil series. 

One of the other three contestants Snehan, Ganesh, and Harish, Arava's bigg boss tamil vote count was more. So, the season 1 winner was Aarav (model/actor), who got a monetary reward of bigg boss tamil net amount of 50 lakhs. 

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2

Bigg Boss 2 was the second season of the reality show Bigg Boss, presented by Kamal Haasan. The season had 17 housemates (including wildcard entry) and was captured on film with 60 cameras. Hotstar provided the bigg boss tamil online and the programming was not shown on television, as well as Fun Unlimited, a weekly show that ran simultaneously. The magnificent mansion set from the first season, located on the outskirts of Chennai at EVP Film City in Chembarambakkam, was restored immediately before the commencement of this season. This season is the first and only season in the Bigg Boss Tamil series to feature a female winner.

The Bigg boss Tamil promo aired on Star Vijay weekdays from 9–10:30 am and weekends from 9–11:00 pm for 15 weeks (from 17 June to 30 September 2018). Rio Raj hosted the show, which detailed occurrences in the home in a hilarious manner. A "prison chamber" was added to the renovated house to heighten the severity of punishment for participant faults. 

Riythvika won Bigg Boss Tamil 2 with a trophy and a cash reward of 50 lakhs and got the highest vote as per the big boss tamil vote result. The runner-up was Aishwarya Dutta, while the other finalists Vijayalakshmi Agathiyan and Janani Iyer faced the bigg boss tamil elimination at last.  

Big Boss Tamil Season 3

Bigg Boss 3 was the third season of the reality television game show Bigg Boss, which began on June 23, 2019, with 17 competitors out of which the winner was decided as per the bigg boss 3 tamil vote (15 first-day entrants, 2 wildcard entrants, and 1 re-entrant). For the third time, Kamal Haasan hosted the show. The Bigg Boss Tamil promo and broadcast on Star Vijay. Hotstar also supplied programming that had already been broadcast on television.

For this season, the house at EVP World in Chembarambakkam, Chennai, was completely renovated with a Chettinad-themed theme. It is the only season of Bigg Boss in which a foreigner has won the competition with the highest bigg boss 3 tamil vote Mugen Rao, a Malaysian musician, won the season 3, with Sandy finishing as the first runner-up.

Big Boss Tamil Season 4

Bigg Boss 4 was the fourth season of the popular Indian reality television show Bigg Boss. For the fourth time, Kamal Haasan will host the show. The show premiered on Star Vijay on October 4, 2020, and bigg boss tamil online was also made accessible on Disney+Hotstar.

By clicking on the below given link you will be able to see the Bigg Boss Tamil teaser of season 4:


The season finale was held on January 17, 2021, with Aari Arujunan winning the Bigg Boss title of season 4 with the most bigg boss tamil vote count in Bigg Boss history, while Balaji Murugadoss finished first runner-up and Rio Raj finished third. 13 candidates faced the bigg boss tamil elimination. 

Big Boss Tamil Season 5

Bigg Boss 5 is the fifth season of the Tamil version of the Indian reality television show Bigg Boss. The show premiered on Star Vijay and Disney+ Hotstar on October 3, 2021, with Kamal Haasan hosting for the sixth time. The winner receives Bigg boss tamil net amount of Rs 50 lakh. During that time, Ramya Krishnan served as a guest host for a week. By clicking on the below given link you will be able to see the Bigg Boss Tamil promo of season 5 :


Kamal inquiries about how the response has been since they left the residence. Chinnaponnu claims that she has numerous chances, one of which is singing in the film Anbarivu. Iyakki Berry says having signed on with more than four films and three independent songs. On the final day, Abhinay says his doors are open when it comes to the movies but his ideal project at the moment is to bring back a dry lake. Thamarai couldn't stop laughing as Ciby spoke. She claims that every time she sees him, she laughs out loud. 

Inside the home, we witness a full short film featuring all of the competitors in bigg boss tamil season 5. Kamal then speaks with the finalists' families. Family members interact with the participants.

Raju's wife believes that having an opportunity is one thing, but making the most of it is quite another. Raju's younger brother then appears. They share the same voice, according to Kamal. 

Pavni's friends wish her the best. Ameer's family discusses how he has progressed to this point. He had previously stated that no one would see this face. They are also delighted to meet Kamal.

Kamal expresses his delight at seeing them all in the final of the Bigg Boss Tamil. He also emphasizes that their lives begin immediately following the presentation.

Kamal personally presents gifts to all of the finalists. Shoes for Ameer, Watch for Pavni. Raju received a golden pen, Priyanka received a golden trophy in the shape of a microphone, and Niroop received a hat.

The trophy of bigg boss tamil season 5 is preserved in the garden area and is held by everyone.

A few dancers enter the Bigg Boss house and perform with the competitors. Later, the dancers bind everyone's eyes together and drag Niroop outdoors as per the bigg boss tamil vote result. He is unable to say farewell to his fellow participants, leaving everyone stunned. It had to be done, according to Kamal.

Niroop approaches Kamal and tells him that winning and losing are not the same thing. All he wanted was to finish the race and stay home until the end. So, The bigg boss tamil eviction this week was Niroop. He claims to have accomplished it. Vijay TV stars act out a joke regarding participants, resulting in a hilarious scene. Kamal divides the group and assigns the finalists to different rooms. There will now be two eliminations. Ameer will be the next person to depart the house. He comes in fourth place in the house according to the bigg boss tamil vote result. Ameer expresses his disappointment, claiming that he expected to win. Kamal counsels him, and he then meets his other finalists through television. He refers to Raju as his brother and wants to remain near to him at all times. Priyanka is one of his supporters. He sends his best wishes to everyone and joins the other ex-contestants. In some ways, he is perplexed by the fan base because he made it to the finals without even being nominated. As a result, when bigg boss tamil vote count was revealed no one has voted for him.

Kamal announces his involvement in Sony India's first Tamil film. Sony India and Kamal's Raj Kamal films will collaborate on a film. Rajkumar Periasamy, best known for his work on Rangoon, will helm the film. The male lead is Sivakarthikeyan.

Kamal then says that a Bigg Boss digital program would be available very soon. Sivakarthikeyan presents the show's logo. It will only be available on Hotstar.

In bigg boss tamil season 5, we see three people riding motorcycles enter the Bigg Boss mansion. Bigg Boss instructs the contestants to board the bike, and Pavni exits the house immediately. Pavni is the show's second runner-up in bigg boss 5 tamil voting. She feels she will take a lot of experiences away from this event.

Bigg Boss then speaks to both Raju and Priyanka. He wishes them luck and expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the performance. He then illustrates how Priyanka and Raju are opposed. After the Bigg Boss speech, both Raju and Priyanka cry. While Kamal enters the house, Priyanka is seen munching an apple. Kamal then discusses how close Priyanka and Raju were before the performance. He mocks the finalists and how they had scribbled stuff everywhere like children. Kamal takes instant pictures with Priyanka and Raju. Priyanka and Raju get perfume and gifts from the KH House of Khadar.

He takes Raju and Priyanka out and then we see Priyanka and Raju discussing how essential this program is, and Kamal starts the countdown.

Raju Jeyamohan Gets the big boss title in season 5. Raju claims that he is not yet ready to thank the fans and wishes to keep them away from him. His mother is seen sobbing as he and his wife talk about how grateful they are to the fans and thank them for their support. He wins the competition with the highest vote in bigg boss 5 tamil voting. 

Priyanka expresses her admiration for him and wishes him the best in everything. She also promises him that his future will be bright from now on. She contacts his wife and tells her how fortunate she is to have someone as calm as him.

Raju then mentions that he used to work on all of the AV videos for award ceremonies, as well as the Kamal award celebration. He said he wanted to raise the trophy with people who had worked hard behind the scenes.

He then presents the prize to his mother before everyone poses for the final shot.

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