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Bhoot and Friend movie is a Hindi Bollywood film. Bhoot and friend movie is a kid adventurous film filled with action sequences. Bhoot and Friends film is a story of an 11 years old little boy and his four friends. The story starts when all of them are enjoying their summer vacations. They were enjoying just when they all get involved in a treasure hunt. These kids meet a ghost who possesses magical powers. This is when the fun and adventure begin. Eventually, the mystery gets resolved and everyone's life gets saved. The film is written and produced by Aneesh Arjun Dev and directed by Kittu Saluja. The background music for the Bhoot and Friends full movie has been composed by Sunil Singh while cinematography has been handled by Krishna Ramanan. The awesome dialogues for Bhoot and Friends film have been written by Sachindra Sharma. The film got released on December 31, 2010.

Bhoot and Friend Cast:

The actors who played the different roles in Bhoot and Friends film has been listed below:

  • Jackie Schroff as Bhanu Pratap Singh (Bhoot)
  • Ishita Panchal as Roma
  • Markand Soni as Raghav
  • Akash Nair as Igloo
  • Tejas Rahate as Ali
  • Sushil Pandey as Bamke
  • Ashish Khattar as Raghav's Father
  • Aditya Lakhia as Ali's Father
  • Ashwin Mushran is a villain who is behind the treasure

Bhoot and Friend movie has a very interesting part when there is an animation sequence in the second half of the film and pre-climax. This is the time when the kids are thrown into a dark cave.

Bhoot and Friends full movie story:

The story of the Bhoot and Friend films is written by Aneesh Arjun Dev. The plot for the Bhoot and Friend full movie is explained as :

Raghav, played by Markand Soni, is a school kid who visits her grandmother's house along with his two more friends named Roma, played by Ishita Panchal and Igloo, played by Akash Nair. While enjoying their summer vacations, the kids come across a mysterious treasure and get involved in a treasure hunt. Ashwin Mushran, the villain in the film too hunts for treasure. In the beginning, Igloo and Roma do not like Ali as he teases them for as they are foreign returns but, after a cute banter, they become friends. Ali is a physically challenged boy. They get bicycles as a surprise. They all reach the village riding on their cycles and start talking about the Bhoot, which they have listened to from the villagers. Ali tells them about the foreigner, Andrew Gomes, the villain who has come to the village for the treasure. As they reach their village and get an extra seat attached to one of the cycles, they see Andrew's henchmen kidnapping Ali's father. He is behind Ali's father's land and tortures him to sign the property papers. Raghav's grandmother scolds the kids for going out alone and instructs them to stay away from Ali. Raghav tells about the incident to his grandmother and requests her to help Ali but, she refuses. And she commands the kids not to get involved in the village matters. She says Ali should approach the police. She also scolds Jogi, their servant for letting go of the kids alone. At night, Ali calls Raghav from a PCO and tells him that he has not returned yet. Raghav, Igloo, and Roma make a plan and go to bed. On the next morning, they set out to look for Ali's father. As they reach Andrew's building, they see him going out along with a truck behind his car. The kids try to get an insight into the premises through a window but find nothing. They enter the building and find a secret room there, where they get hold of a diary and a map. That is when Andrew's henchmen arrive there. The kids succeed in fooling the goons in their style and run from there. The goons chase them in a jeep. The road ahead is blocked, and they enter into the jungle. It's night, and they are sitting under a tree just when they see a man coming towards them riding a horse, and introduces himself as "Bhoot", Jackie Schroff.

His dressing style is like that of a king which does not match to picture they have in their minds of a typical "Bhoot." He asks for the map and gets hold of it with his magical powers. Then, he introduces himself as Bhanu Pratap Singh, the Senapati of Pratapgarh. He tells the kids about the treasure and "Neel Mani." He narrates the story when a foreigner attacks Pratapgarh for the treasure. Here, the Bhoot and Friend films involve the most favorite part of kids of small age, which is animation. The king gets shot and Bhanu Pratap promises him to protect the "Neel Mani" but he fails to do that as he gets killed with the possession of one part of the map which he gets now. He tells the kids to help him as only a pure-hearted human can do this job. Raghav calls him "Ghost Uncle. The kids praise Bhanu Pratap for his bravery. After having a delicious dinner, they all go to sleep. In the morning, Andrew's goons come there and attack the kids. Bhanu Pratap comes there and rescues them. The Bhoot and Friends discuss the "cave". Then, he handovers the map to the kids and brings them to a cave. He tells them about the way and instructs them how to find their way out of the magical place they would be going to. All the kids enter the place and can cross the path full of hurdles with their bravery, smartness, and presence of mind. Everything goes well. At one place, they put Igloo's bag to compensate for the weight of a magical band and succeed but Igloo lifts the bag just when the things in the cave start to fall off. Raghav makes everyone cross the path and in the end, he too crosses the lane with so much difficulty. They enter into a different place where they are attacked by a masked man with a sword. This man looks like a soldier. Ali and Igloo get injured and fall unconscious. When Raghav gets attacked, he reminds of Bhanu Pratap's words and succeeds in defeating that soldier. He also protects Roma. After that, Roma and Raghav help Ali and Igloo come out of unconsciousness. After crossing all the hurdles, they come out f the cave to get hold of the "Neel Mani" just to see Andrew and his men there. Andrew troubles the kids. Bhanu Pratap arrives there and helps them to fight those goons. "

Bhoot and Friends together fight Andrew and his men and win the fight. Bhanu Pratap appreciates kids for their intelligence, bravery, and truthfulness. Raghav requests his "Ghost Uncle" to treat Ali's leg so that he can stand on both his legs. On seeing their kindness and pure heart, Bhanu Pratap treats Ali's leg with his magical powers. Now, Ali can walk on both his legs, he becomes very happy and emotional, and hugs Bhanu Pratap calling him his 'Ghost Uncle". Bhoot and friends are happy to have "Neel Mani." All the media persons, parents, and policemen arrive there. They all appreciate kids for their brave acts.

The youtube link for the Bhoot and Friend movie is given below. Here you can watch this kids rollercoaster:


Bhoot and Friends full movie reviews:

On the release of the poster of the Bhoot and Friend movie, the critics had a thought that it would be the extension of "Bhoot Unkle", released in 2006. Both the movies, Bhoot and Friends Bhoot Unkle are produced by Aneesh Arjun Dev. In Bhoot and Friends movie, the role of the Bhoot has been played by Jackie Schroff, and in Bhoot Unkle too. The critics find it very childish to involve animation sequences in this movie. The animation part comes in the pre-climax when the "Bhoot" narrates his past story to the kids.

The director of the Bhoot and Friend full movie, Kittu Saluja said that his choice of child artists for the roles was perfect.

The Bhoot and Friend full movie received ratings of 1.5 stars out of 5 from the side of Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama.

Bollymoviereviewz.com gave 1.75 stars out of 5 to the Bhoot and Friends movie.

The reviewer NikhatKazmi rated the movie with 2stars out of 5, TimesOfIndia.

On average, the Bhoot and friend movie has been rated with 2.14 stars out of 5.

The Bhoot and Friend movie got released a weak after the other children movie, Toonpur Ka Superhero got released. A few weeks before, Ramaa - The Saviour got released. So, that winter season was a golden period for the kids.

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