Bheemla Nayak Movie Review Rating: A Fight Between Justice And Politics

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Bheemla Nayak is an Indian Telugu action and thriller 2022 film. The direction is done by Saagar K Chandra and the production by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi under the production company of Sithara Entertainment. The bheemla nayak movie release date is 25 February 2022, and the total running time of the film is 145 minutes. The main leads are Pawan Kalyan, Nithya Menen,Rana Daggubati, Samyuktha Menon and Ayyapanum Koshiyum. The shooting of the film was done in Hyderabad with a budget of 70 crores and gained around 161-192.37 crore which shows the love received by the audience.

Hello everyone! Today 99chill.com is back with a 2022 thriller action movie "Bheemla Nayak". After the third wave of Covid, this movie was the biggest release in the Tollywood industry. Keep reading to know whether this movie is worth the hype or not.

About Bheemla Nayak Movie

A battle begins between SI Bheemla Nayak, a righteous policeman, and Daniel Shekhar, an-ex havildar when Daniel tricks Bheemla into surrendering to corruption. Things change when the egos of an upright police officer and a retired army havaldar clash. The bimala nayak release date is 25 February 2022. Keep reading to know bimla nayak rating and bhima nayak review.

Bheemla Nayak Movie Cast


  • Saagar K. Chandra


  • Suryadevara Naga Vamsi


  • Pawan Kalyan as SI Sarhad Bheemla Nayak
  • Rana Daggubati as ex havaldar
  • Nithva Menen as Suguna
  • Samyuktha Menon as Daniel's wife
  • Samuthirakani as Jeevan Kumar, Daniel's father
  • Rao Ramesh as Nagaraju
  • Murali Sharma as CI A. Kodanda Ram
  • Raghu Babu as Balaji
  • Tanikella Bharani as MLA
  • Ananth Babu as Public Prosecutor
  • Harsha Vardhan
  • Ravi Varma
  • Shatru as Nagaraju's Henchmen
  • Sanjay Swaroop
  • Teja Kakamanu
  • Narra Srinu
  • Kadambari Kiran
  • Chitti
  • Pammi Sai
  • Laxman Meesala
  • Brahmanandam as Judge K. B


Saagar K. Chandra (bheemla nayak producer)

Bheemla Nayak Movie Story

Danny's driver was crossing the borders of Telangana to Andhra Pradesh The police stopped them and started checking them for carrying liquor but Danny was very much drunk and his sleep got disturbed because of them. He beats the policemen. Bheemla Nayak arrived after knowing everything and hits Danny very badly. Nayak arrested Danny and a police constable humiliated Danny by removing his cloth which made him more aggressive.

The police filed an FIR and they were scared and shocked by knowing that Danny is the son of a very powerful politician. After knowing this Nayak tries to talk with Danny but he was not in the favour of talking with him. After a few days, Danny went to court where he was given the imprisonment of 14 days. Danny got bail and came out and challenged Nayak in front of the police station. People who loved Nayak tried to attack Danny but Nayak stopped them as the fight was personal between both of them. A shop owner named Nagaraju was the enemy of Nayak so he joined the hands of Danny to take out his aggression. With the help of Jeevan Kumar, Danny was able to send fake evidence against Nayak and because of this Nayak was suspended. Danny met Nayak on a bus and warned him about his job but Nayak was very confident that even if he lost his job the truth will come out and he will win in the last. Jeevan Kumar named Suguna with false claims. Nayak decided to move away with his wife and baby. On the way, Danny meets him, and in aggression, Nayak blows up Danny's car. Danny got to know that 15 years ago Nayak killed a contractor to save tribal girls. Nayak went to Danny's house as his wife Suguna was arrested by Jeevan's men. Nayak and Danny were aggressively fighting in front of the police station when Nayak suddenly saw Danny's wife and realized that she was one of the tribal girls that he saved, he stopped fighting and both withdraw the cases they made against each other. The bemal telugu ended on a good note showing both of them meeting again and shaking hands. Now you will read about bheemla nayak review rating.

Bheemla Nayak Review:

If we talk about bimla nayak movie review then Pawan Kalyan is loved for his attitude and the personality shown by him.No doubt he is perfect for the role as his body language is very well suited to the role of a cop. The emotional scenes done by him in the second half are also loved by the audience. Rana also did a very good job. The audience claimed that this is the best character played by him. If bhimla movie has so many good reviews then it's obvious that nayak telugu full movie will have some negative reviews too that are First, Bheemla Nayak is a serious drama and has no element of entertainment in it. The second half was better than the first half as all the drama and thriller were shown in the second half of the movie. That means overall bimla nayak review is very good. The bhima nayak release date is 25 February 2022.


Overall Bheemla Nayak is an action drama thriller movie that shows amazing performances by the main leads of the film. Pawan Kalyan and Rana did an amazing job in performing their roles. The scenes, dialogues, and songs are very well added in the movie. The first half is quite dull but the second half covered up all the elements that were lacking in the first half. It is the perfect movie that you can enjoy this weekend, bheemla naik review is very good. You can find many bhima nayak photo on IMDb.


The bheemla nayak imdb rating is 6.4 points out of 10.


Ques 1. What is bimala nayak rating?

Ans. The bheemla nayak rating imdb is 6.4/10.

Ques 2. What is bheemla nayak rating in telugu?

Ans. The bhimla nayak review is very good and it gained good ratings as well.

Ques 3. Can i do bimla nayak movie download?

Ans. Yes, you can do bhima nayak movie download.

Ques 4. Where can one watch bheemla nayak full movie in Telugu?

Ans. The bhimla naik can be seen on Disney+hotstar.

Ques 5. What is bimla nayak movie release date?

Ans. The bhimla nayak release date is 25 February 2022.


bhima nayak photo Credits: IMDb

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