Bhama Kalapam Review: A solid crime and thriller film

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Peeps welcome back. I'm back with Abhimanyu-written and directed Telugu-language crime, thriller, and comedy film. As you've guessed from the title, today I'm going to give Bhama kalapam review, but before, let's go over the plot, cast, release date & trailer, and other aspects of the film.

About the Movie

Bhama kalapam is a 2022 film produced by Bapineedu and Sudheer through SVCC Digital and stars Priyamani, John Vijay, Shanthi Rao, and Sharanya Pradeep. Justin Prabhakaran and Mark K. Robin composed the soundtrack and score for the film. The title and central theme of the film are inspired by Bhamakalapam, an Andhra Pradesh folk dance form that tells the story of a headstrong, proud Satyabhama. Bhama kalapam launched on Aha on February 11, 2022. Bhama Kalapam 2022 imdb rating is 6.2 out of 10. Let's get straight into the plot of the film.

Bhama Kalapam Plot

Nair's thugs misplace a valuable Faberge egg worth two hundred crores. Anupama (Priyamani) is a housewife and a YouTuber cooking channel. She always keeps a close check on everything going on around her. Her sleuthing instincts get her into difficulties with her neighbors. She goes to their house one day to find out what's wrong and ends up in the middle of a murder. As if that wasn't bad enough, she's being pursued by a notorious gangster. How does the egg end up at Anupama's apartment, and how does she become involved in the murder and mystery? Who got murdered and What exactly is the gangster angle? How did Anupama manage to get out of it? To get the full story, you must watch it on Aha.

Bhama Kalapam Cast

·     Priyamani as Anupama Mohan, a determined housewife with a YouTube cooking channel

·     John Vijay as Nayar

·     Shanthi Rao as Pallavi

·     Sharanya Pradeep as Shilpa

·     Pandiyan

·     Kishore as Daniel

·     Pradeep Rudra as Mohan, Anupama's husband

·     Pammi Sai as Chinna Roa

·     Nellore Neeraja

·     Ravinder Bommakanti

·     Sameera

·     Balaji

·     M S Raaja as Mani

·     Sai Mukhesh

Bhama Kalapam Release date & Trailer

On February 11, 2022, the film was released on the Aha entertainment video platform. I've included the link to the Bhama Kalapam movie trailer below so you can take a quick look before watching the movie.

Bhama Kalapam Review

Now, we've finally come to the key topic of today's blog. So, let's start with the film's positive aspects. The basic setup and plot are excellent. The way it is woven around a housewife played by Priyamani is well thought out. In Bhama Kalapam review I have to say that the way the story begins, and the main characters are presented is also effective. The way the story includes a valuable egg and how it ends excitingly is also appealing.

Things start slowly, but once the murder angle is introduced, things pick up. Coming to the Bhama Kalapam movie review of the cast Priyamani gave an excellent performance and her performance is entirely dependent on Bhama Kalapam. She finally gets a flavorsome role and succeeds in it after a long wait. Priyamani portrays her well enough as a desperate housewife who becomes involved in a murder.

Sharanya Pradeep, who plays the maid, does an excellent job in her supporting role. Bhama Kalapam review of the film's visuals is appropriate, and the way various stories about the particular precious egg are woven into the main plot is appealing. Kishore Kumar, who plays the church father, excels in his leading role.

Coming to the negative aspects of Bhama Kalapam film. The story. begins to wobble after the first half due to the narrative's lack of sincerity. Priyamani becomes involved in a murder, and her behavior is less than stellar. Also, at this point, the lead characters' faces are devoid of tension, and Priyamani's crucial husband character is overlooked and ignored.

The film had a lot of potential for drama, but it falls flat in the second half. As if that wasn't enough, the main villain is annoying with his overreaction. Whenever he appears on the screen, the good plot and thrills are thrown out the window.

Bhama Kalapam movie review on technical features, Bhama Kalapam deserves special recognition. The cinematography is excellent, with the apartment society and culture being well-represented. The camerawork used to depict the crime is very impressive. When critical sequences appear, the BGM is good in some areas but frustrates you in others. When it comes to Abhimanyu, the director, he has done a good job with the picture. Things would have been better if he had brought more drama and intensity to the story.


Bhama Kalapam rating on IMDb is 6.2 out of 10 and overall, this murder mystery film has an interesting plot. Priyamani's acting and plot twists are excellent. However, the lack of true excitement and intensity in the second half of the film makes it a half-baked thriller. For its setting and premise, this film is recommended to everyone who enjoys murder mysteries.

Frequently asked questions

What is the egg in Bhama Kalapam?

Faberge egg

Bhama kalapam is divided into several subplots. Nayar (John Vijay) leads a search for a Faberge egg worth Rs 200 crore.

What is Kalapam in Kuchipudi?

In Andhra Pradesh, another type of classical dance is bhamakalpam. Satyabhama is central to the entire dance. She was Lord Sri Krishna's beautiful but jealous wife. That lady's original name was Bhama, and Kalpam means complaint or jealousy.

Image Credit: IMDb

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