Bhagyalakshmi: A touching story about a housewife regaining her self-respect and identity

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The tv show revolves around Bhagyalakshmi, a housewife who serves as a mother, wife, and daughter-in-law. But what are the difficulties she faces when her children, husband, mothers-in-law, and father-in-law criticize her? What's Bhagyalakshmi's response to everything? The story is about how she fought for and regained her self-respect and identity as a homemaker at one point.

Bhagyalakshmi is a Tamil tv show in India that airs on Star Vijay. It aired on July 27, 2020. This show is an exact remake of Star Jalsha's Bengali serial Sreemoyee and is available on Disney+ Hotstar. Bhagyalakshmi Serial Surya tv was supposed to air on March 16, 2020, however, due to COVID 19 lockdown, it aired on July 27, 2020. Earlier, I have written an article on Anupama which is the Hindi language version of the Sreemoyee serial (similar storyline with Bhagyalakshmi). So, if you guys want to know more about the Anupama serial then don't forget to read my Anupama article. 

Now coming back to the Bhagyalakshi serial. Below I have listed all the necessary details that you need to know. So, keep on reading guys, and don’t miss out on today’s Bhagyalakshmi written update.

Bhagyalakshmi Serial story

Gopinath and Bhaagyalakshmi are married and have a joint family. Chezhiyan, Ezhil, and Iniya are their three children. Bhagyalakshmi is a kind woman who adores and cares for her family. Gopinath dislikes her and prefers to go back to his ex-girlfriend Radhika, who is married and has a child named Mayura. Bhagyalakshmi Serial Surya tv cast Nanditha Jennifer/ Rashma Pasupuleti as Radhika does not live with her husband and is seeking to divorce him. Gopinath finally meets Radhika and begins to pay her frequent visits. Baakiya is unaware of her husband's affair. Raadhika is unaware of Gopinath's family. Bhagyalakshmi Serial Surya tv cast KS Suchitra as Baakiya is someone she befriends and has an excellent relationship with.

She later finds out that her older son, Chezhiyan, is in love with his high school classmate Jennifer. Jennifer is a Christian, and her family does not agree with her. After overcoming numerous barriers, Baakiya assists them in marrying, with the blessings of their families, at both a church and a temple. Bhagyalakshmi Serial Surya tv cast as Bakhiya understands after a few months that she is confined to household work due to her lack of education. She decides to build her path. Baakiya began a masala business with the assistance of her younger sons, Ezhilan, Radhika, and Jennifer. Bhagyalakshmi Serial Surya tv cast as Gopinath and her mother-in-law are strongly opposed to this. Then in the Bhagyalakshmi serial Malayalam, everything goes perfectly until Iniya, her daughter, falls in love with Santhosh, whose parents are government employees. Santhosh, Iniya, and another friend all skip their examinations. Iniya was expelled from school as a result of this incident. Gopinath takes advantage of the opportunity to prevent Baakiya from working at her masala company. Then in the Bhagyalakshmi serial Malayalam, Baakiya goes to the school principal's house and begs him to reconsider his expulsion, which he does.

Ezhilan, who wants to be a film director, attends a short film festival instead of taking the annual engineering exam. Gopinath criticizes Ezhilan a lot because of this. After some time, Ezhil discovers that his father is having an affair with a lady, unaware that the woman is Bhagyalakshmi serial Surya tv cast Jennifer/ Rashma Pasupuleti as Raadhika, his mother's friend. He begins to use this information to blackmail his father. Rajesh begins to blackmail Gopinath after learning of this, threatening to tell his family that he has been having an affair for the past year. The threat of blackmail is reported to the police by Gopinath. Rajesh is arrested by the cops. This harms Raadhika's reputation in her neighborhood. Then in the Bhagyalakshmi serial Malayalam, Radhika is planning to buy a new house since she is embarrassed. She intends to purchase a home near Baakiya's with the help of Baakiya and her family. Gopinath objected to this for selfish motives. He leads Raadhika to believe that the house owner does not pay any taxes. His scheme succeeds as Radhika believes in his words but Raadhika eventually realizes that the house is safe and that the owner is paying the taxes correctly. Then in the Bhagyalakshmi serial Malayalam, Raadhika purchases the property and performs gruhapravesam (housewarming). Gopinath is angered by this. He argued with Raadhika and Mayura is also outraged by this. Rajesh (Raadhika's ex-husband) takes advantage of the opportunity to tell their daughter that Raadhika loves Gopinath. Mayura begins to dislike Gopinath. Bhagyalaxmi serial cast names Nanditha Jennifer/ Rashma Pasupuleti and Sathish Kumar as Raadhika and Gopinath meet the lawyer and eat together in a restaurant, where Ezhilan notices them. After that, Gopinath's old Gujarati acquaintance places a catering order for Gujarati meals at Baakiya's house. This time, however, Baakiya fails to prepare the Gujarati dishes and is embarrassed, and Gopinath criticizes her. Jennifer and Chezhiyan quarrel after a while, and they separate. Jennifer returns home after outraged Baakiya taunts Chezhiyan, who realizes his mistake. After a few days, Baakiya plans to begin a new business. She plans to do a home food business. Then in the upcoming Bhagyalakshmi episode, Baakiya has an accident on the first day of a given food. In that case, she has an airline fracture in her leg. She needs one month's rest. Her family, on the other hand, does not allow her to rest. Gopinath fell while fighting Rajesh, but he only received minor injuries. Gopinath is well-cared for by his family. This worries Jennifer and Ezhilan. After a few days, she was ready though not fully stable on her injured leg to prepare and deliver food. Then in the Bhagyalakshmi serial Malayalam, the first order for Raadhika came from Gopinath's office.

Baakiya doesn't know about Gopinath's office. Regardless, he succeeds. One day, Gopinath and Raadhika go shopping. At the same time, Selvi (the maid in Baakiya's house) walks to the same store and spots Gopinath and Raadhika (Bhagyalaxmi serial cast names Nanditha Jennifer/ Rashma Pasupuleti and Sathish Kumar respectively), however, she does not realize it is Raadhika. She returns home and informs Baakiya but she does not believe her and afterward notices a saree in the car. Bhagyalakshmi Serial Surya tv cast Jennifer/ Rashma Pasupuleti as Raadhika had left the saree Gopinath had purchased in the car by accident. Baakiya tells Gopinath that she found a saree. Then in the upcoming Bhagyalakshmi serial Malayalam story, Gopinath manages to deceive Baakia by claiming that he purchased the saree for her. Gopi returns the next day to the same store, but they tell her they don't have that saree in stock. Gopi gets a different saree for Raadhika and Raadhika finds out that it was not the saree Gopi bought for her. It was the same pattern on the saree as the one Baakiya discovered. Bhagyalakshmi Serial Surya tv cast Rajalakshmi Chadu as Ramamoorthy(Gopinath's dad) finds out that Gopinath is having an affair with Radhika and is enraged. He thinks to tell the family but his change of mind but decides to tell his family one day and tells Gopinath about it. Suddenly while going down to the stires he gets a stroke and falls down. He gets hospitalized and the doctor informs the family member that he is unable to speak. Radhika's mother, on the other hand, wants Gopinath to marry Radhika and Gopinath along with Radhika go to apply for divorce for Baakiya and Gopinath. 

Bhagyalakshmi serial cast

  • KS Suchitra Shetty as Baakiyalakshmi "Baakiya" Gopinath
  • Sathish Kumar as Gopinath "Gopi" Ramamoorthy
  • Nanditha Jennifer/ Rashma Pasupuleti as Raadhika Rajesh
  • VJ Vishal as Ezhilan "Ezhil" Gopinath
  • Velu Lakshmanan (Aryan) as Chezhiyan Gopinath, Bhagyalakshmi serial cast
  • Divya Ganesh as Jennifer "Jenny" Joseph
  • Neha Menon as Iniya Gopinath 
  • Rajalakshmi Chadu as Eshwari Ramamoorthy
  • S.T.P Rosary as Ramamoorthy
  • Rithika Tamil Selvi as Amritha

Bhagyalakshmi written update: 25th Feb 2022

In the Bhagyalakshmi TV serial, Bhagya's career and Gopi's affair with Radhika. Jenny had previously argued with Chezhiyan over his selfish behavior. Now since Gopi and Bhagya are fighting, it will be observed if Ishwari would give her jewelry.

Gopi had already given money to Bhagya to handle the household costs and instructed her to spend it properly. Jenny attacked Chezhiyan for refusing to contribute to the Family's costs, but Chezhiyan was selfish. Then in the Bhagyalakshmi serial Malayalam, he inquired as to whether Ezhil is responsible for the expenses, to which Bhagya replied that he is. Chezhiyan was still suspicious. Bhagya will work overtime for her business in the future episodes to pay for Ramamoorthy's medical expenditures. In the Bhagyalakshmi serial Malayalam, Gopi is going to battle Bhagya for acting as if she is the only one who pays the bills. He'll claim that he, too, spent a lakh on his treatment. Ishwari will hear their argument and will offer Bhagya her diamonds to help Ramamoorthy pay his bills. Bhagya and Gopi will both be disappointed by her reaction.

Spoiler: In the upcoming Bhagyalakshmi episode, Iniya gets slapped by Baakiyalakshmi for criticizing Jenny. After Iniya complains to Chezhiyan about Jenny, he blames her.


This serial is a family drama that shows the life of a housewife facing several difficulties in her life and how she also overcomes them. If you're searching for something like this show then give it a watch.

Watch it on Star Vijay or Disney+Hotstar online. 

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