Bengal Tiger Telugu Movie: An Action Comedy Starring Ravi Teja, Tamannah, and Rashi

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Sampath Nandi's action comedy Bengal Tiger was on the big screen in 2015. Along with Bollywood star Boman Irani, who will be featured in negative roles, Ravi Teja and Tamannah are playing the primary lead parts. This movie is produced by KK Radha Mohan under his home production label, while Bheems is in charge of the music. The filmmaker officially launched Bengal Tiger on January 30th, 2015. This movie is about the tiger in Telugu and tiger mass. The tiger Ravi Teja played a crucial role in shaping the movie. 

Hey all, welcome back to 99chill. Here we are to talk about yet another well-known south Indian movie, Bengal Tiger 2015. This blog will mention Ravi Teja Rashi Khanna movie Bengal tiger. Bengal Tiger movie in Hindi is also available for the audience to watch. It is a Bangladeshi tiger film released in 2015. As the movie title, it is a tiger Bengali movie. 

About The Movie 

In Ravi Teja Rashi Khanna movie, Bengal tiger Telugu full movie the plot begins when Ravi Teja is turned down by a girl because he is not popular, at which point he is determined to become well-known and sets his sights on being a minister. By winning over the home minister (Shayaji Shinde) and his daughter Raashi Khanna, he succeeds quickly. But that wasn't his true objective. Is he genuinely manipulating pieces to gain fame? What was his motivation for bothering the Chief Minister, Boman Irani, and what part does Tamannaah play? The rest of the story is made up of this.

Bengal Tiger Movie Cast


  • Sampath Nandi


  • Ravi Teja as Akash Narayan
  • Tamannaah as Meera
  • Raashi Khanna as Shraddha
  • Boman Irani as Chief Minister Ashok Gajapathi
  • Nassar as Party President
  • Nagineedu as Jaya Narayan
  • Rao Ramesh as Home Minister Nagappa
  • Sayaji Shinde as Agriculture Minister Samba
  • Brahmanandam as Amala Paul
  • Posani Krishna Murali as "Celebrity" 
  • Prudhviraj as Siddappa
  • Tanikella Bharani as RMP Doctor
  • Prabha as Akash's mother
  • Pavitra Lokesh as Nagappa's wife
  • Priya as Siddappa's wife
  • Master Nikhil as Siddappa's son
  • Rama Prabha as Akash's grandmother
  • Brahmaji as Samba's assistant
  • Prabhakar as Banda
  • Satyam Rajesh as Rajesh
  • Hamsa Nandini (Special appearance in the song "Bengal Tiger south movie")


  • K. K. Radha Mohan

Bengal Tiger full movie Story

Aakash Narayan (Ravi Teja) is a young person who has a lighthearted outlook on life. When a bridegroom declines to wed him one day because he is famous, he chooses to draw attention to himself by rubbing Sayaji Shinde, who is the visiting minister to his hamlet, with a stone. His overnight notoriety results from this. Rao Ramesh portrays Nagappa, the Home Minister, who hires Aakash to work for him after the latter saves the Minister and his daughter (Raashi Khanna) from the rivals. Raashi Khanna's character Shraddha, whom Aakash rescues from goons twice, develops feelings for him. Nagappa makes the astounding decision to proclaim it to the world one fine day, as it only happens in the fantastical world of film. Aakash chooses to reveal his genuine motivations about Boman Irani's portrayal of the Chief Minister, Ashok Gajapathi, at this point. The five Bengal Tiger movie songs' official soundtrack was written by Nandi, Ramajogayya Sastry, Sri Mani, Bhaskarabhatla, and Suddala Ashok Teja, as well as Bheems Ceciroleo. Bengal Tiger Hindi movie has been premiered on tv for the users to watch. 

Bengal Tiger South Movie Review

This section will take you through the Bengal Tiger full movie review. Although there is no narrative in the first half, the tiger 2015 Ravi Teja fans can enjoy a continuous gala. The second half then begins essentially where the first half ends, but this time the movie goes in a different direction that is less rewarding. Even halfway through the second part, there are still no indications of a story or core to the hero's antics. Who cares about the story in a masala movie like this, anyway? Though somewhat late, the plot finally emerges near the climax, and once it is, it becomes incredibly uninteresting for the next 30 minutes, making it difficult to watch. The Bengal Tiger south movie has one of the funniest comedy songs in recent memory. There are the typical suspects, including Brahmi. The role of Prithvi Raj's Future Star Siddappa is more novel than Brahmanandam's been-there-done-that humor, though. This is the most recent in a string of excellent jobs that Prithvi Raj has received. With Posani Krishna Murali and Ravi Teja, he exhibits amazing comic timing. Posani, on the other hand, plays a part that the group continuously makes fun of. In one scene, Rao Ramesh presents Pawan Kalyan's followers with a gift while expressing his passion for Telugu films. The final fight stands out for its agile BGM, which is characteristic of Chinna. Another standout in the larger "electrification" environment is the action choreography of Ram-Lakshman. The music provided by Bheems Ceciroleo is adequate. The tempo slows down a little in the second half, but generally, the entertainment value keeps increasing. Many of the remarks in the movie are directed at Pawan Kalyan and the Mega Family fans in particular. The frontbenchers are also intended to receive references from real life. Among the best elements is the editing by Gautham Raju and the cinematography by Soundar Rajan. Sampath has made an effort to create a screenplay that will satisfy all audience kinds with the proper balancing of all the elements. It follows the formula of a masala movie: action, comedy, love, followed by a song, and so on. Such a cliched narration that we've heard a lot! Bengal Tiger movie Hindi is also given more preference by the people. 


It is a powerful performance in the vein of Ravi Teja, complete with comic relief from Prithvi Raj and Posani as well as punch lines of a different hue. 

Bengal Tiger 2015 Rating

5.2 out of 10 points were cast by the weighted average of 917 IMDb users for the Bengali tiger Telugu full movie. 

Bengal Tiger Movie Trailer link

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