Bekaaboo: A web series full with twists and turns

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Bekaaboo is an Indian Hindi language web series released on 15th May 2019. The series is directed by Akshay Choubey and aired on the ALTBalaji. Bekaaboo 2 release date was 15th March 2021. The series is about suspense, mystery, and romance between a man and a woman. The story of the Bekaaboo web series is based on a novel - Black Suits You written by Novoneel Chakraborty.


Bekaaboo Plot of season 1


Bekaaboo season 1 has a total of 10 episodes and the series first scene begins with a passionate erotic scene. The story beings with an erotic novel writer Kiyan Roy and his life is completely perfect, also a Casanova. Kiyan has everything from money to fame but he is always craving wild desire. One day he realizes that someone is stalking him and knows about his all secrets. He also discovers that the unknown person is the same as him – also craves wild pleasure. So, he decides to explore his dark fantasies with her. He takes it as a tempting opportunity but soon things turn wilder than his imagination. He gradually starts losing his fame, fiancé, reputation, career, and everything he had in his family. What will happen to Kiyaan now? Will he be able to make his life like before? All of these questions answers will be seen in the web series.


Bekaaboo cast of season 1


· Priya Banerjee as kashti

· Rajeev Siddhartha as Kiyan Roy

· Madhu Sneha Upadhyay as Anaysha

· Jitendra Hirawat as Varun

· Trishna Mukherjee as Natasha

· Ananditya Singh as Tina


Bekaboo review of season 1


The Main Bekaaboo web series Cast - Priya Banerjee and Rajeev Siddhartha. Season 1 is full of fantasies, wild desires, and dark secrets. Each season of this series has quality daring and exotic scenes. The viewers have liked the web series as it has a very unique concept. After the series gains a lot of love from the viewers, it releases season 2 of Bekaaboo on ALTBalaji. The Bekaaboo 2 release date is 15th March 2021.


The story of the series is perfect and the performance from Bekaboo altbalaji cast is moderate. Bekaaboo cast Priya Banerjee acting looks somewhere missing in the series. The creators of the series give more focus to the intimate scenes rather than telling the story. There are a lot of erotic scenes in the first part of season 1 mostly centered on BDSM.


The creator uses the BDSM concept in the series to just add some masala to the story even you guys can find the same scenes in Novoneel’s book and the script.

You guys can watch the trailer of Bekaaboo web series season 1 by clicking on the below-given link:



Rating : 6.8/10 (Bekaaboo imdb)


Bekaaboo Plot of Season 2


Season 2 comes with a twist and turn. The guys will see betrayal, a murder mystery, hate, revenge in the second season. Bekaaboo 2 relase date is 15th march 2021. The storyline begins from where season 1 ends. If you guys have watched season 1 then the creators showed that Bekaaboo 2 cast Rajeev Siddhartha as Kiyan Roy was cheated by his girlfriend Anaysha, Character played by Madhu Sneha Upadhyay who he loved the most. Bekaabo altbalaji cast Madhu Sneha Upadhyay as Anaysha is living a happy life after the success of her novel. She is living her best life with her besties – Kashti and Natasha. But her life changes when The Bekaaboo 2 cast Rajeev Siddhartha as Kiyan Roy enters into her life to take revenge. The interesting part will come in season 2 where we will be able to see what Bekaaboo web series Cast Rajeev as kiyan will do to take revenge. He will do everything to destroy her life and career completely. This will change her whole life and she has to face a lot of obstacles to get back her life as well as she has to fight with kiyan. Will Anaynash be able to beat Kiyan and make her life like before? You have to watch Bekaaboo season 2 to know the whole story.


Bekaaboo cast of season 2


· Priya Banerjee as Kashti

· Rajeev Siddhartha as Kiyan

· Taher Sabbir

· Poulomi Das

· Taaha Shah

· Subha Rajput

· Tusharr Khana

· Smaran Sahu

· Ankit Gupta


Bekaaboo review of season 2


Bekaaboo season 2 is full of twists and turns. The main concept of season 2 is the revenge saga and you guys will be able to see some thrilling scenes and the order of the scenes will keep your attention all the time. The VFX used here looks a little bit unrealistic which may disrupt viewers' experience and somewhere series looks a little stretched in between.


The performance of the Bekaaboo 2 cast is quite good here. Bekaboo altbalaji cast Poulami Das gives a shocking performance in the series, you will see her in never seen before role. Bekaaboo web series Cast Subha Rajput also gives a surprising performance in the show and other Bekaaboo cast- Taha Shah Badussha and Smaran Sahu give a satisfactory performance in the series.


Overall, with both negative and positive sides Bekaaboo season 2 web series is worth watching. It will keep you engaged in an interesting revenge saga and many other twists are seen here in season 2.

You guys can watch the trailer of the Bekaaboo web series season 2 by clicking on the below-given link :



Rating: 4.7/10 (Bekaaboo imdb)



In conclusion, all I want to say is that the series has a great story and the Bekaaboo web series Cast gives a commendable performance in the show. The only problem was the screenplay as it did not stay the same throughout the story. Sometimes, the most thrilling part becomes boring and some simple scenes can hook you up. Keep all these negative things aside I think the web series is worth watching once.

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