Banni Chow Home Delivery: Latest episode Written Update and more about the our Favourite Home Delivery Businesswoman

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Banni chow home delivery is an Indian television serial, featuring Ulka Gupta and Pravisht Mishra, Produced by Shashi Sumeet Mittal, It airs on Star Plus every Monday to Saturday at 9 PM. Read the blog to know more!

Hey guys, hope you’re good, In this blog, I am going to tell you about, how a simple, beautiful girl Banni is facing challenges in running her home delivery business, and also her story with Yuvaan.

The story is about a young girl who is known for her delicious, lip-smacking cooking, and who runs a home delivery business at a very young age in Jodhpur, hence the name Banni Chow Home Delivery.

Banni chow home delivery story plot

Star Plus’s new serial Banni Chow Home Delivery release date on star plus was 03 May 2022, it portrays, the existence of a woman whose name is Banni.

 Banni is a confident and beautiful woman, who runs a meals home delivery business. Banni is not at all a professional business. Rather, she prepares home-cooked food for people who miss out on their "Ghar ka Khaana" the most. 

 Ulka Gupta is a young and skilled actor who is a promising candidate to play the role of Banni. In the serial, Banni Chow Home Delivery.

 Banni does the whole thing on her own; from choosing the veggies from the market, making the food delivery-ready, and turning it in at her customer's house. 

 She's a one-female show. Malini is Yuvan's stepmom and is after his belongings whilst Yuvan is mentally disturbed after the loss of her mom

 In addition to the information to be known, Banni Chow Home Delivery seems like a completely unique serial with a sparkling plot and new faces to be visible like by no means before. Tune in to Star Plus or watch Banni Chow Home Delivery online on Hotstar.

Banni chow home delivery Hotstar release date was also 03rd May 2022

She now not only simply feeds people who miss their home’s food with extraordinary meals and delicacies, but additionally plenty of love and warmth.

Some things that are absolutely lacking from Yuvaan`s life. Yuvaan is a younger boy with unique needs. After losing his mom at a young age, all he seeks is a little love. 

 Yuvaan's pillar of assistance is his growing old grandfather, who, after setting up a multi-million empire, is considered to be of no use, by his family.

 Yuvaan's stepmother has seamlessly controlled to destroy his mental state even more, after stepping in as Yuvaan`s new mother and the 'Karta' of the business

 How Banni coincidentally takes place to encounter a disturbed Yuhaan? and by the way of destiny she could probably heal him thru her scrumptious meals and with plenty of love and warmth, appears to be forming the base plot of the brand new tv serial Banni chow home delivery.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Minus points

Although the show is very decent with a promising story because of the cast – but, somehow,

It lacks the element of uniqueness as the storyline is nothing that the viewers have not seen before. A strong, beautiful, young girl taking care of a well-to-do boy with special needs, and trying to change his life for the good, is a plot that has been and will be used in TV shows and movies so many times.

Character Banni is shown very over-the-top. Her being extremely perky and talkative and moreover, unnecessarily loud. 

Also, the character has a history of tragic stories, which seems like every other story of a strong girl.

Ulka Gupta's main lead, one of the banni chow home delivery cast, portrays the role very efficiently and has a firm grip over the character.

Banni Chow Home Delivery IMDb has not yet got its rating on the site, but according to google, the show is a 4.7 out of 5.

Banni chow Home Delivery Cast

Ulka Gupta as Banni

Pravisht Mishra as Yuvan

Parvati Sehgal as Manini

Rajendra Chawla as Yuvan's Grandfather

Harsh Vashisht as Yuvan's Uncle

Bunny chow home delivery written update today

Banni’s mamisa shows photos of her and Yuvan in a compromised position, Banni tries to explain that someone is trying to defame her and that the photo is a complete misunderstanding, Yuvan also says what occurred between them was nothing, But mamisa stills blame Banni of sleeping with Yuvaan. Mamisa says that she had to marry Yuvan has she has slept with him according to the photo. And society won't accept what she and Yuvan had done.

Banni and Yuvan then leave, afterward, Mamisa tells Devraj that she had clicked the picture so as to force Banni into marrying Yuvaan or commit suicide. Devraj is shocked after hearing this. Banni is broken and starts crying after thinking of everybody’s words for her. While on the way to Devnagar Manini thinks if Banni marries Yuvan, she will lose everything.

After pouring cold water on herself, Banni returns to Devraj and the others, Mamisa still forces her to marry Yuvan, and Banni tells Devraj to take Yuvan to Delhi as she will be unable to look after Yuvan anymore after what happened, and she has to live with the blames as her mother lived, Yuvan also pleads Banni to not go.

Devraj feels sorry for Banni and thinks that the deed is wrong, but mamisa says that it is for the betterment of Banni and Yuvan’s life. Afterward, Banni faces the wrath of the Vasi people after leaving. People say many things about her and Yuvan, Mamusa tells mamisa that the situation is getting out of hand and they have to break banni into marrying Yuvan anyhow. Mamisa then blames Banni that they have to face humiliation again because of her as they faced because of their mother.

Yuvaan reaches there, as he sees Banni crying he wipes Banni’s tears with a cloth, after which the shopkeeper asks for money, Yuvan tells him to keep his car in return for the cloth. Then he accepts that he slept with Banni. And Banni shuts his mouth.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Trailer

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