Balamani: A Popular Malayalam television serial based on 'Peythozhiyum Neram' novel

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Balamani is a popular Malayalam language television show that premiered on Mazhavil Manorama on January 6, 2014. Gireesh Konni is the director of this family-oriented series. The story is based on the popular novel 'Peythozhiyum Neram,' which was published in a popular Malayalam weekly. The appearance of Vinaya Prasad, a Balamani serial actress, as Sumangala is a highlight of the serial. After a hiatus, she's back on television. Devika Nambiar (Parinayam) plays the protagonist character Balamani in this television series. Let's look at the plot of the serial now.

Balamani Serial Plot

The story of a middle-class woman named Balamani who fights alone against her life's unfortunate circumstances. This serial is based on the novel "Peythozhium Neram." The plot follows the lives of a very wealthy mother, her three sons, and their families. Balamani (Devika Nambia, Balamani serial cast), a stunning young lady, is one of the family's daughters-in-law. Balamani is also the daughter of a father who realizes she is his daughter only after a long period. She'd arrived just where she was supposed to be. Balamani (Devika Nambia, Balamani serial cast) is thought to be divorced because of her troubles with her spouse, which are all made up by a lady in order to gain access to the riches involved. She, on the other hand, attempts to assassinate Balamani after discovering she is expecting a child.

Balama (Devika Nambiar, Balamani serial cast) is aware of her father but refuses to forgive him. She, on the other hand, attempts to assassinate Balamani after discovering she is expecting a child. Balamani, on the other hand, recognizes her father but refuses to forgive him.

Balamani Serial Cast

  • Vinaya Prasad as Sumangala Adithyan 
  • Jayan (Jr Jayan) as Aravind 
  • Devika Nambiar as Balamani
  • Souparnika Vijay as Mythili (Aravind's wife) 
  • Girdnar as Anand-Abhirami's husband
  • Lishoy as Mythili's father.
  • Balachandran Chullikkad as Unni Mama
  • Alanteena as Abirami, Anand's first wife 
  • Jayakrishnan as Ananthu
  • Priya Mohan as Kavitha
  • Vijayakumari as Karthu
  • Naveen Arakkal as Raghavan Karthu's son 
  • Seema G Nair as Leelamma
  • Dimple Rose as Teelamma's daughter
  • Karthik, Abhirami's second husband
  • Manju Satheesh as Geethamma, the sister of Karthik Anand Kumar
  • Thrissur as Sahadevan
  • Rishi as Solomon
  • Sindhu Shyam as Revathy
  • Rajeev Ganesh as Vaisakh Ambika Mohan, a teacher
  • M.B-Padmakumar as Revathy's husband & Ammus's father
  • Deepa as Vrinda
  • Harijith Alangad as Giri
  • Other actors include Raghavan, Ambika Mohan, Kishore, Ambily, and others.

Balamani Serial Crew

  • Director: Gireesh Konni
  • Story: Mayadevi
  • Production: Prime focus productions 
  • Camera: Royal Vision
  • Costumes: Sunil Thiruvi
  • Makeup: Sudheesh Thiroor 
  • Script and Dialogues: Murali Nellanadu

Balamani Serial Final Episode(26 June 2015)

Anand and Dr. Hari try to save Balamani and her son, Madhavan, from Ananthu's grasp in the last few episodes. Anathu, however, surprises them by returning Madhavan to Balamani. Balamani and Madhavan are going to live with Anand in America, according to the end of the serial.


Balamani is a popular Malayalam television series that portrays a father who has been alienated from his mother and daughter and desires to reconnect with them, a mother who wishes for the betterment of her sons and a pregnant woman who is not acknowledged by her husband's family. Add to that the presence of Vinaya Prasad (Balamani serial cast), one of Malayali's favorite actresses, who is making a long-awaited return to Malayalam serials. 

Balamani is played by Devika Nambiar(Balamani serial actress name), an Indian actress. She is a well-known Kerala mini-screen actress who began her career in the serial 'Parinayam,' which aired on Mazhavil Manorama. She starred as Krishnaveni in the serial and was the main heroine. Krishnaveni's father was played by Rajasenan, a Malayalam director who also played a prominent role in the series. She took a one-year break from serials after that serial ended, and then she began performing in Balamani. 

Here is the glimpse of Balamani:

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