Ayngaran Movie: How Is Mathi Connected To All Situations

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Ayngaran movie is a 2022 Indian action drama film in the Tamil language that was written, directed, and financed by Common Man Presents. Mahima Nambiar and G. V. Prakash Kumar co-star in the movie, and Kaali Venkat, Aruldoss, Aadukalam Naren, as well as Hareesh Peradi play supporting roles.

Hey everyone, welcome back to stream! Today, we'll talk about the ayngaran Tamil movie in its entirety, as well as the ayngaran movie review, cast data, release date, rating, as well as other facts.

About The Movie:

G. V. Prakash Kumar himself composed the soundtrack for the movie. Saravanan Abimanyu handled the filming, and Raja Mohammed handled the editing.  The movie was supposed to open in theatres on May 5, 2022, but ayngaran movie release date was moved to May 12 because there weren't enough screens available.

Ayngaran Full Movie Cast:


  • Ravi Arasu


  • Ravi Arasu


  • G. V. Prakash Kumar as Mathimaaran
  • Mahima Nambiar as Madhumitha
  • Kaali Venkat as Ezhumalai
  • Aruldoss as Intellectual Property Officer
  • Aadukalam Naren as Perumalsamy
  • Hareesh Peradi as Police inspector Manickam
  • Abhishek Vinod as Magudi
  • Siddhartha Shankar as Moorthy
  • G. Marimuthu as Minister
  • George Maryan as Bus ticket collector
  • Saravana Subbiah as Kid Rescue Department Lead
  • Azhagam Perumal as Police officer
  • Jathisha as Ammukutty
  • Ravi Venkataraman as a Police officer
  • Rail Ravi as a PWD worker
  • Robo Chandru as a PWD worker


  • B. Ganesh

Ayngaran Movie Plot:

Mechanical engineering graduate Mathi (GV Prakash) creates numerous machines and ideas and makes fruitless attempts to obtain a governmental patent for them. He visits a wealthy businessman's poultry farm one day and discovers him adding hormones to chicken meat. As soon as he does, he records it as well and posts it online, which causes the farm to be sealed as well as earns Mathi the ire of the businessman in Sify movies Tamil.

In contrast, he encounters a group of dangerous jewelry thieves and assists them after their SUV car becomes trapped in a subway. Another subplot involves a kid getting stuck in a borewell pit that was dug as part of another narrative. The remainder of the movie will explain how Mathi is connected to all of these subplots.

Ayngaran Review:

A film about human emotions always succeeds, despite its technical flaws. When an unsuspecting life is in danger, we also possess a propensity to feel sympathy for people and forgive them for their mistakes. However, one film is Ayngaran, which makes a strong social statement on how unable the government is to recognize as well as value the creativity and imagination of the people. Aadukalam movie heroine name is Mahima Nambiar.

Even though Tamil film has already done the movie's fundamental plot to death, Ayngaran succeeds in some places. It describes how a motivated mechanical engineer develops a tool that not only saves a small child's life but then also aids in the resolution of a perplexing theft case in imperfect meaning in Tamil.

The movie opens with mechanical engineering graduate Mathi (GV Prakash) attempting to market one of his ideas. The individual he approaches, however, rejects the initiative and claims that perhaps the invention has no use. Everywhere he travels, he experiences failure, as well as the sole source of happiness in his life is Mahima Nambiar in magudi movie. As time passes, Mathi and his buddy Kaali Venkat accidentally walk into a chicken farm where they find a particular activity taking place. He records it and spreads it widely, which has an impact on Magudi, the farm's owner as well as a powerful businessman.

On a similar trail, we learn of a group of six northerners who steal a significant amount of diamonds from either the city. Mathi accidentally runs into this group while attempting to avoid Magudi. In the meantime, we are often given the sensational news that somehow a four-year-old girl fell into something like a borewell pit in a private property. The story's arc is completed by how it relates to Mathi's life as well as how his innovation resolves all difficulties.

However the opening sequences as well as scene organization are hazy, ayngaran Tamil movies watch online truly gets going after 30 minutes. The latter half probably the non-linear tale structure is interesting, and each personality seems to be well-written.

For example, the movie's director, Ravi Arasu, first presents us with circumstance news headlines of a child imprisoned in a borewell pit and subsequently leads us on a trip to explain how each individual had a part to play in getting to that point. Ayngaran release date was 12 May 2022.

Some overtly commercial aspects, such as the romance scenes, felt pushed into the story and might have been omitted with such a sensitive subject.

The latter half of the movie gives each character a satisfying resolution, which strengthens its credibility. The protagonist's battles with each of his foes are likewise well-written.

Although the same social justice issue was addressed in Nayanthara's 2017 film Aramm, it should be emphasized that this movie was prepared much earlier in Sify Tamil movie reviews.

The portrayal by GV Prakash is excellent as well as mature. He is suitable for the part. The stunt choreographers are to thank for the realistic-looking stunts. Another of the film's strengths is how nicely the slow-motion cinematography during and after the action scenes works. Haresh Peradi, who portrays a lustful as well as a selfish inspector who clashes with Mathi's father (Aadukalam Naren), as well as Siddhartha Shankar, who portrays the boss of the criminal gang, both perform admirably as supporting characters in the GV movie review. Mahima Nambiar also turns up a respectable showing.


Ayngaran is a movie that preaches about a noble purpose overall, however, it could have been even more effective.

Ayngaran Movie Rating IMDb:

6.3 out of 10 with 498 votes on IMDb

Ayngaran Movie Review Trailer:

Image Credits: IMDb

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