Arjuna Phalguna: A Story Of A Young Boy Who Struggles To Get His House Back

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Let us continue our series with South Indian cinema movies. In today's blog also, our readers will get a chance to get familiar with one of the Telugu films of last year, Arjuna Phalguna. Arjuna Phalguna movies is a Telugu-language comedy film with a little touch of criminal activities. Arjuna Phalguna director and writer is the same person, Teja Mami. The film features superstars Sree Vishnu, Amritha Aiyer, and Gaurav Pareek as the lead characters. After the COVID-19 lockdown, Arjuna Phalguna was one of those movies which had a theatrical release in the recent year, 2021. The theatrical release of the film was a piece of good news for the actors, makers, and fans.

Niranjan Reddy and Avnesh Reddy have produced the film under the banner of Matinee Entertainment. The main center of attraction for the audience is the music of any film. And the music for the movie is given by Priyadarshan Balasubramanian and Gaurav Pareek. The film got released on the 31st of December, 2021, the New Year's Evening.

Arjuna Phalguna cast:

Like other South Indian Telugu films, Arjuna Phalguna's review reveals that the star cast of this film has done the job with dedication. The audience has showered the love on the star cast of the film. Here is the list of the actors who have played different roles in the film:

  • Sree Vishnu as Arjuna
  • Amritha Aiyer as Sravani
  • Naresh as Village Sarpanch
  • Sivaji Raja as Arjuna's Father
  • Subbaraju as DFO Subbaraju
  • Devi Prasad as Thadodu's father
  • Rangasthalam Mahesha as Thadodu
  • Dayanand Reddy
  • Gaurav Pareek
  • Chaitanya Garikipati as Rambabu
  • Rajkumar Kasireddy as Oscar

According to the Arjuna Phalguna review, the star cast of the film has done a great job.

Arjuna Phalguna storyline:

The story of the film revolves around the struggle of villagers against the corrupt bank manager, a corrupt Police Officer, and a clever Sarpanch.

In the small village of East Godavari, a bunch of five friends has been living happily. Their names are Arjuna, Ram Babu, Thadodu, Oscar, and Sravani. They all share a very beautiful and strong bond. All of them are so close that they share even the smaller secret. Arjuna is a big fan of Jr NTR. He wishes to stay in his native place and learn a livelihood for himself and his parents rather than moving to a big city to earn a huge amount of money. His preference is to stay with his parents and to offer a helping hand to his father to run his Dairy Business. The audience can watch the trailer of Arjuna Phalguna movie on youtube. Arjuna Phalguna movie review is okay.

But one day all his dreams and happiness crash when the Bank Manager comes with the orders to seize his house. But the Village Sarpanch requests him to spare them some more time to repay the loan amount. He is a private moneylender too. He offers to give some money to Aruna's parents in exchange for their cow, Arjuna's favorite one. But he has to let her go away to save his house.

Arjuna has a talent to prepare delicious soda. So, he decides to inaugurate a soda shop to earn money and repay his loan amount. But to do that, he needs money. Arjuna tries to apply for an on the bank. But the greedy Bank Manager demands a bribe of 50,0000 to get the loan passed. But, Arjuna and his family do not have a single penny to give him.

In the meantime, Arjuna and his friends got an offer from their rival, Vamsi. He asks Arjuna to do a successful delivery of Cannabis and offers a huge amount of money in return. The money is more than enough to repay his loan, get his house and cow back, and open a soda shop. The film Arjuna Phalguna reviews reveal that the film shows the harsh reality of the money lenders.

In the beginning, he feels reluctant but agrees to the conditions alter on. Arjuna and his friends set out to work on their tasks. But, they have a roadblock when Subbu chases them. All of them try to escape and manage to reach Andhra-Orrisa's borders. But they realize that their bag got exchanged with Subbu's in their effort to esca[e. The bag contains Rs. 50,00,000. The opponent gang tries to steal the money but Arjuna and his friends reach Vizag safely.

They get caught by Subbu Raju's loyal policemen and the gang members. But, Arjuna fools them and escapes to reach his home safely. Arjun gets to know that the smugglers and Subbu Raju are on the same page. The Arjuna Phalguna review reveals that the movie is not a big hit on the big screen.

On reaching their village, they hide the bag full of cash behind a haystack. In the meantime, they come across a shocking truth that the Village Sarpanch is a corrupt and wicked man. he teams up with the Bank Manager and traps the innocent villagers in his trap. He knows the fact that the villagers would not be able to repay their loans. So, the Sarpanch puts up an act to lend them the money and portrays a good image of him in the eyes of the villagers. Another truth comes to the light that Policeman Subbu is marrying Sunita, Sarpanch's daughter. The next day, the Bank Manager comes to seize their house as the time spare has ended. Arjuna goes to bring the money from the bag hidden behind the haystack. But to his shock, he sees the haystack was set on fire.

All his hopes crashing down. But wait he has a Plan B to get his land and cow back. He goes to the Sarpanch and reveals that he knows everything bout his deeds. Arjuna threatens him to expose his true face in front of the villagers. He put a condition in front of the Sarpanch that he has to give back all the lands to the villagers that he has acquires by playing his cheap tricks. The Sarpanch agrees but he cannot give back Thadodu's house as he has gifted that part to his would-be son-in-law, Suubu Raju. As per Arjuna Phalguna review, the film has successfully depicted corruption in every field in the country.

After striking a deal with the Sarpanch, Arjuna faces Subbu for the first time. He shows a secret video to him and threatens to expose his truth. With no other option left, Subbu begins to bargain with Arjuna. He asks him to give back Thadodu's house. Subbu agrees and everything goes as planned.

Later, Arjuna gets another shocking news of Vamsi's arrest Subbu arrests Vamsi as he had exchanged the real notes with the fake ones. He was the one who set the haystack on fire after exchanging the notes.

The film has a happy ending and a discussion about the upcoming RRR movie.

Arjuna Phalguna review:

Aruna Phalguna is liked by the audience. But the Arjuna Phalguna rating is 1.5/5. The critics say that the film does not have a good direction and the dialogues were not that impactful.

Image Credits: IMDb

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