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Aranya is a trilingual film released simultaneously in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil, an entertaining action film directed by Prabhu Solomon and produced by Banner Eros International. Starring Lana Dagubati, Zoya Hussein, Vishnu Vishal.

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About the Movie:

Narendra Bhupati a.k.a. Aranya (Rana Daggubati), manager of the forest area near Visakhapatnam. But Minister Kanakamedala Rajagopal (Anant Mahadevan) wants to build a DLR settlement in a dense jungle where animals roam freely. Aranha opposes the minister's plan. Aranya ends up in prison for not being sane. Aranya movie release date is 26 March 2021 after the delay of its initial release on 2 April 2020.

Aranya OTT Release Date:

The film will be released digitally in June 2021. As always, we will keep you informed of any changes to the future of Adragna and the film's official release date. Aranya movie OTT release date is 15 October 2021 on the Zee5 OTT platform.

Why is the Aranya Telugu movie a guardian of forests with precious flora and fauna? Why Narendra Bhupati's original name became Aranya. What is the condition of the animals and villagers in the forest area after Aranya is imprisoned? Has Minister Rajagopal finally achieved his intended goal? What initiatives did Araña take to stop the DLR's anti-environmental village? The story of Aranya Cinema is the answer to why the Prime Minister had to intervene in this controversy.


Director: Prabhu Solomon

Writer: Ravi Bhushan Kumar


  • Rana Daggubati
  • Zoya Hussein
  • Shriya Pilgaonkar
  • Pulkit Samrat
  • Vishnu Vishal

Producer: Eros International

Aranya movie Rating:

Aranya is a true animal film that showcases the deep and strong bond between humans and animals. The film Aranyak IMDb rating is 6.3/10 which is better than many Telugu movies.

Kaadan Movie Review:

Rana Daggubati's trilingual adventure drama Aranya has been on the news for nearly two years and is finally hitting theaters today. Lana's colorful forest male avatar and the movie's forest background raised viewers' curiosity. Let's see if the movie lived up to expectations.

Narendra Bupati (Lana Dagubatti) is a man in his 50s. He was born and raised in the Chilakalacon forest in Vizag. He has strong relationships with wildlife and believes that keeping forests intact is critical to the existence of animals and humans for future generations.

The greedy and corrupt Forest Minister (Anant Mahadevan) plans to build a 500-acre mega-village in the middle of the forest. At the same time, a wall of 60 km is being built to prevent elephants from entering the project area for drinking water. The rest of the story focuses on Narendra Buffati and the elephant's struggle for survival and the conservation of nature.

Positive aspects:

Rana is very impressive as Narendra Bhupati. Whether it's a rough figure with a skinny build in thick buns, or a quirky dialogue and aggressive, eccentric gestures, Lana has a strong love of wildlife and forests.

The storyline, stunning cinematography, and sound design rare in Indian cinema are other highlights of this adventurous drama. Tamil hero Vishnu Vishal is worthy of his short role. The message the film conveys is very relevant right now.

Negative aspects:

The main storyline is pretty impressive, but Aranya suffers greatly from the lack of storytelling. Aside from the main plot of a man saving forests and wildlife, the rest of the conflict is resolved in a general, formal pattern. Some scenes are illogical and cinematic freedom is used so much that one would not expect from a film with such a background.

Aranya is also a trilingual shooter movie. However, none of the well-known Telugu actors appeared except for Lana and comedian Ragu Babu, and the dubbing was sloppy, resulting in disappointing reactions throughout the film. Most actors are given a formal character and end with an impressive performance.

The Aranyam movie Telugu climax is not cleverly thought out or convincing, and the film's main conflicts are incredibly resolved after Lana's lengthy monologue. I wonder if you're seeing a general commercial hack, rather than a reasonable drama about deforestation and ecological balance.

Technical aspects:

Writer and director Prabhu Solomon deserves recognition for telling the touching story he needs. Unfortunately, however, he chose the everyday official template of "A helpless man against powerful oppressors" to guide his narrative. It undermined the very message he wanted to convey. Replacing the forest with a city facing a similar conflict would not make much difference. A subplot involving Vishnu's characters Vishal and a Maoist girl (Zoya) adds nothing to the story.

As mentioned above, the Aranyam movie and sound design are top-notch. Even the footage showing the rainforest is very realistic. However, it was necessary to pay considerable attention to creating an elephant using computer graphics.

Overall, Aranyam Telugu Movie is an overwhelming adventure drama with mixed emotions. Aside from Lana's energetic acting and impressive technical pieces, there's little to immerse the audience in and feel the chaos of wild animals when greedy humans invade their habitat. You can watch this movie for a different experience, but lower your expectations.

As per the Aranya Movie Review IMDb, the film can be considered a must-watch movie. Here is the Aranya full movie:

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