Anupama TV Serial: A Story about A Housewife, Mother, and Daughter-In-Law who put her Family first

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Anupama is a Hindi-language Indian television drama series that aired on Star Plus on July 13, 2020. It's also available on Disney+ Hotstar. Anupama TV serial, a successful show on Star Plus, has been the highest-rated serial in terms of TRPs since its debut. The Anupamaa Serial has achieved enormous popularity among viewers in a short period and continues to provide new twists and turns to keep the audience engaged.

It stars Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey and is produced by Rajan Shahi under Director's Kut Productions. It is based on the Bengali serial “Sreemoyee” by Star Jalsha and it illustrates what a homemaker goes through while sincerely caring for her family. Total Anupama episodes are 488 and the serial is still going on. 

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Anupama Serial Plot

Anupamaa, a Gujarati housewife, mother, and daughter-in-law, is the protagonist of the show. She is a family-oriented person who is willing to put her family first, but she is still neglected by her family despite doing so much for the family. In the Anupama TV serial, She is constantly insulted for being an ordinary housewife with an unfinished education, degree, and unable to communicate in English. She is also unable to socialize with society's elite tier of women. She is, nevertheless, an excellent chef who works tirelessly for the family. Her two children, Paritosh and Pakhi, are embarrassed by their mother, but Samar adores and respects her.


Vanraj Shah, Anupamaa's husband, has been having an affair with Kavya Gandhi, a coworker, for the past eight years. Then in Anupama Serial, Ignoring Devika's and Kavya's husband Aniruddh's warnings, she refuses to trust them and displays her faith in Vanraj. When Anupamaa discovers Vanraj and Kavya being close on her 25th Wedding Anniversary, she is devastated and cuts connections with Vanraj, deciding to live her life on her terms. Then in Anupama Serial, Samar, Anupamaa's younger son, also cuts relations with Vanraj after discovering the truth. In the Anupama TV Serial, the Shahs are devastated when Rakhi informs them about the affair. Paritosh, Anupamaa's oldest son, marries Kinjal soon after, while Samar and Nandini fall in love once Samar hears of Nandini's infertility.

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Anupamaa looks for Vanraj's health after he is involved in an accident. For Anupamaa, Vanraj develops a soft corner. He attempts to tell her how he feels, but Anupamaa scolds him for it. Anupama serial cast Rupali Ganguly as Anupamaa decides to start again and informs Vanraj she wants a divorce. Vanraj flees the house for fear of losing Anupamaa and his family. Anupamaa tracks him down at a Surat spa facility and confronts him.

Anupamaa gets a diagnosis of ovarian cancer and demands that Vanraj sign the divorce papers. Kavya and Aniruddh split later, and Kavya prepares for her wedding to Vanraj. Then comes the Anupama episodes where Vanraj goes away on the wedding day, and Anupamaa accuses him of lacking bravery and devotion. In the Anupama TV Serial, Kavya and Vanraj tie the knot. Hasmukh begs Anupamaa to stay with them after she is successfully cured by an emergency operation, which she accepts since she will always be a part of their family.

In the Anupama TV Serial, Kavya insults Anupamaa constantly, attempting to humiliate her but failing to turn the family against her. The family rejoices when Anupamaa Dance Academy is created with the support of Samar and Nandini. Vanraj is advised by Anupamaa to build a café at her academy, but Kavya provokes him, and instead of being thankful for her assistance, he teases her in Anupama TV Serial.

Anuj Kapadia, a wealthy businessman from the United States, returns to India. Anupamaa's college classmate and one-sided love, he turns out to be. Vanraj is jealous of Anuj and Anupamaa since they spend time together.

Anupamaa's business plan impresses Anuj's staff, and he offers her a share in his restaurant. Vanraj becomes furious and tells her to decline the offer. Anupamaa signs the contract and becomes a business partner with Anuj Kapadia in Anupama. Meanwhile, Rohan, Nandini's obsessive ex-boyfriend, arrives to win her back by attempting the murders of Samar and Anupamaa, but is caught red-handed by Anuj and leaves their life, afraid of being imprisoned for his father's schemes.

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Anupama serial cast Rupali Ganguly as Anupamaa chooses to leave the Shah residence, accompanied by Samar because she is tired of the taunts and accusations. They eventually move into a leased home. Vanraj, Dolly, and Anupamaa are forced to sign the property documents by Kavya. Then in Anupama latest episode, Anuj reveals his unrequited love for Anupamaa to the Shahs, unconscious that she overheard him, in his aggravation over Anupamaa's persistent personal attacks by some family members.


Initially broken by Anupama serial cast Gaurav Khanna as Anuj's one-sided affection, Anupamaa and the latter are consoled and persuaded to continue their friendship by Samar and Gopichandra, respectively. Then in the Anupama episodes, Vanraj becomes enraged as Kavya discloses that she duped everyone into signing property paperwork in her name. He surprises everyone by handing her divorce papers. Later, on the other hand, is adamant about not divorcing him. Meanwhile, in the Anupama latest episode of Anupamaa becomes aware of her affection for Anuj Kapadia in Anupama when he is hurt while fighting with some criminals. She decides to stay at his house till he is fully recovered.

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Anupama serial cast (Main)

  • Rupali Ganguly as Anupamaa Joshi “Anu”.
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Vanraj Shah.
  • Madalsa Sharma Chakraborty as Kavya Shah.
  • Paras Kalnawat as Samar Shah "Bakuda/Samu".
  • Gaurav Khanna as Anuj Kapadia in Anupama, also known as “AK”.



Anupama serial review

The serial has a very interesting beginning and everything is perfect of the serial from the acting of the cast to the storyline and is a superb combination of simplicity and scenic beauty. The play expresses a wide range of emotions, from happiness to grief and laughter. The lighthearted moments with Baa, Bapuji, and Mamaji make the show even more enjoyable to watch. Rajan Shahi tells a brand-new narrative with no flaws in the presentation. Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey are excellent in their parts. The representation of children as Samar, Paritosh, Pakhi, Kinjal, and Nandini gives the serial a youthful feel. 

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But as per the viewers' review, the story is becoming boring as it is becoming stretchy and the storyline is going out of track. Anupamaa serial is becoming baseless slowly.

Overall, the serial is a mash-up of all the elements that a family drama needs.



Anupama written update (31st January 2022)

Kavya then enters and goes by Vanraj, who complains that she has started neglecting him since she obtained a job. Later, Vanraj urges Malvika to take her medications, which makes her infatuated. In the Anupama latest news, this makes Baa and Bapuji concerned because they detect bad energy. Baa requests that Bapuji speaks with Anu, but he informs her that she must speak with Vanraj. Anupama written update, On the other hand, when Anu meets Anuj and they discuss how Malika is in a terrible company, they decide to take action before it is too late. They soon run across Vanraj, and Anuj warns him that he will not allow individuals causing harm to his loved one in Anupama Serial.

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After a time, Anu and Malvika eat street food together, and the latter reveals to Anu her love for Vanraj. Anu is surprised to hear this and attempts to inform Malvika about how Vanraj has treated her over the previous 26 years, but she refuses to listen. In the Anupama written update, Malvika tells Anu that she feels different when she's around Vanraj and emphasizes how much she's grown to like him. In Anupama serial gossip, She then begs Anu to pledge not to inform Anuj about this while they are unaware that Anuj is listening in on their chat. As Anuj walks away, he smashes glass bottles to convey his rage. Anuj then asks Anu if she would have told him about Malvika's confession, to which she replies, "I'm not sure".


Anupama spoilers  

As Malvika and Vanraj prepare to leave for Mumbai, Malvika expresses her need for Anu Anupama upcoming story and Anuj's company and expresses her inability to shift to Mumbai.


Anupama upcoming story (1st feb, 2022)

Anupama Malvika appears with her suitcase in front of Anuj and Anupama in the episode of 1st February.

In the Anupama future story, Anuj inquiries about where she is heading with all of her luggage, to which Malvika responds that she and Vanraj are leaving for Mumbai to inspect the project site.

In the Anupama latest news, Malvika leaves behind a frightened and preoccupied Anuj; sensing this, Anupama invites Anuj to spend time with her. Anupama seems uneasy when Anuj asks whether this is a date. 

In the Anupama spoilers, Vanraj, on the other hand, requests that Malvika finish the contract with the customer, but Malvika refuses.

She expresses a desire to have Anuj and GK by her side as soon as possible, particularly Anupama.

Anupama upcoming story (2nd feb, 2022)

In 2nd February episode begins with Malvika canceling the transaction and wishing to return to Ahmedabad since she requires the support of Anupama and Anuj.

In the Anupama upcoming twist in, Vanraj requests that she at least complete the agreement before going home, but Malvika refuses his offer.

Vanraj, angry, yells at Malvika and informs her that they will not leave Mumbai until she completes the transaction with the clients. In the Anupama future story,

Malvika is taken aback when she sees this new aspect of Vanraj.

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