Anubhavinchu Raja Review: A comedy movie with a twist

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About the movie

The movie Anubhavinchu Raja is based on a fictional character name Bangarraju, who after inheriting his grandfather’s money at an early age in his life ends up living a lavish life. This lavish life has made him weak and dependent on money due to which he becomes the laughing stock of the villagers. So, he is on the quest to prove himself worthy of the villager’s respect but things don’t go as planned. Anubhavinchu Raja is a Telugu movie that has the genre of comedy and romance. This movie has total entertainment materials and it is directed by Sreenu Gavireddy and produced by Supriya Yarlagadda. The movie is under the Annapurna Studios banner. Check out the movie trailer here:


 Anubhavinchu Raja Cast

Anubhavinchu Raja movie has many Telugu industry artists;

· Raj Tarun

· Kashish Khan

· Ajay

· Aadukalam Naren

· Ravi Krishnan

· Sudharshan

· Posani Krishna Murali

Anubhavinchu Raja movie rating 

The movie rating is 2.5/5. This is a poor movie with many mistakes and it fails to charm the audience. 

 Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Review

 Anubhavinchu Raja's review is that the story touches on many important aspects of a man who has everything he can ask for but respect is earned. He loses all his family in an accident but the audience does not see his remorse. The movie starts by showing how lavishly he spends the earnings of his grandparents. The movie takes a turn when the character has to work as a security guard in Hyderabad for a software company. Although the main aim of Anubhavinchu Raja's movie is to show the extent its protagonist will go to earn respect from the villagers. 

There are many twists and turns to the story, like him going to jail or working in security. The riots in the village and many more keep the audience entertained but not really much of importance ever seems to happen. Overall the Anubhavinchu Raja movie review is that the movie is a sloppy attempt to make the audience feel something important in the course. The movie does have many points that are extremely funny but overall it fails to hold the attention of the audience throughout. 

What does work in Anubhavinchu Raja?

The Anubhavinchu Raja review is that the movie sets the character and their behavior at the very start. The audience is already aware of what they are signing into. The Anubhavinchu Raja has another plus point that is its casting. Raj Tarun shines with his acting skills, dialect, and Godavari accent. The movie also has impeccable comic timing because of the lead actor. Anubhavinchu Raja review is that the movie also creates an immense amount of curiosity in the hearts of the audience and also clears the motive of its protagonist. The portrayal of the villagers ridiculing Raj Tarun’s character Bangaraju to him being a total brat has been shown in the movie perfectly and with a pinch of laughter. The core concept of the movie has a lot of strength that makes the audience curious about what will happen next and therefore it brings an interval bang in the movie. The portrayal of the village may seem stereotypical at first but many aspects are added to it. The details and the main desire of the protagonist have been clear and that makes this movie entertaining as the audience follows the storyline. 


What the Anubhavinchu Raja movie lacks

The movie lacks a new concept. Although the spoiled brat trying to gain respect from its peer has been a concept in movies for a century the Anubhavinchu Raja movie fails to bring anything new out of it. Anubhavinchu Raja review is that the movie plays the same old love story with cheesy soundtracks. The romance angle of the movie tests the patience of you as an audience and how much you are ready to witness the same process of a man approaching a woman and her eventually falling in love with him. The Anubhavinchu Raja movie also has this stereotypical way of showing the brat. Gambling and alcohol are the obvious selection of the director to show the character as a brat plus rooster fighting was added to the list. Anubhavinchu Raja is a Telugu movie and it has not been dubbed for other language-speaking audiences. 


Anubhavinchu Raja review is that the movie has the same old story with a little twist and the same old romance to tone everything down. Although if you are looking to enjoy an entertaining movie with not much to think about this is the movie for you. The movie has helped show the versatility of actor Raj Tarun although it fails to portray any dimensions of Kashish khan’s character and it’s a shame as she is a good actress. The movie may not be impressive it does bring out a few laughs and can be a stress reliever. The film tries to give a moral lecture about the life the brat in the movie wastes his life but the movie does not takes itself very seriously and just wants to give an entertainment dose. Therefore if it's the entertainment you are looking for, this movie will meet all your demands. 

 Anubhavinchu Raja's IMDb rating 

The Anubhavinchu Raja movie's IMDb rating is 5.5/10. 

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