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Anthariksham Movie 9000 km/h (lit. Space: 9000km/h) is a Telugu 2018 Indian sci-fi adventure film written and directed by Sankalp Reddy. Dev and Raja Chembolu play supporting roles. The Anthariksham Telugu Movie release date was December 21, 2018.

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About the Movie:

The movie begins with the satellites pointing towards the dark side of the moon. One of India's artificial satellites, Mihira, has lost contact with the space station and is losing speed. This will collide with other Chinese satellites, causing a chain reaction that will cut off global communications. Anthariksham in English refers to Space.

The system repair code is known only to the station's avid scientist, Dev. Dev retired from the space program five years ago. He fell in love with Chandrakanta stationmaster, the daughter of a schoolteacher, Paara. He is passionately working on the Viprayaan satellite, which will provide water data for the moon.

A malfunction occurs after the satellite takes off, and Dev and his fiance go to the space station to repair it. He hastily loses control of the car, gets into an accident, and loses both his companion and fiance. This knocks him down and he quits his job. He now has to repair Mihira and, as part of his mission, returns after five years of schooling as a teacher to fix a fatal flaw with the help of his colleague Riya.

Antariksham Cast:

Director: Sankalp Reddy

Writer: Kitts Vissapragada


  • Varun Tej as Dev
  • Aditi Rao Hydari as Riya
  • Lavanya Tripathi as Parvathi "Paaru"
  • Rahman as ISC director ChandraKanth, Parvathi's father
  • Satya Dev as Karan and Aditya (Dual role)
  • Srinivas Avasarala as Mohan
  • Raja Chembolu as Sanjay
  • Kunal Kaushik as Kunal
  • Tharakesh as Dev's brother
  • Pavani Gangireddy

Producers: Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi, Sai Babu Jagarlamudi

Antakshari Movie Review Telugu

Sankalp Reddy took a huge hit in Ghazi before their debut. As a second attempt, the talented director chose a space thriller. The movie 'Antariksham' was released today. Scroll down to see if the movie keeps viewers.


A crashed Indian satellite, Mihira, is attempting to destroy communications systems around the world. Now creator Virgo (Varun Tej Space Movie) has no choice but to clean up the mess by fixing technical glitches.

A crashed Indian satellite, Mihira, is attempting to destroy communications systems around the world. Now, creator Virgo (Varun Tej) is forced to clear up the mess by fixing a technical flaw.

Plus points

Antariksham is a bold move in Tollywood, at least on this scale, as the genre hasn't been explored in the past. This cosmic thriller stays true to its subject and never goes off track.

Varun Tej has taken on a meaningful role and is gaining the strength he deserves. He is doing his best for this film. Aditi Rao is great as a supporting actor and expresses his emotions well. Ravana appears in a very short role but leaves a strong impression.

The graphics are really good and the spatial footage is almost realistic. The VFX design is perfect and it will give viewers a new experience.

Minus Points

The main problem with Antariksham is the lack of adequate depth. Most of the scenes related to the technical problems of space have not been properly addressed. We needed a detailed explanation of the problem and a convincing script that made viewers believe.

We relied heavily on it in the second half, but at the most important moment, the drama disappears. As a result, some key scenes were unimpressive.

Varun Tej disappeared from space and never returned. A satellite flying at a speed of 7,000 km/h docks with the International Space Station with incredible accuracy. Those scenes look too forced.

Technical Glitches 

Antariksham Movie Director has invested heavily in special effects and the team has been successful. Director Sankalp Reddy gets the best out of this department. However, he should have focused more on the main body than on the visual grandeur. Still, he made a worthwhile attempt.

The music and background score are decent. The atmosphere of the space thriller is conveyed well in the second half. The camera work is really good and it gives the audience authenticity.

Times of India's Nishita Nyayapati said Antariksham gave the film 2.5 stars because it was too melodramatic. The Hindu Sangita Devi praised the film's production value.

The whole team of Antakshari Movie has done a great job and they stand out very well on the big screen. There is no commercial element at all, but due to the director's sheer imagination, the film will go down in history as a good attempt at Tollywood. However, the overall performance isn't very exciting and it's attractive to watch a movie this weekend.

Her is the Trailer of The Telugu movie, Antariksham:

Image Source: IMDb

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