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Angel is a Telugu movie written and Directed by Palani. The film starring Naga Anvesh and Heba Patel and has Suman, Saptagiri, Sayaji Shinde, Kabir Duhan Singh and Pradeep Rawat in supporting roles.

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About the Movie

Angel movie Telugu is a 2017 fantasy comedy film written and directed by Palani and produced by Bhuwan Sagar. The music for the film was composed by Bhim's Sechiroleo and the cinematographer was Gunasekaran. The Angel film was released on 3 November 2017, dubbed and released in Tamil as Vinnaithaandi Vandha Angel. In late 2018, the film was dubbed "Angel" in Hindi.

Angel Movie in Hindi

Our main suspect is Baahubali writer/director Palani. His fantasy novel follows the life of a little con artist Nani (Naga Anvesh) and his friend Giri (Saptagiri) trying to smuggle a statue from Amaravathi to Hyderabad. While trying to escape the police, he gets trapped in the woods and loses his statue at night.

However, the statue turned into Nakshatra (Heva Patel), daughter of the god Vishnu, and she was cursed to live her days with the statue until she heard praise for her beauty (since the celestial body must also be objectified). Nani is free from a drunken coma at night. As she drives them to them in the morning, the film remains lighthearted for a while, the trio races down the highway and stays in a roof shed. And Nani and Nakshatra inevitably fall in love with each other due to inappropriate political humor.

However, the euphoria doesn't last long as Nakshatra's father, noticing that she's enjoying life on Earth a little too much, sends a, um, specially-powered being to bring her back to heaven. The pair also quickly find themselves on the run from the goons of Harish Bhai (Sayaji Shinde). And to top it all off, a missing person poster appears with Nakshatra's face on it, confusing Nani to whom Nakshatra reveals her true identity as to who a person is.

The film decided to play emotional cards. Nakshatra South Indian Movie knew the plight of paying off a Rs 20,000,000 loan was very touching and decided to come to Earth to help. What about hunger, poverty, war, racism, and genocide? Hey, we never said it was a smart movie.

Naga Anvesh joins a long list of very green young men who are thrust into leadership roles and is woefully exposed when sharing scenes with his counterpart and comic relief Saptagiri.

Angel Movie Cast:

Director: Palani

Writer: Palani


  • Naga Anvesh as Nani
  • Hebah Patel as Nakshatra, Indra's daughter
  • Suman as Indra
  • Saptagiri as Giri
  • Kabir Duhan Singh as Garuda
  • Sayaji Shinde
  • Pradeep Rawat

Producer: Bhuwan Sagar

Angel Telugu Movie Review

While excavating a new capital in Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, workers discovered an ancient idol of a young woman. Smugglers have a lucrative deal to smuggle the statue abroad, but you must first bring it to Hyderabad by road. And suddenly an ancient idol appeared!

The responsibility of transporting the antiques to Hyderabad rests with the confident Naga Anvesh, who is taken to Hyderabad by ambulance with his friend Giri (Saptagiri). However, he finds himself in the woods shortly after the ambulance breaks down while trying to escape from police control. When Nani discovers that the statue is missing in the morning, his worries double.

Meanwhile, they meet Nakshatra (Hebaba Patel), who asks to drop her off somewhere on the highway, and they jump into the car. Here we are on the highway of laughter. Along the way, Nakshatra tells her boys that she is an ancient idol that took human form.

Nani is perplexed by Nakshatra's words in Angel South Movie but is satisfied that she has turned into a human. She says she left Swargam with her own choices and lived and experienced like her human.

The point that Angel Film director Palani wants to convey through the film is that you cannot experience happiness without knowing what pain is. And he does it effectively.

Thanks to the script and story of Angel Movie South, as well as the Saptagiri, the Angel Hindi movie has enough comedy. Nani demonstrates her skills in dancing and fighting. Hebba played the ancient man very convincingly, and her constant curiosity and amusing reaction to little "human things" added enthusiasm to the character.

But is Nakshatra the celestial being she claims to be? Nani finds her face on a missing person poster in town and is even more confused. There she is identified as Nandhu. So is she Nakshatra or Nandhu? Angel Telugu full movie 2017 download.

The Angel in Telugu's overall poor presentation is complemented by poor dialogue and directing. The film introduces Nakshatra performing a discount EDM version of The Enchantress' Hula Hoop while she is locked in the woods with a street lamp, and it all goes down from here. The film uses substandard CGI, blatant product placement, and moody music like the tone of the film itself, like a badge of honor.

That's why you can't completely disdain Anjal movies. Not to mention the way he takes his work seriously, unaware of his shortcomings, confident that his story is worth telling, not to mention sweet. Looking at his last 10 minutes, I laughed more than any other comedy for a while. It's a pity that the whole episode was just bad, and it wasn't bad enough to even be called good. The balanced combination of action, comedy, and emotion makes this a must-see.

Here is the Full Angel Telugu movie:

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