Andhakaram Review: How Life Of Three Men Turned Upside Down

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The supernatural horror thriller Andhaghaaram is a 2020 Tamil-language Indian film written and directed by V. Vignarajan. Sponsored by Priya Atlee's A for Apple Productions, it also features Sudhan Sundaram, and Jayaram, as well as K. Poornachandra's O2 Pictures but also Passion Studios.

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About The Movie:

Their lives are entangled in a web of deceit, dismay, and darkness as a blind conjurer's struggle for existence, a washed-up cricketer's battle for deliverance, and a lonely psychiatrist's quest for redemption lead them to a maze of obscurity.

Anthapuram Cast:


  • V. Vignarajan


  • V. Vignarajan


  • Arjun Das as Vinod
  • Vinoth Kishan as Selvam
  • Kumar Natarajan as Dr. Indran
  • Pooja Ramachandran as Pooja
  • Meesha Ghoshal as Manasi
  • Jeeva Ravi as Dr. Vasanth
  • Rail Ravi as Publisher
  • Vijithan as Pradeep
  • Chentu Mohan
  • Mahendra Mullath as Sundaram
  • Pradeep Kalipurayath as Manasi's brother
  • Arul Vincent as Dr. Harish


  • Priya Atlee
  • Sudhan Sundaram
  • Jayaram
  • K Poorna Chandra

Anthapuram Movie Review Plot:

The film explores the horrific events in the lives of three guys in Chennai who appear to have no connection to one another. The very first man is Dr. Indran, a famous clinical psychiatrist in the nation. One of his aggressive patients shoots him dangerously close to death. Although he lives, his entire family is slain, and he also loses his voice as well as professional credentials. Indran chooses to change his practice after his surgery even though he remains under investigation by the government.

The second man is Selvam, an upright blind clerk at a public library. Selvam is blind. His uncle looks after him when his parents pass away. His father's mansion, which he is battling to maintain, is the sole bequest left to him. Selvam learned some of the trade's secrets from his father, who was a well-known magician. He agrees to do a cleansing ceremony at a haunted location since he needs the money for his procedure (kidney failure). He manages to capture one of the spirits, but there is still another ghost in the building.

The third man is Vinod, a cricket coach who has been overcome with guilt about Pradeep's situation. After receiving a book about the occult from Vinod, Pradeep was diagnosed with an undiagnosed mental illness. Vinod's recently installed landline rotary phone also begins to receive enigmatic and threatening calls. Manasi, his girlfriend, persuades him to visit a psychiatrist by claiming that he is hallucinating.

It is made clear that the three men's timelines are occurring at various times. The person who knows Selvam the best is his tutor Pooja. She seems to be the sister of Pradeep, a patient of Indran's in the past. By the time Vinod installs a new landline, Pradeep has already committed suicide by jumping from his balcony as well as killing him as well as Indran. Numerous other patients that Indran has been unlawfully treating have also used hypnosis to end their lives, just like Pradeep. After losing his family, Indran had little faith in people, which is why he had such a horrible plot. His vengeance endures even after his death. Vinod has been called by and tormented by Indran's ghost. The phone, which was formerly Selvam's, is a means of connecting with the dead. Selvam would subsequently run into difficulty with loan sharks, who would then assassinate him to seize control of his father's estate.

Before realizing that Selvam has been attempting to assist Vinod the entire time, Pooja assists Vinod in putting the puzzle together. Vinod smashes the phone, but Pooja explains that he needs it so he may call Selvam and ask him how he could get rid of the troublesome ghost. Vinod rushes back to the store where he had dropped off the phone to be fixed. Then he comes to a stop on the bridge and answers the phone. Vinod gets hypnotized by Indran, who then compels him to leap off the bridge. Selvam intervenes just in time to control Vinod, save him, and destroy the phone, breaking both Selvam's well as Indran's connection to the living. In the end, it is demonstrated that Selvam exacts vengeance on the publisher/real estate tycoon by strangling him using Pooja's knowledge, and she carries out Selvam's last wish.

Andhakaram review:

The .lalitha Sundaram review does a good job of creating a realistic, dismal setting. Some enigmatic occurrences in cricket coach Vinod's life are handled excellently, picking interest in what will take place next.

As a person who is vision impaired, Vinoth Kishan does his part admirably. His suffering and battle to overcome the obstacles have been convincingly depicted. In his major role, Arjun Das does alright. The young actor makes an honest effort, and his makeover is good. In his part as a psychiatrist, Kumar Natarajan is believable, and he acts as the film's supporting character. The tension in the plotline's final fifteen minutes, when it all gradually comes to light, has been handled well.

The andhakaram movie review movie seems to be almost three hours long, which is a sad fact. The audience will become fascinated when dark and sinister thrillers are wrapped up quickly, but the crew chose to go with a lengthy runtime, which is undoubtedly a negative.

Although Kumar Nararajan's persona is good, it is not created convincingly, leaving the audience with numerous unresolved problems. The development of Arjun Das's persona and his phone call with an unidentified person is soulless and lacks a professional presentation. The andhakaram review film's first hour will leave viewers confused about what is happening because the events are not connected properly.

AM Edwin Sakay's cinematography One of the big attractions is Edwin Sakay, whose camera work for a handful of slow-motion pictures is outstanding. He made a remarkable effort to use his lens to capture the mood of the dark, rural screen. Pradeep Kumar's background music does a respectable job of illuminating a few pivotal passages. Sathyaraj Natarajan's editing is subpar since he had the opportunity to cut the proceedings short to create the storytelling even more engrossing, but he failed to do so as mentioned in our andhakaram movie review.

Regarding the vignarajan director, he created a unique topic for his thriller, which is something to be commended, however, his narration is quite wordy and has numerous errors. He may have had a greater impact on the movie as a whole if he had concentrated more on explaining Dr. Indran's function.

Newcomer Vignarajan, who also wrote the story, has a strong concept in mind: four distinct characters, four distinct stories, all bound together by the same thread. Each character is well-written and given adequate substance. The actors have also given their roles their all-out effort. Arjun effortlessly demonstrates both his machismo as well as his frailty; he is combative in situations where he is trying to escape the caller and cowers in dread when he understands that he might have come into something eerie. Vinoth makes a good impression as a blind librarian since he handles Braille with ease and looks at the part. Pooja, as well as Kumar Natarajan, quietly performed their roles, but they left a lasting impression.

It's the string that ties the tales together, yet there's something about wrapping that just doesn't feel right. It's weak and loose, but you don't realize it until the finale. The narration manages to keep you interested, but the ending leaves you wondering if you should have waited. Although the movie calls itself a supernatural thriller, there is nothing spooky about the anthapuram movie review plot.


Andhaghaaram review is indeed a thriller overall, but it could have been done even better. The audience is left with conflicted emotions by the lack of depth in several subplots and the connections between important characters. Despite this, the suspense in the movie makes it watchable, although the long running time should be anticipated.

Anthapuram 2021 Movie Review Rating IMDb:

7.6 out of 10 with 3778 votes on IMDb

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