Andhagadu Movie Review: A Complete Package Of Romance And Drama

Saumya Sharma Sep 12 . 5 min read

Andhhagadu is a Telugu language film released in the year 2017, Director of the movie is Veligonda Srinivas and the producer is Sunkara Ramabrahman under the AK Entertainments Pvt Ltd banner. The main leads of the movie are Hebah Patel, and Raj Tarun, and the supporting roles are played by Raja Ravindra, Savaji Shinde, Rajendra Prasad, and Ashish Vidyarthi. The music composer is Shekhar Chanda. The movie was loved by everyone and became a super hit at the box office. A movie remake was made in Odia in 2018, with Babushan and Bhumika as the main leads.

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About Andhagadu Movie

As the name tells Andhagadu movie shows a blind man (Gautam) who falls in love with a doctor, but got dumped after she finds out that the actor is blind. Gautam also used to get some mysterious dreams but what is the reasoning mind those mysterious dreams? And will Gautam find his true love? You need to keep reading the article to know everything about it. You can watch andhhagadu full movie on Netflix. It is known to be one of the best raj tarun telugu movies.

Andhagadu Movie Cast


  • Veligonda Srinivas


  • Sunkara Ramabrahman


  • Raj Tarun as Gautham
  • Hebah Patel as Dr. Netra
  • Rajendra Prasad as Ranjith Kulkarni
  • Ashish Vidyarthi as Dr. Ashish
  • Savaji Shinde as ACP
  • Raja Ravindra as Pantham Babji
  • Satya as Kishore
  • Satyam Rajesh as Rajesh
  • Java Prakash Reddy as Lawyer
  • Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao as Krishna's father
  • Fish Venkat as Babji's henchmen
  • Prabhakar
  • Ananth
  • Ratna Sagar as Netra's grandmother


  • B. Bhanu Kiran

Andhagadu Movie Story

The movie starts by showing Gautam, he is a blind youngster who was searching for his soulmate and an eye donor. Once he falls in love with an eye doctor Netra, they both came a little close, and Netra also started loving him without knowing that he is blind. The truth came out that Gautam is blind she dumped him after that. Netra arranges a donor for Gautam and he regained her eyesight in very less time.

After that Gautam started getting mysterious dreams. later on, Gautam again falls for Netra once again without knowing her real identity. A few days later Gautam realizes the truth.

Suddenly, one day, a man named Ranjith Kulkarni enters Gautham's life as Netra's father. Netra tells that Kulkarni passed away two months ago and his eyes are transplanted to him. Gautam realizes it is the soul of Kulkarni. Now, Kulkarni recalls his past as he was a journalist who got slaughtered by a Pantham Babji. That's why he wants to take revenge with the help of Gautam, but he refuses. Because of this Kulkarni did every possible thing to make Gautham's life miserable by creating a bad relationship with Babji. Gautam tells the entire story to Dr. Ashish and requested him to remove his eyes. Ashish was a good friend of Dharma that's why he convinced him that whatever Gautam is stating is a fact. Ashish got to know that Kulkarni is a businessman. He immediately went to Gautam's residence. When Gautam was a child, he used to have three friends at a blind school who went for eye transplants. While coming back home they witnessed a murder made by Babji, for which he killed them. Hence, he has drawn up this revenge scheme, eventually, Babji also detects it and kidnaps Netra. In the name of Kulkarni Gautam eliminates Babji. At last, Gautam marries Netra.

Andhagadu Movie Review:

Raj Tarun's acting is improved a lot as compared to earlier. The role of a blind man played by him is liked by everyone. Saya's acting made everyone smile. The comedy scenes made the first half better. The chemistry between Hebah and Raj Tharun is quite rocking everyone loved the connection they both shared. Overall the first half is considered to be better than the second half, as the second half focused on reliving the reason behind the mysterious dreams. The second half showed some boring scenes and it felt like some scenes were not required and were dragged necessary. There were some flaws in the dialogues but otherwise, it's a very good movie option to go for.


Overall, The start of Andhagadu is filled with fun and excitement but gets sidetracked during the second half. The entertainment part in the first half is impressive. The second half of the movie is quite boring but the last 15 minutes of the movie brought some unexpected twists and turns this makes Andhagadu a good movie that you can enjoy on your weekend.


Andhagadu Telugu movie gained 5.7 points out of 10 on IMDb.


Ques 1. What is the best raj tarun hebah patel movies?

Ans. As per the audience review, Andhagadu is known for these two.


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