Anbulla Ghilli: Ghilli Becomes Love Guru For His Owner Help Him Finding Love

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Anbulla Ghilli is a 2022 Tamil-language film directed by Srinath Ramalingam and produced by Sreenidhi Sagar & E Mala. The movie's direct television debut took place on February 6, 2022, on Colors Tamil. Ramu and Ghilli, the dog, who are good friends, are followed throughout the movie. Ramu is in the middle of a romantic triangle.

Hello everyone and welcome back to the channel. Today, we'll speak about the Gilli Tamil full movie, about which we'll chat in the article along with an anbulla ghilli review, information on the cast, and other details.

About The Movie:

The dog, Ghilli, is a die-hard admirer of Thalapathy Vijay, the storyteller. Gilli Tamil movie with romantic overtones and a subtle message. Ghilli aids Ramu in discovering genuine love. Sundar, a vicious poacher posing as a forest ranger, stirs up their lives. Gilli movie release date was 6 February 2022.

Gilli Movie Cast:


  • Srinath Ramalingam


  • Srinath Ramalingam


  • Amigo (dog) as Ghilli
  • Soori as Ghilli (voice)
  • Maithreya Rajasekar as Ramu
  • Dushara Vijayan as Anvitha
  • Mime Gopi as Sundaram
  • Chandini Tamilarasan as Bhargavi
  • VJ Ashiq Hussain
  • Nanjil Vijayan
  • Ilavarasu as Bhargavi's father
  • Mayilsamy
  • Poo Ram
  • Indhumathi as Bhargavi's mother
  • Sriranjini
  • Baby Kirthika


  • Sreenidhi Sagar
  • E Mala

Ghilli Full Movie Tamil Plot:

The movie's protagonist, Anbulla Ghilli review (acted by Amigo), is portrayed by actor and comedian Soori, who adds his own amusing spin to the narrative.

The Kodaikanal setting of the movie follows the lives of Ramu (acted by Maithreya Rajeshsekar) as well as Ghilli, who become true partners in crime as they grow up together. When Ramu is involved in a love triangle involving his childhood sweetheart Pargavi (acted by Chandni Tamilarasan) and also the girl next door, Anvitha, the plot takes an intriguing turn (acted by Dushara Vijayan).

Trying to play cupid, Ghilli assists his friend Ramu to find his true love as well as taking on the role of his new wingman. Nevertheless, all is not going well as Sundar (ended up played by Mime Gopi), a ruthless poacher posing as a forest ranger, stirs up their lives. The rest of the story revolves around how the two manage to escape Sundar's shackles.

Anbulla Ghilli Review:

For Tamil cinema, it does appear that this is the pet movie era. Anbulla Ghilli follows the endearing Mugizh and the fairly forgettable Naai Sekhar. The relationship between Ramu (Maithreya Rajasekar) as well as Ghilli, his cute white Labrador, is the foundation of the movie. They are friends who benefit from one another's comfort. Ramu, who lost both of his parents when he was a child, is brought up by his grandfather. Ramu, a young devotee of Vijay, gets a puppy and gives him the name Ghilli.

In this gilli movie with lovely beginnings, Ranger Sundaram (Mime Gopi), who enjoys hunting, the ivory trade, as well as wildlife smuggling, represents the conflict. Ghilli fits Sundaram's criteria for the hunting dog he needs to aid him in his criminal activities. This comes after the now-adult lab receives a hero-introduction shot in which he pursues a robber. The whole plot is around Ramu and Ghilli outwitting Sundaram.

The majority of Ghilli's conversations, which Soori is voicing, are meant to be humorous (occasionally accidentally), but nevertheless don't always work out. Every one of the actor's signature counter-dialogue and slurs is used in this. The dog makes the phrase "poona moonji" at one point. Moonji meaning in malayalam means fucked up. We are I'm not certain if the intention is to make people laugh.

A famished Ghilli complains in another scene, "These men are still not nourishing me adequately. I'm going to place an order on Jomato, in Soori's slang. This is certainly not a fantasy movie. However, Ghilli still has a love song, in which Yuvan Shankar Raja sings for the two dogs while they are decked up in beautiful clothes. Wait for the "dogs love the track" if you can't stand the "dogs love track." Gilli Tamil movie download you do not need you can watch it online at any time.

Ramu has affections for his gold-digging(gold digger meaning in Tamil is a woman who associates with or marries a rich man in order to get valuables from him through gifts or a divorce settlement) "mama ponnu," but Anvitha, a "Settu ponnu" played by Dushara Vijayan, is desperately in love with him. How then does Anvitha come to adore Ramu? He assists her in obtaining a packet of sanitary napkins that are kept on a store's upper shelf. We are finished now. Completely as well as utterly. This weak foundation permeates the entire movie, and it just gets worse.

Some pitiful acts further detract from the bad writing. No other actors in ghilli cast, besides Ilavarasu and Mimi Gopi (considering his one-note villainous role), are able to give even a passable performance. Dushara, who was absolutely phenomenal in Sarpatta Parambarai, was forced to work hard to emote, and it was painful to watch. Even Maithreya, the principal actor, and his two sidekicks Nanjil Vijayan as well as VJ Ashiq perform poorly.

At a specific point in the anbulla ghilli review, Ghilli is trying to get to Chennai so she can meet Ramu. Here, the creators have included ghilli songs that are sung from the dog's point of view and talks about things like man's avarice, global warming, as well as deforestation. Although the objectives are admirable, why even try if you can't even create original visuals? The majority of the song's graphics are stock videos taken from either the internet, which provides the impression that the listener is in a high school education session.

The cinematography by Balasubramaniem is one of the movie's very few redeeming qualities. Anbulla Ghilli's graphics, which were captured in beautiful settings, are lovely to look at, but the editing that resembles Snapseed detracts from it. The songs by Arrol Correli are alright, but there are a few parts where the background music is wildly and inadvertently funny.

In the course of the movie, Ghilli helps a lot of people. A young child who is drowning, a blind man wandering the streets, and of course, his master Ramu. He is a rescuer. There are a few characters that refer to him as "Kadavul." Anbulla Ghilli may have been a man's best friend if only this Kadavul had shown me this mercy. Now, all we have is one lengthy, tedious exercise devoid of any substance.


We will conclude that the ghilli movie template is okay to watch if you are an animal lover but otherwise it is okay. All the information will be found in the article, hope you like the article and come again for all the updates on the cinema world.

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7.3 out of 10 with 40 votes on IMDb

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