Anamika Web Series Review: Vikram Bhatt's Action Thriller Series on MX Player

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Anamika is an action thriller web series, comprising eight episodes. The web series got released on the 10th of March 2022. The series is available in multiple languages on MX Player. The series was released in multiple languages including Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. The first season of the crime thriller is accessible on MX Player. Directed and produced by Vikram Bhatt, the Ananimka web series cat involves the names Sunny Leone, Sonallu Seygall, Rahul Dev, Samir Soni, Ayaz Khan, and Shehzad Shaikh as the lead characters. According to Anamika 2022 review, the IMDb ratings for the web series are 4.3/10.

Anamika web series review: Cast:

  • Sunny Leone
  • Shehzad Shaikh
  • Shyamraj Patil
  • Romil K. Sharma
  • Sonnali Seygall

The action, thriller, and drama series, directed and produced by Vikram Bhatt involves the name of cast members who have done an amazing job. For every genre, you need an actor who can pull off the character assigned to him as required by the story. According to the Anamika review, Anamika web series cast members have done justice to their roles in this MX Player web series.

Anamika web series review: Storyline:

Anamika web series kickstarted its release on MX Player on the 10th of March 2022. As much as understood the genre, we can predict that the story might involve murders and crimes. But let us read and get to know what type of story is depicted in the web series.

The character Anamika is portrayed by Sunny Leone. She has forgotten everything related to her past. She does not remember a few of her past events. No one knows anything about her past. Some powerful forces are watching him back to attack. But she has no idea of what is happening to her. Now it will be interesting to watch how will she escape from the clutches of these powerful forces?

Now the time has come for Anamika to dig out her past and learn everything because she has to put up a fight against her past.

Here is the episode-wise Anamika web series review:

Episode 1 (Anamika....Who?): The first episode of the web series kickstart with some masked men attacking the Faridabad City Hospital. Anamika witnesses the whole incident and manages to escape. The incident triggers the state of her amnesia. But, Dr. Prashant and her boyfriend tell her not to worry about anything.

Episode 2 (Known Unknown): Anamika's efforts and instincts give fruitful results. But the secret agent is keeping a check on every movement of her. Anamika manages to draw closer to her target. Will Anamika reach her target or will she be nabbed by the secret agency?

Episode 3 (King Of Dope): No one knows anything about Anamika's whereabouts. On the other hand, Ansari and Luthra's partner Walia makes his entry into the scene. The scene reflects that drug dealing is not a mere business. There is something bigger than this. In the meanwhile, a DCA agent, Rhea, surprises Anamika. While another person is also looking for Anamika? Who is he? Why is he looking for Anamika?

Episode 4 (DCA - My Old Friend): Anamika is on the run after killing Ansari. Rhea ambushes her hideout place before Anamika could reach Delhi. The situation worsens between Walia and Sameer Oberoi because Anamika has become a hurdle in their plan. While on the counter side, the head of DCA, Ravi Srivastava holds up a meeting with Raghunath Chauhan to discuss Anamika. What is their plan against Anamika?

Episode 5 (I want to meet Mahie): Rohan reveals something surprising to Anamika. Anamika wonders why did she ask Rohan to make her painting. Anamika crushes down Sameer Oberoi and Minister Raghunath's empire. On the other hand, DCA agents are working very hard to get to know about Anamika's whereabouts. During her search for Walia, Anamika comes across a nightmare she had forgotten about a long ago.

According to Anamika's web series review, the story of the web series is not that catchy.

Episode 6 (Bond of Evil Brothers): This episode is full of shocking revelations. Anamika crosses paths with Sameer and learns that Anamika has possession of something that Sameer needs. But DCA agents get her before she could get Sameer. Anamika's all enemies hold up a meeting on how to deal with her. On the other hand, Anamika faces interrogation. But Rhea decides to get to the bottom of the case. What did happen in Anamika's past?

Anamika 2022 review reports do not say much good about the series.

Episode 7 (Eliminate Agent - M): Anamika goes missing. But Rhea manages to find out the name of the person who is behind her abduction. In the meanwhile, DCA decides to eliminate Rohan because he has been helping Anamika. While Anamika reminds her of past events and everything about her. But still, she has a lot of questions unanswered in her mind. Watch the web series on MX Player.

Anamika review reports are not that good.

Episode 8 (The Painting Speaks): Anamika tries to discover the secret hidden in that painting with Rohan's help. But Rohan gets attacked. On the other hand, Rhea and Anamika go behind Sameer but he is not the real culprit.

What will Anamika do now to catch the real culprit? How will she get to know the reality?

Anamika web series review:

Anamika review reports do not mark the web series to be a hit. Anamika web series IMDb ratings for the MX Player series are 4.3 out of 10.

However, The makers are planning for Anamika season 2 in late 2023 or early 2024.


Q. Is Anamika a horror movie?

Ans. No, Anamika is an action thriller MX Player web series.

Q. Is Anamika a web series?

Ans. Yes, Anamika is a web series. You can watch Sunny Leone's Anamika web series on MX Player.

Q. Is Sunny Leone in Anamika?

Ans. Yes, Sunny Leone has played the lead role in the Anamika web series. She has portrayed the character of Anamika in the series.

Q. Will Anamika season 2 come?

Ans. Yes, the makers are planning to bring Anamika season 2 in 2023 or early 2024.

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