Anamika Movie Review: A 2014 Indian Drama Thriller Film By Shekhar Kammula

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With its tense narrative and excellent acting, Kahaani captured many hearts when it was released two years ago. It was an unexpected kind of storyline, carried entirely by Vidya Balan's strong arms. Sekhar Kammula's attempt to retell that success tale is called Anamika Telugu movie. However, it is not an outright replica or remake. Kammula injects his personality into the narrative. Also, Anamika Tamil movie was released all over the world. 

Hello all, welcome back to reading about a new movie review today. This blog will give you an insight into a south-Indian movie which is a remake of the Hindi film Kahani. You may get any information on any series, films, television shows, or anything else related to them on this page. So, in this essay, we'll discuss Anamika, a classic Telugu film directed by Shekhar Sir and distributed internationally in many different languages. Read about the cast of the Telugu film Anamika, its plot, and much more in the Anamika movie review.  

About The Movie 

Anamika film story revolves around the protagonist of the novel a woman named Nayanthara who travels to Hyderabad in search of her husband, a software engineer who mysteriously vanished. Since the guest house, office, and even airport immigration do not have any records of her husband, there is little the police can do. When Nayan discovers that her spouse had a lookalike, things take a dramatic turn. Possibly, this will help her go closer to the search. However, her search quickly evolves into a political plot. Anamika full movie is also available online platforms. Anamika meaning in Telugu is ‘The One without a Name’. Anamika Hindi movie is also available for the audience to watch. 

Anamika Movie Cast


  •  Sekhar Kammula


  • Nayanthara as Anaamika
  • Vaibhav Reddy as Parthasarathi
  • Pasupathy as Ajmad Ali Khan
  • Harshvardhan Rane as Ajay Shasrti & Milan Damji
  • Thagubothu Ramesh as Taxi Driver
  • Vinay Varma as Ravi Chandra
  • Naresh as Aadhikesavayya, Home Minister
  • Dheer Charan Srivastav as Hotel Manager
  • Sriranjini as Parthasarathi's mother
  • D. Narsingh Rao as Head constable
  • Vinod Chelambathodi as Lakshman
  • Mohsin Raja as Imaam
  • Master KVJ Harsha as Raju
  • CVL Narasimha Rao as Anaamika's Father
  • Shruthi Mallpani as HR Manager
  • Sudhakar Chilla as Commando Officer


  • Deepak Dhar
  • Sameer Gogate
  • Rajnish Khanuja
  • Sameer Rajendran

Anamika Telugu Movie Story

Scroll through this section to know more about anamika movie story for you to decide if you would want to watch the movie or would recommend it to someone. An ethical hacker from the US named Anamika Nayanthara arrives in the city and immediately goes to the police station to report a missing person. Anaamika wants to do is recover her missing husband Ajay Shastry, played by Harshvardhan Rane, as quickly as possible and at all costs, even if that includes putting up with lecherous police officers and staying in a seedy, cockroach-infested hotel room in Old City. It comes as a nasty shock to her when she initially visits the local police station since the indifferent officers don't take her complaint seriously and write off the entire episode as a typical instance of an unfaithful husband. Parthasarathi (Vaibhav), a supporter she eventually discovers, goes above and above to assist her in tracking down Ajay-related hints. In contrast to how Parambrata Chatterjee followed Vidya Balan's lead throughout their investigation in Kahaani, Vaibhav appears to be in charge of discovering Ajay in Anamika, while Nayantara makes the most of her opportunity to play the helpless damsel. Anamika encounters numerous obstacles in her quest to find her missing husband, including resentful senior police officer Ravi Chandra (Vinay Varma), a killer sent for her, and pushy anti-terrorism squad member Khan (Pasupathy). When Anamika obtains that crucial hard disc that everyone—including the terrorists and the home minister—is vying for, things start to heat up. However, it is never made clear why the home minister is so eager to get it. Even though Anamika old movie is a translation of the Hindi thriller, comparisons between the two seem inevitable. Simply put, the plot isn't as grim and compelling as Kahaani. Contrary to his spooky counterpart in the Hindi version, even the assassin Bob fails to give the audience the chills. But the movie has some good parts. For instance, Sekhar declines to appeal to viewers' compassion by portraying the main character as a pregnant lady. For him, Anaamika is merely a stubborn woman who will stop at nothing to get her husband. While Nayantara's portrayal of the unhappy wife in the first half of the film may not have had the same impact as Vidya's in the Hindi version, she shines when the narrative deepens in the second half. In the movie, Harshvardhan Rane doesn't get a lot of screen time. While Vinay Varma succeeds in raising eyebrows as the lecherous cop with the wandering eye, Vaibhav does a commendable job playing the honest Sarathi. Parthasarathy plays the part of Khan with elegance.

Anamika Movie Review

This section will talk about Anamika review. Continue reading more to know about Anamika movie 2014. As Anamika, Nayanathara is restrained and powerful. Her accurate depiction of conflicting emotions makes her an excellent fit for the multilingual film, which has also been released in Tamil. As the empathetic police inspector who goes around assisting her while putting himself in danger, Vaibhav does a fantastic job. Since Pasupathy and Naresh are seasoned actors, it goes without saying that they performed well. In his little part, Harshavardhan Rane performed admirably when it was needed. This movie's second half is excellent. Racy narration is excellent, with the thriller maestro Yendamoori Veerendranath assisting in getting ready for the thriller. It's pretty interesting to see how the Old City is filmed and how the natural lighting is used.

Sekhar Kammula's Anaamika is by no means a great thriller, but it's a commendable effort. Kammula is fascinated by the idea of a powerless woman searching for her husband in a society that has come to accept all of its paradoxes. A drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat is the one thing the plot is missing, and it makes all the difference. If you haven't seen Kahani, watch it. 

Vijay C Kumar's camera work suffers from compatibility issues between scenes and is cloudy and gloomy on the technical front. The early portion of Marthand K Venkatesh's editing might have used some sharpening. Even though the runtime is almost two hours, it seems longer. The BGM of Keeravani is vital to the story, and it does an outstanding job, especially towards the conclusion. Conversations lacked the hypnotic quality we've come to anticipate from Sekhar. Endemol, Select Media, and Logline all have above-average production values.

Sekhar did a poor job of designing Nayan's characterization, which required to have several aspects and fluctuating emotions to give it a thriller flavor. Because "Anamaika" is a woman's story, each step she takes to get to a brave finale must support the credibility that isn't there. The best part is that Sekhar carefully lifted the backdrop but neglected to add any necessary drama. The movie only picks up pace after the intermission. In comparison, "Kahaani" is a much better movie than "Anamika," which errs on the side of intelligence.


Despite all of these negatives, Anamika cinema is without a doubt worth watching. You won't be let down, and you'll continue to watch with curiosity, a scowl now and then, and a smile occasionally. 

Anamika Movie Rating

IMDb users 277 have rated Anamika old movie with a weighted average of 5.4 out of 10.

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