An Unconventional Review: Tin Star Ending Explained

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Tin Star is a thriller crime drama produced by Rowan Joffe. It is an English series that has three seasons that comprise 25 episodes. Tin Star ending explained.

Is Tin Star on Netflix?

The show was first premiered on Sky Atlantic on September 7, 2017. It was internationally available on Amazon Video on September 29, 2017. The second series was aired on January 24, 2019. The third and the final was aired in December 2020.

Tin Star Cast includes:

• Tim Roth the as Chief Jim Worth, a former Metropolitan Police detective and the new Chief of Little Big Bear Police

• Abigail Lawrie as Anna Worth, daughter

• Genevieve O'Reilly as Angela Worth, Jim's wife

• Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth Bradshaw Vice President of Stakeholder Relations for North Stream Oil. She is giving her best to maintain a peaceful working relationship with North Stream and the local people. Her attempt at making a peaceful relationship is made difficult because of her dispute and issues with Chief Worth. She often finds herself on the morally ambiguous ground. Is Tin star on Netflix.

• Oliver Coopersmith as Simon, Frank's nephew with a past connection to Worth.

• Sarah Podemski as Constable later Chief Denise Minahik, a First Nations officer with Little Big Bear Police, and second-in-command to Chief Worth.

• Ian Puleston Davies is seen as Frank Keane

• Myles Peterman as Joe

• Christopher Heyerdas Louis Gagnon

• John Lynch as Pastor Johan

• Lynda Boyd as Randy, she is the owner of Randy's Roadhouse which is a bar and she also owns a strip club; she is a partner of Frank Keane.

• Ryan Kennedy as Constable Nic McGillen, a junior officer with Little Big Bear Police, in a somewhat secret relationship with Constable Minahik.

• Kevin Hanchard as Father Gregoire

• Jenessa Grant as Rosa Nickel, daughter of Pastor Johan.

• Stephen Walters as Johnny 

• Anamaria Marinca as Sarah Nickel

• Jack Veal as Simon

• Rupert Turnbull as Peter Worth

• Roark Critchlow as Benoit Lehane. Tin Star season 3 episode 6

• Mike Kovac as McMoney in Tin Star cast.

• Owen Crowshoe as Hal Laskamin

• Ray G. Thunder Child as Jacob Minahik

• Michelle Thrush as Jaclyn Letendre, a member of the Ipowahtaman tribe who relocates to the Musqwa reserve.

• Rachael Crawford as DDrusan

• Nigel Bennett as Friedrich Quiring, Is Tin Star on Netflix 

• Nicholas Campbell as Wallace Lyle

• Lorne Cardinal as Chief Lightfoot

• Maxwell as Daniel Lyle

• Gerald Auger as Timothy

• Who is Helen in Tin Star


Tim Roth plays the role of the father who would do always try to protect his family but never spend quality time with them. The series does introduce a few new elements, most importantly the protagonist’s initial failure to keep all his loved ones safe. Is Tin Star on Netflix.

But otherwise, it’s the comprises of financial anxieties, freakish villains, and middle-aged men staring in grief at their reflections that we’ve come to expect from shows.

Tin Star ending explained. This show at many times leaves you nail-biting. The unbelievable acting from Tim Roth is amazing, eventful, and cringe-worthy. If you haven’t seen it and you want to watch something binge-worthy then you must get your hands at this particular web series which is full of drama. Is Tin Star On Netflix, no It’s a series on Amazon Video.

Tin Star season 3 episode 6. The acting is decent and the characters, some likeable some not so likeable some are extremely fascinating. It was suspenseful and arouse curiosity to know about what is going to happen next.

Tin Star ending explained, season 2 leaves no chance to make you discontinue the series. The series gets you involved in itself. It's a bang on drama. Can't wait to see S3. The internal strife that the characters had to deal with was real. We all have skeletons as do the characters in this season. Is Tin star on Netflix.


• Police chief Jim Worth (Tim Roth) had moved his family from England to the small Canadian Rockies town, where suddenly an Oil Company has emerged with a promise to make big money but has rather a created chaos and the crime and violence has erupted in the town. Tin Star Music.


• The unseen

• Jack is seen preparing himself and his family for the upcoming repercussions. Angela and Anna are wearing their bulletproof jackets to face the reality together. Tin star ending explained, the end how Jack, Angela, and Anna all of them go their separate way, Jim walking away from the town he brought carnage to down a long road. Jack has to say an emotional goodbye for the worst that could happen. Is Tin star on Netflix.


• Collateral Summary

• This episode has lots of deaths, which were not expected. Catherine realized her mistake and was willing to talk to Sara regarding something. Catherine is seen telling Keith that she has received bad news but won't be able to share it with him. Jack on the other hand thinks if Sara decides to let him go then he will go and find his wife and daughter and give them a better life than they truly deserve. Sara asks Jack to leave. All the new characters added were almost killed. Tin star music.


• Tin Star ending explained. Jack and Angela had their wedding after waiting for so long, however, the second decision they made had consequences. When they were all hiding on the rooftop, Jack expresses his desire to see Paris even though they have already been there.

Tin Star season 3 episode 6. After Jim falls off and his wife and daughter are left only to decide for themselves, as well as figure out how will they cope with an uncertain and full of thorns future. Tin Star season 3 episode 4.


Tin Star season 1 recap. The story is quite interesting. British cop moved from London and now working in Canada, with an oil company coming to a small town all of a sudden, and then crime and violence erupted in the town. The thriller drama is full of corruption, greed as well as family emotions. To fully understand the story you will have to follow through with season 1, there is no other option and I don’t want to give away the story but I can vouch on the series that you'll never regret bingeing on. Make your weekends thrilling with drama. Tin Star season 2 episode 9 leaves you excited to know what will come in the third series. Who is Helen in Tin Star?

The actors and actresses are perfect. You get Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks: playing as always perfect. Tin Star season 3 episode 6.

This series keeps you integrating into itself and never makes you feel like turning off your screens with its interesting storyline and characters. I recommend watching this series over the weekend. Tin Star ending explained.

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