Amma serial cast Malavika won Mammootty, the Best Actor Award

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Amma is a well-known Malayalam television show that aired on Asianet Television. The first episode of this serial aired on June 2, 2011, at 9:30 p.m. By July 2014, the series had achieved 1000 episodes.

It is one of the channel's longest-running serials. Amma malayalam serial cast are Sreekala Sasidharan, Archana Suseelan, and Malavika (Mammootty, the Best Actor Award Winner). It's the Malayalam version of the Bengali serial " Maa," which aired on Star Jalsha. Within a short period, the serial grew in popularity and rose to the top of the TRP lists. Adithyan is the director of the Amma tv serial, which is an Indian Malayalam family show focusing on family drama and family activities. The Amma serial has received the Asianet Television Award for Most Popular Serial 2013, the Jaycey Foundation Award for Best Serial, and the Asianet Television Award for Best Family Entertainer 2014. 

The Amma serial Asianet storyline centers around Chinnu's attempts to reconnect with her biological family after facing several challenges. Amma serial Asianet is a great serial that depicts the challenges that a young girl must face in her life. To know more about Amma serial keep on reading guys.

Amma serial Plot

Chinnu, a young girl, is the main character of the Amma serial. She is the granddaughter of Poomangalam Tharavadu Judge Govinda Menon. He lives with his wife Subadra, with whom he has three adult sons: Prakash, Sharath, and Anand. Sharath is Lekshmi's husband, and Ponnu is their daughter.

Then in the Amma serial Malayalam, on the day of the Durgashtami festival, the family loses beloved Ponnu among the crowd. The family is devastated as a result of that tragedy. Ponnu was kidnapped by Heera, a nasty woman who exploits minors to beg for money and engages in other unlawful acts. Ponnu was handed over to Mallika, who renamed her Chinnu. She raised her with much love and care. Amma serial cast Malavika as Chinnu has a strong attachment to Mallika and feels she is her biological mother. She was the gang's top pick pocketer. But she cherished many positive characteristics in herself and was a savior to everyone in the group. For everyone who knew her, she was the most adored Chinnu. However, the Amma serial actress name Malavika Chinnu learned the truth while Mallika was in severe condition. She gave Amma serial cast Malavika as Chinnu an "ellas" (a sacred locket) and explained that she found it in her body and that it will help her find her parents. Chinu became an orphan after Mallika died. She manages to escape Heera's cruel traps and ends up as a refugee at Shegaran Master's house.

Shegaran Master's daughter married Anand and returned to his wife's residence, which is also Chinnu's. Anupama brings Chinnu with her, which allows Chinnu to enter Poomangalam. It didn't take long for Amma serial cast Malavika as Chinnu to recognize her parents, Sharath and Lakshmi, who were present. Unfortunately, no one was around to hear her words. The truth was disregarded.

Meanwhile, Amma serial cast Kalasala Babu/Ibrahim Kutty as Govinda Menon's sister Ambika and her son Deepu discover that Chinnu is the father of their lost daughter Ponnu. They, on the other hand, never disclose the truth to anyone and harass Chinnu in whatever way they can.

They charge Deepu with theft and toss Chinnu out of the house one day. The Amma serial actress name Malavika as Chinnu, who is lost on the road, seeks refuge in the home of a lady who runs a tea shop. There, she meets Meenakshi, a girl her age. She gives her the "ellas" and sends her to Poomangalam to please Lakshmi. Everyone in the house was overjoyed to see their long-lost child again. Meenakshi began to live her life under the disguise of Ponnu. However, the family's luxuries and love blind Meenakshi, and she also turns against Chinnu.

Amma serial cast Maya Viswantha as Heera kidnaps Appu, Shartah, and Laksmi's younger child. Malavika, Amma serial cast Malavika as Chinnu, on the other hand, works hard and takes back Appu, giving her a position in the family once more. The decision was not in Chinnu's favor. Meenakshi and Ambika join forces to play against Chinnu, and she is driven from Poomangalam once more.

Her only companions were tears and loneliness. God, on the other hand, always has something good in store for the kind-hearted child. This time, she was safely directed to Vinaychandran, a sports coach. He recognizes her abilities and prepares her to be a fantastic athlete. In the meantime, Vinaychdran's younger brother Karthik marries Indhu, Subardra's niece. Amma serial cast Malavika as Chinnu wins a prestigious race, earning him a return invitation to Poomangalam.

However, this was not the end of Chinnu's tragedies. The media said that Chinnu was retained as a servant at Poomangalam, which caused them problems. Without knowing Meenkashi's machinations behind all of this, everyone in the house turns against innocent Chinnu once more.

Amma tv serial cast

  • Malavika as Chinnu/Ponnu
  • Gowri Krishna as Diya/Chinnu
  • Kumarakm Rakhunath as Vidhyasagar(Diyas Father)
  • Sharath as Sharath
  • Naveen Arakkal as Arjun
  • Maneesh Krishnan as Mithun
  • Angel as Shreya, Amma Malayalam serial cast
  • Beena Antony as Urmila (Diya's mother)
  • Sreekala as Lekshmi(Ponnu's Mother)
  • Adithyan as Prakash
  • Kalasala Babu/Ibrahim Kutty as Govinada Menon
  • Maya Viswantha as Heera

Amma serial latest episode

Priya, Sruthi, and Anjali travel to Thambi's lair. Sagar, Mithun, and Diya are discovered by the three. In the Amma serial today (last episode), Thambi tries to kill them, but Arjun manages to put out the fire. Thambi and Pavan eventually escape, but Anjali, Priya, and Sruthi attack them. The hostages are rescued by Lekha, Arjun, and Sajan. Thambi is killed by Lekha and that's the ending of the Amma serial story.

Conclusion: Amma serial Malayalam

Amma is an Indian Malayalam serial that is a family drama serial. So, if you like watching family storyline serials then you can give it a watch and all the serial episodes are available online on Disney+Hotstar.

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