Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu Review: A 2019 Telugu Movie

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Amma Rajyamalo Kadapa Biddalu is a Telugu Indian political 2019 film directed by Ram Gopal Verma and produced by T Sridhar and T. Naresh Kumar. Music direction by Ravi Shankar. The principal leads are Ajmal Ameer, Ali, Dhanraj, and Brahmanandam. The release date of the film is December 2019. The first poster from the film was released on 7 September 2019, Trailer on 27 October 2019. The total running time of the film was 133 minutes.

Hello friends! Everyone is so busy with their work and stuff and sometimes they forget about entertainment but what is a life without entertainment? That is boring to save you from that boredom 99chill.com is back with a political Tollywood drama movie. If you are a fan of politics, elections, and politicians then this film is made for you. No matter if you are 35 or 85 this film is for everyone. You can surely enjoy your weekend by watching amma rajyam lo kadapa biddalu full movie. In this article, you will get to know more about the story.

About the story

The movie amma rajyam lo revolves around different leaders as elections were about to be held in Andhra Pradesh. The political leaders engaged in a dirty fight for the seat of CM. The current and real-life situation in politics has been very clearly shown in the film. You will also be able to relate to the leaders shown in the movie by real-life leaders. Babu’s Velugu Desam party was thrashed very badly in the general elections, After defeating them the new chief mister of Andhra Pradesh was Jagannadha Reddy. The defeat was not accepted by Babu so he came back with a plan to destroy CM Jagannadha Reddy. A murder of Dayaneni Rama was done and many leaders including Babu and Pranay Kalyan accused Jagannadha Reddy and claimed that he is behind the murder. Things changed when midterms polls are announced as Jaganndha Reddy resigns from the post of CM. Keep reading to know what happened ahead in kadapa movie.

Cast of Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu


Siddhartha Thatolu and Ram Gopal Verma


Ajay Mysore


  • Ajmal Ameer as Y.S. Jagannath Reddy
  • Rakesh Bhavsar as lider
  • Dhananjay Prabhune as Babu
  • Brahmanandam as driver of Babu
  • Ali as Pammineni Rambam
  • Prudhvi Raj a Political expert
  • Srikanth Jyyengar as dayaneni rama
  • Dheeraj KV as Aakash Babu
  • Kathi Mahesh as Special officer
  • Swapna as Police Inspector
  • Dhanraj as Gangaveeti Bhavani


Ram Gopal Verma and Karun Venkat are the writers of kadapa rajyam lo kadapa redla.

Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu story:

 The story starts with showing Babu (Dhananjay), his son Pappu (Dheeraj), who lost in the election by RCP Party chief Jagannath Reddy. Babu waits for a chance to bounce back and snatch power from Jagannath, whereas his son shed tears when he does not become the Chief Minister. There’s also security guard Brahmanandam, who gives a sly smile instead of a yes or no. Swapna Sundari plays the role of a cop. Mahesh Kathi plays a CBI officer’s role and they both go on a mission to track down and find the real criminals behind the killing of a top politician. At last, the truth was revealed that Jagannath Reddy has not done any murder and he has been accused of fake claims.

Amma Rajyamlo kadapa review:

The audience loved a few things about amma rajyam lo kadapa biddalu that were set up in the film as they were able to relate to the political condition shown in it with real-life political leaders very well. There were some comedy scenes as well that added some sparkle.

Talking about performances, The character played by Ajmal Ameer as Jagan Reddy was very good, All the facial expressions, dialogues, and body language suited his role very well. The role of Babu was also liked by everyone. He was quite decent while performing the role. As a speaker, Ali was also good. Ramu who did the role of PP Paul was very good his delivery of dialogue was also very good. He made some funny and comedy jokes as well. Whereas there was a lack of seriousness, according to the storyline of the film there should have been some seriousness but the timings of the comedy scenes were very bad. The storyline could have been much better and the second half of the movie was considered boring. You can watch amma telugu movie on prime video.


The IMDb amma rajyamlo kadapa movie rating gained 3.2 points out of 10.


If you are someone who lives in political fantasies then this movie is for you.


Ques. What is amma rajyamlo kadapa biddalu release date?

Ans. The release date of amma rajyamlo kadapa biddalu was 12 December 2019.

Ques: What is amma rajyamlo kadapa biddalu review?

Ans. The main leads Radhika and Sharwa are most liked for their performance. Kadapa reddy movie is equally loved and hated by the audience.

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Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu trailer:

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