Akshara Movie Rating: Indian Telugu-language Crime Thriller Film

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In the Akshara Telugu movie, Akshara (Nandita) accepts a position as a lecturer at Vidhya Vidhaan, one of the esteemed educational institutes. Sanjay Bhargav (Sanjay Swaroop), a dishonest businessman who controls these institutions, only cares about students' grades and will do anything to put pressure on them to get them. Sri Teja, Akshara's coworker, begins to adore her and makes a marriage proposal in the meantime. On the other hand, Akshara and Sanjay have a covert relationship. What links those two? Will she agree to Teja's offer? forms the story's central conflict.

Hello folks, welcome back to 99chill. Here you will notify yourself about the audience's latest and most viewed series, movies, and tv serials. Likewise, today's blog is about a south Indian movie as guessed by the title and the image, Akshara Telugu movie. This article will specifically talk about Akshara movie rating, Akshara movie review, cast, story, and the film overall. 

About The Movie 

The tale of an underprivileged girl raised by her mother is told in Akshara cinema. She excels in her 10th standard and is a bright student. She enrolls in a prestigious university but is caught in the chairman's trap and is imprisoned. 

Akshara Movie Cast


  •  B. Chinni Krishna


  • Nandita Swetha as Akshara[6]
  • Sritej as Sritej
  • Shakalaka Shankar as Surya
  • Ajay Ghosh as Pindi Tatha
  • Satya as Sampath Sarangi
  • Madhunandan as Madhu
  • Harsha Vardhan as Master Raghava
  • Srikanth Iyyengar as Education Minister G. Gangaram
  • Kancharapalem Raju as RMP Doctor


  • Alluri Suresh Varma and Bellamkonda Ahiteja

Akshara Telugu Movie Story

Although Akshara Telugu movie has a positive message, it is full of clichés and has a plot that is obvious from the start. We don't find much to cheer about in the first half, even though the comedy kills the tale to some extent. However, the second half is somewhat satisfying. The school topper falls to her death from the school terrace as the film opens with the chairman of a corporate school accepting an award and blowing the school's trumpet. He claims that there was no academic pressure at all, and is later seen attempting to cover up the incident. Nandita Swetha, a physics instructor, then enters the scene. She abhors pushing kids for grades because it goes against the school's structure. While we wait, the nonsensical comedy of Shakalaka Shankar, Ajay Ghosh, Satya, and Madhunandan puts our patience to the test. The transition is off because Nandita shoots her coworker. The second half starts off in an uninteresting manner with Nandita Swetha killing a dishonest police officer and turning herself into police in connection with twin killings in the city. The heroine's backstory is revealed in a subplot, but none of it emotionally engages us. Corporate schools that recruit excellent students, use their names to secure enrollment, then put pressure on them to perform to the point of suicide scarcely provide shock value. The story's conclusion is likewise foreseeable. 

Akshara Movie Review

Here is the section talking about Akshara review so that the users get an idea if the movie is worth watching. Director B. Chinni Krishna successfully handled some delicate subjects while also generating humor by taking an intriguing theme and weaving a straightforward story around it. His narrative moves along at a good clip that will keep the audience seated. Alluri Suresh Varma's Cinema Hall Entertainments has rich production values. The music of Suresh Bobbili is excellent. His music enhanced each and every scene in the movie. Nagesh Barnell's cinematography is stunning to witness. Giduturi Satya's editing is clean. Nandita only displays two facial expressions: a smile or a slight rage. Her role comes to life thanks to Nandita Swetha. She gave her all during the course of the movie's portrayal of him. Shakalaka Shankar performed with integrity. He did an extremely outstanding job of portraying his persona. Ajay Ghosh gave an excellent performance. His portrayal of the character has life. Satya excels at his position. The screen presence of Madhunandan is really strong. Harsha Vardhan did a great job of defending his role. The other actors also contributed to the scene. Sanjay Swaroop has the opportunity to portray a grey character, and this may be the longest role of his career. Shritej seems to be speaking like the aforementioned politician for some reason, even in amorous situations; the hangover seems too powerful. Commercial components should be included in the plot even if they are added; nevertheless, they shouldn't be forced into it. Although Chinni Krishna's theory about corruption in the educational system is admirable, the way he presented it was entirely incorrect. The forced inclusion of comic segments in the early half makes no sense. The second half does have a message, but it is not emotionally compelling. Both as a writer and a director, Chinni Krishna is ineffective. Suresh Bobbili's background music is loud, and selecting songs from the genre in the movie is another poor decision. The editing by Giduturi Satya is subpar, and Nagesh Banell's camerawork is subpar. Cinema Hall Entertainments' production quality is poor.


The central plot is excellent and conveys a clear message to the audience. The message was successfully communicated by the director, however, the writing could have been handled more skillfully. The sequences seem conventional and take a turn for the worst halfway through the movie. Other than that, the film doesn't have any significant shortcomings. Overall, Akshara cinema is a serious effort that is worth watching only once. Sadly, Akshara film fails as a result of the therapy. Despite having an intriguing plot, it was never fully explored in the movie. It fails due to weak presentation and writing.

Akshara Movie Rating

142 users of IMDb gave it a weighted average rating of 5.3/10 to Akshara 2021. 

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Image Credits: IMDb

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