Akashvani Review: A Story Spinned Around A Radio That Is Protagonist Of Story

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Director Ashwin Gangaraju's debut film, Aakashavaani, is a drama in the Telugu language from India. Samuthirakani, Vinay Varma, Teja Kakumanu, as well as Prashanth play significant parts in it. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the akashvani movie release date was originally intended for a theatre release but instead debuted on the streaming service SonyLIV on September 24, 2021.

Hola guys welcome back to the channel today we are going to talk about the Aakashavaani which means radio but here it is a film title which we are going to talk about this in the article about which like an akashvani movie review, film cast, akashvani movie Telugu all about its other things.

About The Movie:

A tribe that was cut off from the outside world and ruled by a power-hungry Zamindar formerly resided in a remote area of a dense forest. The locals are brainwashed into thinking they should never leave their village boundaries. A radio takes over as their newfound talking deity one day. Kaala Bhairava wrote the music, and A. Sreekar Prasad did the editing.

Akashvani Movie Cast :


  • Ashwin Gangaraju


  • Sai Madhav Burra
  • Ashwin Gangaraju


  • Samuthirakani as Chandram Master
  • Vinay Varma as Dhora
  • Teja Kakumanu as Sambadu
  • Prashant as Giddadu
  • Mime Madhu as Rangadu
  • Shaking Seshu as Lingayya
  • Getup Srinu as Srinu


  • Padmanabha Reddy

Akashavani Movie 2021 Plot:

A tribe within Andhra Pradesh's forested highlands is tightly controlled by Dora (god in Telugu), who bans anyone from going in or out of the community without his consent. Sambadu, Dora's goon, punishes violators harshly and even executes them occasionally. The tribe, on the other hand, regards Dora as a saint on par with God. Giddadu, a son of Rangadu, is in charge of shepherding the sheep. He stumbles across a radio one day that has a cotton candy dealer on it and trades it for a lamb. Sambadu savagely beats Giddadu because he is outraged that the lamb was exchanged without his consent. Because Giddadu cannot be healed, the tribe's priest requests that everyone pray to God for Giddadu's survival. To preserve Giddadu, they pay attention to the radio's droning noise. The tribe, that has no idea what being a radio is, thinks it is God communicating to them in human form.

Jaundice has put Dora's one and only child in a severe state. The tribe approaches Dora and requests his approval to erect a temple for their recently discovered deity. After learning that God had spared Giddadu, Dora agrees to their request to offer Giddadu as a sacrifice to protect his child. He sets up a painted electricity pole as Dhwaja Stambham and inaugurates their temple. Realizing that perhaps the tribe was worshiping to the radio, Dora as well as his aide Lingayya laugh it off. Giddadu is taken during their tribal celebration and delivered for sacrifice.

The tribe sees a light ascend a hill and thinks God is removing Giddadu. The radio responds to Ranga's anguished prayer for God to preserve Giddadu by turning down the light before that reaches the hilltop. Ranga tries to save Giddadu as he rushes, but the light has already reached the summit. On his way home, he sees Chandram as well as Srinu who had been in an accident. They are treated in their village by Rangadu. Although the radio begs people to be kind to their families, the tribe is apprehensive of outsiders. As Dora smacks the priest for disobedience, Chandram discovers that Dora was employing the villagers as his slave labor for his illicit Cannabis growing. Chadram as well as Srinu are sent away by him since the tribe still doesn't accept that Dora is bad. Later, Dora kidnaps them and tells his soldiers to kill them. Chandram awakes and attacks the tractor's driver as they are being driven to the hilltop. The tribe believes Chandram is being sent back by God as they witness the light, which is later discovered to be the tractor's headlight, descend the hill for the very first time.

The narrative of Hiranyakashipu and Prahlada is read aloud to the tribe by Chandram, who contrasts the tribe with the good Prahlada and Dora with the evil Hiranyakashipu. He persuades them that he encountered God, who commanded him to get rid of Dora from the community. However, Sambadu laments to him claiming that they have lost control of the tribe as a result of the radio because Dora's child has died. The tribe defends itself from an onslaught by Dora and his warriors. Sambadu continues to smash the radio, but in vengeance, Rangadu kills him. Rangadu is hacked from behind by Dora, who challenges God to execute him if he exists. Lightning hits the electric pole that kills Dora who had been standing underneath it.

Akashvani Review:

A community of 40 people was born, raised, and had lived their entire lives without ever encountering a stranger in the scene's unpolluted rural location. Their only deity is a lingam-shaped stone that is occasionally upgraded or replaced by a broken radio; the sound is thought to be the Aakashavaani, a talking deity.

In the akashvani movie review, where the director totally and utterly relies on the aakashavaani movie to operate, Suresh Raghutu’s lens manages to capture the beautiful Paderu area as well as the agency establishment in its browns and greens. Writing and producing this akashvani Telugu movie review wasn't simple. There are a lot of newcomers and a few familiar faces, however, they all blend, so keep your attention focused.

A monarch named Dora (Vinay Verma) and his cronies lives on the tribespeople who, in the eyes of the outside world, appear to be uncivilized on the opposite side of the village. The tribals are hounded, beaten, and made to consider the ruler as their God. They have a miserable life thanks to Sambhadu, the tribe's chieftain, who belongs to Dora (Teja Kakamanu).

The akashvani film examines what occurs whenever a schoolteacher named Chandram's master (Samuthirakani) enters this environment and tries to persuade the local tribe to view things more clearly. A reference to a Hiranyakashyap-Prahlad narrative serves as both a trigger and a denouement, giving the tale a satisfying conclusion.

The akashwani movie screenplay's excellent writing and the dialogue both provide a wealth of information. The akashvani Telugu movie review first leaves you wondering where the plot will go, but by the intermission, the subtle entertainment starts to take hold. There are a few scientific hints and a lesson on trust.

Mime Madhu, a newcomer, does a fantastic job portraying Ranga's adoring father. Both Samuthirakani, as well as Vinay Verma, fit their roles well. Several theatre actors in the movie get along well with the younger ensemble and help the akashvani review advance smoothly.


The aakashvani movie background score is good, and there isn't a blaring soundtrack to amp up the atmosphere. Except for the main protagonists, things start to drag because the emotional connection is missing in a few situations. Expect nothing exceptional going in because the movie is about a serious subject and has no commercial elements all about it is written in our aakashavaani movie review do read it. Do watch Aakashavani; the director won't let you down. It's kind of like a folktale.

Akashvani Movie Rating IMDb:

7.8 out of 10 with 2,647 votes on IMDb

Aakashavani Movie 2021 Trailer:

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